SSC Online Application Form 2020 – How To Apply? Follow 5 Easy Steps

SSC Online Application Form 2020 for CHSL, CGL, JE, Steno, MTS | SSC Online Registration Process 

Hello, SSC aspirant

I know that your career goal towards SSC job has brought you here to commence the journey of your success. Until and unless you do not apply for the job, then how will you fight for it and how will you get the government cadre which you desire for?

As the top heading of the article is itself signaling the hot topic for today’s discussion. So, I have brought a step by step guide to discuss with you how to apply SSC exam online?

I will tell you each and every point step by step, regarding how to apply SCC exam online without missing anything in between; you just have to make efforts to continue your reading with my writings over here.

SSC EXAM 2020 is a brand new opportunity to get desired SSC jobs such as SSC CHSL, SSC CGL, SSC JE, SSC GD Constable, SSC MTS, SSC Steno.

So, shall we start?

How to Apply for SSC Online Application Form 2020?


Oh! Point to be noted guys, this step by step guide should be followed the same for SSC CHSL, SSC CGL, and SSC MTS examinations. Ok.

How to apply for SSC online application form must be a top concern among the young aspirants who dream of having future jobs in SSC.


Before applying for the concerning exam application form, you should be ready with certain things so that whenever things are asked while filling the application form, you do not get difficulty in finding those things and so that your session to fill the form does not get expired. SSC online form details consist of the following

Things you’ll need while you apply online for SSC exam

  • Your Passport sized photo.
  • Your Signature on a paper with a blue pen.
  • Your 10th class mark sheet.
  • Your 12th class mark sheet.
  • Your graduation mark sheet

This much is not enough. You have to do certain things with the 1 and 2 essentials. See, what to do?

Scan the Essentials-

Your passport size photo and your signature should be scanned and saved into your personal computer.

The scanning will take place via a device known as the Scanner. If you don’t know its usage, then take help from your nearby Cyber Cafes. In fact, if you find difficulty in operating computers, then please take help from some computer expert to fill up your entire application form.

These saved scanned images will be used later while filling the form.

After this, you have to resize your images according to the size prescribed by the concerning exam. You can resize the images using Paint tool or some software tools available on the Internet.

Now, stop this particular process here and moved to the real applying part. Candidates who are curious to know how to apply online for SSC exam.

To make it hassle-free and easy for you I have advised below SSC online form filling process for your assistance.

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How to Submit SSC Exam Form online?

Please check the below points telling us how to commence SSC Online registration

Following are the easy steps to fill online SSC form

  1. Aspirants for SSC online application registration Visit This is the official website of the Staff Selection Commission.
  2. The page in which you’ll be directed consists of 7 different tabs at the top meant for different purposes- Home, Notice, Apply, Admit Card, Answer Key, Result, and English/Hindi.
  3. You have to click on the ‘Apply’ tab.
  4. The apply tab will take you in the Apply Dialog window where the name of different exams will get appear before you in the form of tabs again.
  5. It is up to your wish, for which exam you want to make an application form. If you want to apply for SSC CHSL exam, then click that particular tab. Similar will be done for other exams too.
  6. After clicking the tab, you will be sent to the online application window, where all necessary details are asked of you- to register or to apply.
  7. If you are the first visitor at SSC exam, meaning you hadn’t applied ever for SSC exams in the past then you have to first register yourself.

Note, you need not register in case, you already have registration credentials. And these credentials are allotted to only those candidates who have applied someday in the past.  Are you getting my point?

  1. Go to the registration form panel and enter your Name and Date of Birth. After that enter the code in the text box as it is what is displayed on the side and click the submit button.
  2. A form will get visible to you asking for your personal details and contact details. You have to enter every mandatory field with full attention and precaution.
  3. Type the generated code as it is in the blank box and submit it by clicking on the submit button.
  4. Now, a new window will get open. It will ask for your photographs and signature. You can see space for the images also. Right?
  5. Remember, you had saved your scanned images on your PC. Yes, now you have to use them here. Just click the browse button and upload your photos from the saved path.
  6. Click the submit button.
  7. Now, your registration part is completed.

