CDS Physical Eligibility Criteria + Medical Standards Details

CDS Physical Eligibility Criteria | Medical Criteria for CDS | UPSC CDS Visual Standards with height and weight eligibility.

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is going to conduct Combined Defence Service exam (CDS 2019) for joining the Indian military academy (IMA), Indian naval academy (INA), Air Force Academy (AFA), and the Officers Training Academy (OTA).

Aspirants should submit their CDS online application form before the last date, but before filling the form, you need to check your eligibility for CDS Entrance exam. Here, we are talking about CDS physical standards and CDS medical fitness both. Check all information regarding “CDS Physical eligibility” below.

Physical Standards for UPSC CDS Exam –

General physical and mental standards are very important points to consider before applying for UPSC CDS Exam. Here, you’ll find the physical requirements of CDS exam and what type of physical fitness required for CDS? Check below.

  • First of all, the participants should take care that they are physically & mentally fit and fine and free from any type of disease/disability.
  • Participant does not have any type of mental breakdown record in past.
  • The aspirant must undergo a preliminary medical check-up for wax in ears, refractory error of eyes, a fungal infection of skin before reporting for the SSB interview.
  • Candidate must be under a standard weight
  • The chest should be in fine condition. An x-ray of the candidate will be carried out for figuring out any disease in his chest.
  • The minimum range of expansion after full inspiration should be 5 cms.
  • There should be no disease of bones and joints of the body. These are some of the CDS Physical criteria for interested candidates.
  • CDS Officer Salary 2019 Structure

Here are more things which are also considered as CDS Physical eligibility.

Medical Eligibility for CDS

CDS Medical examination is also an important part of CDS exam eligibility. Here are many CDS physical conditions in medical examination. Check it out.

  • A Participant selected by the Services Selection Board (SSB) will undergo a medical examination process by a Board of Service Medical Officers.
  • Female participants will undergo Medical Examination by a Medical Board comprising male / female doctors/specialists / Gynecologist. There will be a lady Medical Officer as a member of the Board.
  • Whole Generated reports by Medical board are confidential and are not subjected to disclose to anyone.
  • The final decision of candidates fitness will be intimated by the President of the Medical Board.
  • The candidate will also be intimated about the procedure for Appeal Medical Board.
  • Candidates declared unfit during Appeal Medical Board will be intimated about the provision of Review Medical Board.
  • Candidates must be Physically and Mentally fit according to the given standards. For more details such as vision standards, Height & weight criteria, eyesight criteria, Ear, Nose, throat, teeth condition etc. you have to stay tuned for the upcoming sections.

Height and weight standards
CDS Exam physical eligibility test also includes one major point and that is the aspirant’s height. Here is a table for height required for CDS Exam for male and female candidates with weight parameters.

Height/Weight Standards for Male Candidates Study Sector Guide

Height (in cm) Weight (in kg)
  18 years 20 years 22 years
152 44 (45 navy) 46 47
155 46 48 (47 navy) 49
157 47 49 50
160 48 50 51
162 50 52 52
165 52 53 55
168 53 55 57
170 55 57 58
173 57 59 60
175 59 61 62
178 60 62 63
180 63 64 65
183 65 67 67
185 67 69 70
188 70 71 72
190 72 73 74
193 74 76 77
195 77 78 78
Height/Weight Standards for Female Candidates Study Sector Guide
Height (in cm) Weight (in kg)
  20 years 25 years 30 years
150 39 41 43
153 40 47.2 43.5
155 43 44 46
158 45 46 48
160 46 47 49
163 47 49 51
165 49 51 53
168 50 52 54

Eyesight eligibility for CDS Exam

Most of the students ask this question that ‘What is eyesight criteria for CDS?’. CDS physical test also covers your eyesight conditions and vision standard for Naval and Airforce which is been mentioned below.

Eyesight for CDS Exam –
Vision standard for Male Candidates

  • Candidate must able to read 6/6 in a distant vision chart with each eye with or without glasses (For Navy and Air Force without glasses only).
  • Myopia should not be more than 3.5D
  • Hypermetropia should not be more than 3.5D including Astigmatism.

