SSC Reasoning Preparation Tips – Shortcut Tricks Pdf (CGL, CHSL, Steno, MTS)

How to Prepare SSC Reasoning? Complete SSC Reasoning Preparation Tips + Study Plan

Do you think that the decisions on sensitive and crucial matters can be taken without proper intellectual understanding and think power?

Certainly, not because you know that it is not possible to make any decision without giving a deep thought on it. And that is why the staff selection commission department conducts SSC reasoning test to test the thinking power of the individuals.

Today, we are going to provide a complete guide on the Reasoning subject that “How to study for reasoning in SSC exams” so we will include every related detail regarding SSC reasoning test preparation. We will tell you every important approach to be followed for cracking the particular reasoning subject.

What is reasoning?

The Reasoning is a subject which is framed to practice on logical questions. The main aim of this subject is to test the thinking ability of the candidate.

The question of reasoning part makes the candidate do a mental exercise and deliver the logical and meaningful answers. The student incapability to think more and think smartly can lead him/her to lose this subject, thereby, affecting worse on the total tier exam.

Importance of the Reasoning subject

SSC CGL 2018 SSC CHSL 2018 SSC MTS 2018
25 questions of 2 marks each 25 questions of 1 marks each 50 questions of 1 marks each

You can see from the above table that commonly 25 questions are asked in the reasoning subject for 25 marks (on an average), so there is no doubt that you can score 25 marks as it is and that too very easily.

You can and you should score at least 90% marks through the reasoning because reasoning is not at all a tough corner.

To crack the reasoning section in SSC exam students just need to practice regularly on things and excel their thinking power.

What are reasoning skills and How to develop them?

Reasoning requires a lot of thinking power, and so it increases the decision making-power as well as the power to understand the complex data, of the individual.

The analysis of matter from every angle and then carry out the activity suitable to it accordingly can only be understood by tis-tossing the related things from every angle.

The significance of the reasoning
Receiving a problem and solving it is a consequential talent, which defines one’s perspective and outlook to a problem or situation.
It enhances the personality of the individual as his personality resembles his intelligence and quicker thinking power.

Reasoning Preparation Tips for SSC Exam – The Reasoning is required in almost every SSC exam these days, so, once you prepare yourself in this subject in the SSC, then you can fight for any other competitive exam such as IBPS, UPSC etc..

Not only in the exams, but reasoning helps to solve the personal problems of the individual by providing him the best approached.

How to Start Reasoning Preparation for SSC Exam?

SSC Reasoning Preparation Tips 2018

Step by Step guide for SSC Reasoning exam tips

  1. As you can see from the above tables that every exam of SSC has different marks distribution for same topics. Although marks are differently distributed the syllabus is almost the same, so you can fight for several examinations on the basis of your one-time reasoning preparation for SSC exam.
  2. SSC Preparation of reasoning – You should start your studies according to the exam for which you are fighting.
  3. For the particular exam of the SSC, Make proper SSC reasoning preparation strategy just check which topics hold more marks weightage and which are less.
  4. First, practice on the hard but important SSC reasoning topics.
  5. Later, at last stages, prepare the easy topics.
  6. SSC reasoning question paper important topics like sitting arrangement, direction sense, statement and conclusions and Venn diagrams, should not be avoided in any case because these hold the maximum weight in the examination. You can score maximum marks on these topics.
  7. Some topics can be practiced inside your mind only even when you did not have any practice book with you.
  8. Reasoning Questions on Topics such as Blood relations, direction sense and date and time can be easily formulated into your mind by yourself and you can give answers of these by doing mental exercise in your own mind only (not using paper or a pen).
  9. Make some SSC reasoning notes for last time revision.
  10. Check some SSC previous year reasoning question papers to get a perfect idea of it. Follow these easy steps to prepare reasoning for SSC exam.
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What to Prepare for SSC Reasoning Preparation?

Rather than understanding the type of questions in the exam, first, you should see what weight of marks iis held by different topics in the SSC reasoning exam. So follow the below table to know the mark distribution.

SSC CGL Exam Syllabus 2018:

Topics SSC CGL Tier 1
Analogy 2-3
Blood Relations 1-2
Symbols and Notations 1-2
Direction and Distance 1
Clock and Calendar 1
Coding- Decoding 2-3
Syllogism 1
Sitting Arrangements 1-2
Cubes and Dices 0-1
Venn Diagram 1-2
Miscellaneous 2-3
Alphabetical Arrangements 1-2
Mirror and Water Image 1
Paper Cutting and Folding 1
Figure Problems (Completion, Embedded, Deviation) 3
Classification 2
Series/Missing Number 1-2
Arithmetic Operations 1-2
Word Formation 1
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SSC CHSL Syllabus 2018

