VISA Full Form | What is the Full Form of VISA? VISA Meaning

What is the full form of  VISA?

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VISA: charta visa, lit in Latin

Visa stands for charta visa. It is a document that is being issued to a person or a stamp marked on the passport of a person who is planning to visit other countries

It is a permission given by the country to the person to enter or stay in a particular country for a set period of time.

Besides VISA, the acceptance of the immigration officials of the country at the entry point is also needed to enter the country

What are the types of visa

On account of your reason for travel, VISA Can be of different types some of the few common names I have stated below


  • Tourist VISA: It is needed when a person willing to visit a country for tourism such as recreation, sightseeing or to meet friends and relatives.
  • Student VISA: when a student wants to visit a country or go abroad for the purpose of higher education.
  • Employment VISA: It is required when you want to work in a country.
  • Business VISA: It is required when you want to do business in a country.
  • Medical VISA: It is required when you are seeking medical treatment in a reputed hospital of a country.
  • Emergency VISA: It is required when there is an emergency such as death, accident or serious illness of parents, siblings, and children or any other emergency situation.

Why do we need  VISA?

Dear readers, Visa is an important official document, as a means of assuring that the traveler was accepted to the country.

The visa is issued by a consular official of the consulate, consulate general, or consular office of the embassy of the destination country.

Now, visas often are printed on tamper-proof anti-counterfeiting paper with permanent adhesive backing, to be stuck on the passport page.

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