Vision standard for Female Candidates

  • The aspirant must able to read 6/6 (better eye) and 6/8 (worse eye) in a distant vision chart with or without glasses
  • Myopia should not be more than minus 5.5 including Astogination.
  • Internal examination of the eye will be done by means of ophthalmoscope to rule out any disease of the eye.
  • A candidate must have a good binocular vision.
  • The color vision standard will be CP-III.
  • A candidate should be able to recognize red and green colors.
Vision standard for Naval
Vision standard for Air Force
Uncorrected without glass 6/12 Uncorrected without glass 6/12
corrected with glass 6/6 corrected with glass 6/6
Limits of Myopia -1.5 Limits of Myopia -0.75D
Limits of Hypermetropia +1.5 Limits of Hypermetropia +1.5D
Binocular vision III Binocular vision III
Limits of color perception I Limits of color perception I

Teeth, Ear, Nose and Throat Conditions – CDS Physical Qualification also covers your conditions of teeth, ear Nose, Throat etc. Check the standards given below.

  • The applicants ought to have an adequate number of normal and sound teeth.
  • At least 14 dental focuses will be satisfactory.
  • A hopeful ought not to be experiencing serious pyorrhea.
  • The listening must be ordinary.
  • A hopeful ought to have the capacity to hear a constrained whisper with every ear at a separation of 610 cms in a very room.
  • There ought to be no confirmation of present or past disease of the ear, nose, and throat.
  • A sound metric test will be ruined AF. Sound metric misfortune ought not to exceed+20 DB in frequencies somewhere around 250Hz and 4000 Hz.
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Other Physical Standards

  • The aspirant must have no signs of functional or organic disease of the heart and blood vessels.
    Blood Pressure must be normal.
  • The muscles of the stomach area ought to be all around created and there ought to be no broadening of the liver or spleen.
  • Any proof of sickness of inside organs of the stomach area will be a reason for dismissal.
    Radial keratotomy and Laser surgery will not allow you to qualify for the exams.
  • Un-worked hernias will make a hopeful unfit. If there would be an occurrence of Hernia which has been worked, at least 1 year or more then he is eligible.
  • There ought to be no hydrocele, varicocele or heaps.
  • Pee examination will be done and any variation from the norm if distinguished will be a reason for dismissal.
  • Any ailment of skin which is liable to bring any inability or deformation is likely to be a reason for dismissal.
  • For ladies applicants, if pregnancy is identified at any stage, after the determination at SSB or amid preparation, it will suspend the competitors including issue less Dowager divorcee from the award of commission.

Medical Standards for Air-Force

Physical standards for UPSC CDS Exam Air Force division should be carefully read by the candidates. These following medical standards will be applicable in respect of Air Force aspirants only.
X-ray of the Cervical and Lumbosacral spine will be carried out. The following conditions detected in the X-ray will be disqualified :

  • Granulomatous disease of the spine.
  • Arthritis/spondylosis
  • Scoliosis more than 15 degrees as measured by Cobb’s Method (10 degrees for Army).
  • More than mild Kyphosis/Lordosis
  • Spondylolisthesis/Spondylosis.
  • Herniated nucleus purposes.
  • Compression fracture of Vertebra.
  • Sacralization Disease
  • Cervical ribs with demonstrable neurological or Circulatory deficit.
  • The presence of Schmorl’s node at more than one level.
  • Atlanto-occipital, and atlanto-axial anomalies.
  • Incomplete Sacaralisation Unilateral or Bilateral
  • Spinabifida other than SV 1 and LV 5
  • Any other abnormality, if so considered by a specialist.

Anthropometric (Body) Measurements for Air Force Pilot

Leg length 99.00cm – 120.00cm
Thigh length Max 64.00cm
Sitting height 81.50cm – 96.00cm

Combined defense services physical standards may vary from official notification of UPSC CDS 2019. Candidates required to check all UPSC CDS Physical standards carefully before applying for CDS Exam 2019.

You should check these points of Physical ability for CDS, Medical standards for Indian Army and Air Force separately, and also Vision standards, CDS Height eligibility etc. Note that some of the UPSC CDS I 2019 physical standards for girls are different from boys.

Hope you find something useful in this article of UPSC CDS 1 Exam Feb 2019 Physical eligibility criteria. Share your CDS Physical exam experience here to help other students and for any type of suggestion and query for Physical Requirement of CDS Exam, you can use our comment section given below.