Analogy 3-4
Trends 2-3
Classification 3-4
Series 2-3
Venn Diagrams 2-3
Coding/Decoding 2-3
Problem solving 2-3
Word Building 2-3
Missing Numbers 1-2
Non-Verbal Reasoning 3-4
Verbal reasoning 2-3
Space Orientation 0-1
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SSC MTS 2018

Subjects No. of Questions asked
Analogy 2-3
Classification 3-4
Missing Number 2-3
Matrix 1
Word Formation 1-2
Coding-Decoding 1-2
Simplification 2-3
Arrangement of words 1-2
Blood Relation 1
Distance & Direction 2-3
Number/Word Series 2-3
Non-Verbal (Paper Cutting & Folding, Mirror & Water Image, Embedded figures, Figure Completion, Counting)
Embedded figures, Figure Completion, Counting of figure)
Verbal (Statement Conclusion, Assertion & Reason,
Statement & Inference, Arguments)

 SSC Stenographer 2018

Chapters No. of Questions asked
Analogy 6
Classification 5
Series 3
Missing Number 3
Arrangements of words in logical order 2
Distance & Direction Test 1
Word Formation 2
Mathematical Operators 1
Coding-Decoding 6
Statements & Conclusions 3
Mirror Image & Water Image 1
Paper Cutting & Folding 2
Embedded Figures 2
Logical Venn Diagrams 1
Miscellaneous 3
Alphabet Test 3
Ranking 1
Dice 2
Pattern Completion 3

How to Prepare Reasoning for SSC Exam?

First of all, Make a proper SSC reasoning preparation study plan

  1. You should start with hard topics like the Sitting arrangement, Venn diagrams, and then the statement and conclusions.
  2. Pick essential topics like number series, alphabets, coding and decoding at second order.
  3. Practice on direction sense, blood relations at the last.
  4. Studies the questions carefully at the first time of reading because the reasoning questions and answers are formed in a complicated manner and you can find difficulty in understanding it at one go. So, to avoid your time consumption, just read the question carefully.
  5. Skip the questions for which you have no idea. Unnecessary practice on the unknown questions is just a waste of time.
  6. Avoid guesswork.
  7. Don’t try to solve the questions using the options in reasoning paper.
  8. Practice at least 1 mock paper daily, topic-wise and whole syllabus-wise also.
  9. It is always better to solve SSC reasoning practice papers topic-wise so that you can clear your concepts.
  10. Don’t forget to practice the SSC reasoning last year question papers.
  11. Take care of time limits also. Don’t give more than 20-25 minutes to the reasoning subject.
  12. Don’t practice more than half an hour every day on topics like statement and conclusions and Venn diagrams because it can take your mind to unconsciousness.
  13. Take help from SSC reasoning online tools which are like games but they are intelligent games. You can sharpen your mind using this.
    So follow these given tips to crack reasoning in SSC exams.
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What type of question asked in reasoning?

SSC Reasoning Question paper examples

Ques. 1 – A Man Walks 3 Km Northwards And Then Turns Left And Goes 2 Km. He Again Turns Left And Goes 3 Km. He Turns Right And Walks Straight. In Which Direction He Is Walking Now?
(A) East
(B) West
(C) North
(D) South
Ans. (B)

Ques. 2 – Statement: Company X has marketed the product. Go ahead; purchase it if price and quality are your considerations. Conclusions: I. The product must be good in quality. II. The price of the product must be reasonable.
1. The only conclusion I follows
2. Both I and II follow
3. Either I or II follows
4. Only conclusion II follows

Ques. 3 – In An Examination, Raj Got More Marks Than Moti But Not As Many As Meena. Meena Got More Marks Than Ganesh And Rupali. Ganesh Got Fewer Marks Than Moti But His Marks Are Not The Lowest In The Group. Who Is Second In The Descending Order Of Marks?
(A) Meena
(B) Rupali
(C) Raj
(D) None Of These
Ans. (C)

Ques. 4 – Pointing To A Photograph Of A Girl, Rajan Said “she Has No Sister Or Daughter But Her Mother Is The Only Daughter Of My Mother.” How Is The Girl In The Photograph Related With Rajan’s Mother?
(A) Sister In Law
(B) Grand Daughter
(C) Daughter In Law
(D) None Of These
Ans. (B)

Ques. 5 – If Country Is Coded In Certain Way As Emwlvpa, Electorate Will Be Coded In The Same Manner As—
(A) Cjcefqpywc
(B) Cjgerqtyvg
(C) Cncerqpcrg
(D) Gjgavmtyvc
Ans. (D)

Ques. 6 – ‘guilt’ Is To ‘past’ As ‘hope’ Is To …………
(A) Present
(B) Future
(C) Today
(D) Hopeless
Ans. (B)

Ques. 7 – 6, 13, 28, 59,?
1. 128
2. 122
3. 111
4. 126
Ans 122

Ques. 8 – n a row of girls, Kamla is 9th from the left and Veena is 6th from the right. If they interchange their positions. Kamla becomes 25th from the left. How many girls are here
in the row?
(A) 34 (B) 36
(C) 40 (D) 41

Seating Arrangement Questions Answers

Eight friends A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H are sitting in a circle facing the center. B is sitting between G and D. H is third to the left of B and second to the right of A. C is sitting between A and G and B and E are not sitting opposite to each other.