Candidates by following the above steps you can carry on SSC online registration

Note: as soon as you will complete your registration part, you will be passed a registration ID and password on your mobile number, via text message or e-mail. You should not delete this and saved it for later use.

After the registration part is completed, you’ll be automatically sent to the main application window page again where you had started your registration process.

As your registration part is over, now you have to do nothing with it. Proceed to next step.

  1. Go to the ‘Apply’ frame box and enter your credentials. Credentials in the sense your generated Registration ID and password.
  2. Enter the generated code into the text box.
  3. Click the Login button
  4. If any login error message is passed to you then that means you are not entering correct credentials. You should try again. Take care of caps lock, numbers, and special letters.
  5. Now, you will get a form. Here you will be asked your choice for exam centers. For this, you will be given 3 choices from the list of exam centers. You can give 3 exam center names and you have to give them priorities also.
  6. The priorities of exam centers will be identified by the serial number which you have set in the form. You can select the reset button also to undo your selection, in case you mistakenly selected something wrong.
  7. Carefully select your category to which you belong. If you are from SC/ST or ex-serviceman or you are female from any religion then you will be exempted from fees paid. This is totally free for these category people.
  8. Just share your qualification details and contact details and select partial submission or final submission. Final submission in case you are exempted from fees payment, otherwise select partial submits button.

Half of the work is completed here. Now the other part will fix your seat in the SSC exam.

This is the third step.

  1. You have to select an online payment link from the application window (the main window) and start the payment of the fee process.
  2. Check Complete Guide on How to Pay SSC Fees?
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You have to decide the mode of payment first. You can pay online also and offline also. Select the desired option.

Paying online will remove your headache from visiting the bank and doing all kinds of nuisance stuff.

In both cases, you have to pay 100/- as your SSC exam fee.

How to apply for SSC exam through online payment-

  • Select the card through which you want to make the payment- debit card/ credit card/ ATM card.
  • Enter your mobile number and CVV number in the desired text box and wait for the OTP. This One Time Generated Password will be generated at your mobile number.
  • Quickly enter this OTP in the OTP text box, taking care of the time available. You cannot use the same OTP again and again in case, you got delayed.
  • Click Ok.
  • Make the payment and exit from the SSC online application form portal
  • Make sure that you will receive a message soon after the transaction that your payment has been successfully transacted. Also, the status of payment will show success value.
  • In this way, you can receive your payment assurance.

If you chose Offline payment-

How to apply for SSC exam through offline payment

  • Repeat the a and b point from above. Select the offline options button and proceed.
  • A challan will be shown to you having your name and name of the bank (SBI) with 100/- fees in it.
  • There will be 2/ 3 copies- one for Bank and another for you (candidate).
  • You simply need to take out the print out of it and submit it to your nearby bank.
  • They will put a stamp on it and hand to you the candidate copy, thereby providing assurance that the bank has submitted your fees.
  • In this way, your fee will get submitted.

Points to be remembered:

Given below are key points regarding SSC online registration

  1. Your passport size photos should be the latest and according to the prescribed size by the exam.
  2. The images should not be uploaded burred or upside down. It should be clear.
  3. You should enter every mandatory field with the correct information. Later editing after final submission is not allowed.
  4. You should save your registration ID and password for later use.
  5. Take out the print out of your filled form.
  6. Fee once paid will not be refunded in any case.
  7. Females from any category have been permitted to give any SSC exam for free of cost.
  8. Without payment, you cannot give the exam. You will not get your call letter.
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I hope this article pertaining to how to apply for SSC exam online? would help you in some way. Still, if you have any doubt in filling SSC application form or SSC online registration then please contact us through the comment section. I am ready to assist you with valuable guidance.

Your suggestions are also warmly welcomed here. Just go to the comment box below and send your thoughts to me. I will wait for your response.

Thank you.


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