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  1. Sir, I’m a 24 y/o female who’s qualified CDS SSB with myopia of -3.5D/-3.75D in both eyes and astigmatism of -1.75D in one eye – am I eligible? Also what are the physical BMI standards for my age? Kindly reply soon

  2. HELLO sir I am rashmi 21 year old sir mere left foot mai big toe hua tha too uska operation hua hai usme ek screw bhi dala hai to kya isse kuch efect pdega physical selection mai ?

  3. will knock knees create a problem..if yes is there any method we can cure this…my knees knock whn I stand…although there is no problem in running..

  4. sir mere dono pair ki beech ki ungli aadhi cheepki hui hai use koi mujhe problem nhi hota running me
    ky mai eligiable hun cds ke liye?
    plzz mujhe btaye iske baad hi mai preparation krunga cds ki.

  5. Sir i had an accident at a young age due to which i had a major surgery which left a mark on my left had will it affect my selection

  6. Sir, i have been treating with the braces since a year. iam not sure whether the treatment ends before the interview. Will i be eligible for the admission.

  7. Sir I wanna know that am I physically for the medical test because I have difference. Between my fingers of my legs… One leg has bigger fingers than another one…. M very scared in this aspect …

  8. Hi sir i had fungal infection in past 1 year now it has cured, and there are some holes in the teeth and even they are closed by the dental doctor by applying composite cement, am i elgible to apply for cds??

  9. Hello sir This is Sakshi I am 21 years old and this year I will be completing my graduation
    My height is 154 cms but my weight is 47 kg
    Am I eligible for applying CDs 2 exam 2019

  10. Sir i am over weight can i give the exam .i am trying to loose my weight but stubborn weight loss will take some time .. should i give the exam then ??

  11. Hlw Sir I am ayushi I want to ask that there was cavity in my teeth 1 year ago but now I removed that …so I am eligible for CDS medical test or not..

  12. Hello sir I’m Mahesh I have one doubt in the medical test. I was fell down from the plam tree 1 year ago.But now I’m ok sir.This may any problem in the CDS medical test.??

  13. Hello sir i m komal paswan.This year in march i got diagnosed with pcos. No symptoms of hirutism and not overweight and doctor said its just because of lack of healthy routine and diet but to maintain the menstrual cycle i take pills i.e folic acid tables. Would i get rejected in the medical test?
    Thank you sir.

  14. Sir,
    I’m very confused about the knock knees criteria.. i have a condition that my knees meet when my ankles meet…Will this be a problem for my eligibility

  15. Sir, I am a female candi 18 and my height is 152 cms and weight is 40 kg. Should I need any change in weight or work on my height for the next year examination of OTA CDS.

  16. I am 18 yrs old …and I am anaemic…!! Am i eligible to give cds..?? Otherwise am perfectly fit..even am national sports player..

  17. Hello. I had 4 of my teeth removed because i had braces to align my misaligned teeth. Am i eligible for cds?

    • Hello Yashvant Notification says- The candidates should have a sufficient number of natural and sound teeth. A minimum of 14 dental points will be acceptable. When 32 teeth are present, the total dental points are 22. A candidate should not be suffering from severe pyorrhoea.

    • Hello, Notification says- The candidates should have a sufficient number of natural and sound teeth. A minimum of 14 dental points will be acceptable. When 32 teeth are present, the total dental points are 22. A candidate should not be suffering from severe pyorrhoea.

  18. Hello sir mere teeth me cavity ki problm hai sir aur ak tooth upr ka 2 neeche side ke break ho gye to kya main cds me apply kr skti hu aur agr main un teeth ko nikal kr dusre lga lu to koi problm to nhi pls reply me… Kalpana singh

  19. Hello sir,
    I had an elbow fracture and plastic surgery in left hand but am completely healed and do all the tasks efficiently. Am I eligible for iaf as pilot?

  20. Hello sir am Akshayakumar, I was undergone ACL(knee) surgery and now am physically fit I can do all the sports activities, I can pass medical examination?

  21. Hello sir / madam,
    I am a third year Bachelor of pharmacy student. I am myopic (-2.5 d) . Am I eligible for CDS exam..?
    Sir / madam please do leave a reply.