Ques. 1 –Which of the following statements is not correct?
A. C is third to the right of D.
B. E is sitting between F and D.
C. A is sitting between C and F.
D. E and C are sitting opposite of each other.
Answer :
Option B

Ques. 2 – Who is third to the left of D?
. A
A. E
B. F
C. None of these
Answer :
Option C

Ques. 3 – SSC Non-Verbal Reasoning Quiz
In which answer figure is the question figure embedded?

SSC Non Verbal Reasoning Quiz

Which of the answer figure completes the question figure?

SSC Non Verbal Reasoning

SSC Verbal Reasoning Quiz

Ques. 1 –
Below a question is given with two statements (I) and (II). These statements may be either independent causes or may be effects of independent causes or a common cause. One of these statements may be the effect of the other statement. Read both the statements and decide which of the following answer choice correctly depicts the relationship between these two statements.

I. The problem of scarcity of water is streaming nationwide and people are suffering in a number of ways.

II. The villages of Rajasthan and Gujarat have become very cautious and have well maintained the traditional ways of conserving water.

1. Statement (I) is the cause and statement (II) is the effect
2. Statement (II) is the cause and statement (I) is the effect.
3. Both the statements (I) and (II) are independent causes.
4. Both the statements (I) and (II) are effects of independent causes.

BEST BOOKS for SSC Reasoning Preparation

Here you can check some Best SSC Reasoning Books list post wise.

SSC CGL Preparation Books

Reasoning A New Approach to Reasoning Verbal & Non-Verbal Buy
Reasoning Kiran’s Tricky Approach To Competitive Reasoning Verbal & Non-Verbal (Fully Solved) 7000+Objective Question Logical Reasoning & Analytical Ability Buy

SSC CHSL Preparation Books

Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning by R S Aggarwal Buy on Amazon
Magical book series Analytical Reasoning by M K Pandey Buy on Amazon
Kiran’s SSC CGL Combined Graduate Level Exams Question Bank 1999-2016 (47 Solved Papers of Previous Year Exams) Buy on Flipkart

SSC MTS Preparation Books

Analytical Reasoning by M K Pandey  BUY
Verbal and Nonverbal Reasoning by R S Aggarwal  Buy on Amazon
New Approach to Reasoning Verbal, Non-Verbal & Analytical by B S Sijwali, Indu Sijwali  Buy on Amazon
Kiran’s Tricky Approach To Competitive Reasoning Verbal & Non Verbal (Fully Solved) 7000+Objective Question Logical Reasoning & Analytical Ability  Buy on Amazon

SSC Stenography Preparation Books

Name of Book Author Publisher
Test of Reasoning Edgar Thorpe Pearson.
A Modern Approach to Verbal
& Non-Verbal Reasoning
(Revised Edition)
R.S Aggarwal S.Chand
A New Approach to Reasoning:
Verbal, Non-Verbal & Analytical.
B.S Sijwali Arihant.
Kiran’s Tricky Approach to
Competitive Reasoning
Kiran Prakashan
Think Tank
Kiran Prakashan

How to give your best? SSC Reasoning Shortcut Tricks

  • Solve SSC reasoning mock test papers.
  • Grab previous year papers, at least 5 years and practice on them.
  • The skipped questions or incorrect answered questions should be again solved by you so that you do not face difficulty in solving them another time.
  • Manage the time limits. Try to solve the paper within 25 minutes.
  • While doing reasoning, imagine the things using your personal acquisitions. This way, you will be able to understand the question in a much better way.
  • Avoid guesswork. these are some of best SSC tips for reasoning paper.

SSC Reasoning preparation will be quite easy for you because the subject is literally a very easy subject if you try to solve the question by imagining yourself in the question itself, whether it for sensing the directions or identifying the blood relations or sitting arrangements.

You can score very well in this subject. You just need to be very attentive. Even, you can solve the things if you have not prepared the subject because the reasoning is a thinking process and you are good enough in logical thinking then you can almost crack it.

Hope you enjoy it if you have any query related to this Complete Guide on How to solve reasoning questions easily in SSC exam?

Last, but not the least, All the Best to you.

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