  22. Hello sir , i m JAWED
    I was suffering from facial paralysis 2 years ago . Though my treatment is complete but when i smile my left eye shrinks a little bit although my L.S. eye vision is 6/6 … am i applicable to joim armforces … pls reply sir

  23. Sir i was suffering from left side facial palsy 2 years ago , though my treatment is complete but my left eye shrinks a bit when i smile but my vision is 6/6 …. am i applicable to join army

  24. Respected sir/ mam
    I am Aarti . I have Thyroid disorder and I want to that I am alligeble of physical standard test for CDS (OTA) or not.

  25. Hi, I am Sonal according to the criteria given above I am all correct,but i had a road accident on my past life and some part of the flesh from my right leg below knee portion was crushed but nothing happened to the bones.Now, I don’t feel anything I am completely perfect. Am I physically sound for this exam?

  26. Sir, 4 year ago I accident by car and then face surgery. Now I am okay. But some marks on the face right cheek. Am I eligible for cds IMA? Please sir comment

  27. I don’t know if I’m too confident but is there any chance of joining paramilitary forces such as the Assam Rifles after successful completion from the OTA? Do let me know.

  28. Sir, i have epydermoid cyst in my head, doctor said that right now it is not necessary to do the surgery if at all it creates problem in future then only will do surgery. right now i don’t have any issue because of it like headache etc.
    If at all i have to undergo surgery in future, am i eligible for CDS after that.

  29. Hi. i have a tattoo permanent on the right side of the thigh of right leg ; will it fall under non eligible ; will i be rejected for this; please do reply

  30. Sir, there a lack of calcium in my teeth . Because of that my teeth Seem to be full of cavities. Can this cause any problem in medical test? Please reply sir.

  31. Sir I was suffered from ear perforation but now my problem is solved by operation is I am eligible for the medical test . Sir is create any problem in media examination?

  32. Sir I faced operation in 2016. My left kidney was not functioning and swollen but after operation it started functioning(51%) but there is still swelling in left kidney (larger than the normal kidney) Am I ELIGIBLE FOR CDS?

  33. sir I am Rajendra Barik. .studying Bsc final year with physics honours…. I am very much interested to apply for CDS …but my two knee touches each other ….so can i qualify for ssb medical test….???

  34. I’m physical and mentally fit for cds. And I’m too preparing for it.
    But need your guidance as I have skin disease called “prosoriasis” .
    So it will be consider or they will reject me .
    Answer asap.

  35. Sir i am 5’11 180cm height i am 20 years old my weight is 80kg can i apply for cdse i had graduation from electronics and communication stream

  36. Sir i m kamalesh yadav , 20 year old and i belong to ghazipur u.p. sir i have operated my both eye lst year am. Am i eligible for cds physical and medical test

  37. Sir my left kidney is swollen . In oct 2016 I faced operation. There is blockage in my ureter because of that my left kidney was not functioning and swollen . But after operation it started functioning (51%) . Sir AM I ELIGIBLE?

  38. sir i had six fingers in both legs(two thumbs) then after operation doctor removed one but my thumb does not work properly n also it does not look normal but there is no issue in walking n running n all other am i eligible??

  39. Hello sir, Manish here…mera running time given time se match nhi kr rha kya mere selection ho skta h OTA m??
    Plzzz reply sir!!

    • The minimum acceptable height for male candidates is 157.5 cms. (157 cms for Navy and 162.5 cms for Air Force). For Women candidates minimum acceptable height is 152 cms.

  40. सर मेरे हाथ मे टेटू था पर मेने हटवा लिया है क्या मैं CDS की परीक्षा दे सकता हूँ….

  41. हैलो सर
    अगर आँखें लेसर सर्जरी से ठीक हुई हैं लेकिन कोई प्रोबलम नहीं है तो क्या सीडीएस की परीक्षा मे बैठ सकते हैं।

  42. Sir i have removed one teeth due to cavity and another one also effected by cavities. There are 27 tooth including effected. So am i eligible for cds IMA

  43. Sir,
    I had keratoconus in my right eye but now after surgery it is corrected but I still wear glasses and my vision in the right eye is still not 6/6, so am eligible for army, if yes then in which wing.

    • The notification says- The candidates should have a sufficient number of natural and sound teeth. A minimum of 14 dental points will be acceptable. When 32 teeth are present, the total dental points are 22.

  44. Sir i am going to have a surgery for inguinal hernia,
    and i am going to appear for cds 2(2017) which is on the 19th, after the surgery, i ll take some rest for 4/5 weeks and then ill continue my trainng, if ill become fit till the ssb , can i go for it, or i am not eligible,

    and i have 28 teeths with a semi broken front tooth, and my teeths are not aligned in 100% proper manner,

    will it create any problem, ?

    plz do reply sir!

  45. Sir i have a surgery in my ear two years ago
    Now everything is fine as normal
    Hearing is normal .
    Am i eligible for cds medical ..

    • Hello Subrat, You are not eligible because The candidates should have a sufficient number of natural and sound teeth.

  46. Sir Iam kumar . I have minor wheezing from my childhood and I got haemorroids few months back because of abdomen pressure while doing excercises in gym . Will both of this issue cause rejection ???

  47. hi sir this is Sumit.
    my second toe finger is little than the usual .
    plz recommend weather I am fit for Cds medical examination or not.?

  48. Sir , my self Vinod I completed my in 2014 in the field of CSE , and my present age is 24 ,now a days to get software job is very critical ..I lost hope bcoz of opportunities I iam interested to join indian army ..can u suggest me iam suitable or not for this job . ??? And my height 173 and my weight 62 .

  49. Hi sir..I had surgery for pilonidal sinus back one year. the wound has been recovered but still there is bit depression in the skin in the wounded area. Am I eligible for flying branch of AFA &NA?

    • Hello Sushil,
      There are possible chances for your rejection because as per the guidelines of “CDS” There should be no disease of bones and joints of the body. also, Any disease of the skin which is likely to cause disability or disfigurement will also be a cause for rejection.”

  50. My right hand four finger is little bit cut with all nail and I have one small tattoo .will this create any problem in the medical exam.

  51. Sir my hands sometimes gets sweaty …is it a problem from the recruitment point of view…sir i have had a surgery of my elbow 7 years ago..does it make any difference to the recruitment procedure

  52. Sir , i am vishal pursuing my 3rd year from sharda university.
    I just want to ask that when can i apply for UES(University Entrance Scheme) .

    please explain me the detailed procedure.
    Thanks in advance!!!

  53. Hai sir,
    My name is Naveen, before 6 months i have kidney stones, but because of my treatment i cleared the stones from my kidney without operation, will this medical history create any problem in cds medical exam.?

  54. Sir I have a cleft lip and palate problem. Can It be a cause for rejection in the medical test? Can it also create a problem when it is operated properly?

  55. sir i have my ssb is on height is 175 cm and my weight is 78 kg but the permissible weight according to the chart is 60 kg.should i go for ssb or not?am i eligible?

  56. hello sir, I am Aniket , and I am currently studying in the 1st year of my 3 yr degree course with honors in zoology.I am planning to get braces at the end of this year. Also I have plans to apply for CDS after the completion of my Bsc course. I wanted to ask whether I will be considered physically fit if I have a dental history of having braces ?

  57. sir, I have 28 teeth in which one molar teeth is miss, and other molar teeth are fill with root canal so is I am applicable for CDS or not

  58. hi sir, I am chiranjit..I have a question-how much height and chest requeired for CDS(officers training).?I am 22 years of age?

    • Chiranjit it is according to your weight and height. If Your height is 160 cms, then your weight should be around 51 kg.

  59. Sir. My name is Rajat verma sir Maine apni eye check karwai to doc. ne bataya ki meri eye think h but m apni right eye s color to pahchan Sakta hu Lekin read nahi Sakta kya m CDs m add. Le Sakta hu please tell me

  60. Hello. I am Mypoic. As required -5.5 is maximum, mine is much more. So, will the laser treatment will work to reduce the number to the required std.?

  61. sir,I am arohi I have a minor problem in my eyesight .I don’t wear spectacle.will it create any type of problem in medical test?

  62. Hi i am Gurmeet. I have had treatment from a neurosurgeon of my brain . There was some calcium deposit problem in brain. I have had medicines & now its removed. Can it create problem for cds medical.

  63. Hy my name is Rahul Shukla I am preparing for CDS. I have a problem of testis, doctor said it is minimal bilateral hydrocele. Will I be disqualified?

  64. Hi,
    Im. Ghansham 21 years old n i had operation of tonsils which were completely removed at age 7 .. So will it effect my physical selection
    Thank you,


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