SSC JE Salary 2020 (Junior Engineer) Allowances + Career Growth

Latest SSC JE Salary 2020 – SSC Junior Engineer Salary with Allowances for Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineer.

SSC JE Salary after 7th Pay commission + Career Growth Opportunities

Recently, the SSC has released the dates of SSC junior engineer exam which is soon going to take place in September 2020.

There is no doubt about the fact that for struggling any competition, one needs a strong reason for motivation and this motivation aroma comes from the body of SSC JE salary package of the post.

The salary structure of the junior engineer exam is the most sought keyword on the internet by lakhs of aspirants which is the main reason to develop or discard the interest of the candidate for this particular SSC JE Exam 2020.

This article will tell you the whole scenario of the salary after clearing ssc je exam in respect to the post and department too. Continue to stay with this article.

SSC JE Salary Structure 2020 and Allowances

  • SSC JE Civil Engineer Salary – 32667 to 37119
  • SSC JE Electrical Engineer Salary – 32667 to 37119
  • SSC JE Mechanical Engineer Salary – 32667 to 37119

SSC JE Post Wise Salary Details (Grade Pay & In Hand)

The Jr. Engineer (JEN) vacant posts have been waiting for deserving candidates in so many governmental departments for its variety of posts. The Engineer can be in the field of Civil, Mechanical, or Electrical and depend on these posts, the SSC salary structure for JE makes a difference.

SSC JE In Hand Salary: 33,000 Approx

Below the table is listing the post name of the Jr. Engineer along with the Grade pay and the in-hand salary.

New SSC JE Salary and Perks.

Post Name Grade Pay SSC JE In hand Salary SSC JE Gross Salary
Junior Engineer (Civil) 4200 29455 to 33907 32667 to 37119
Junior Engineer (Civil) 4200 29455 to 33907 32667 to 37119
Junior Engineer (Civil) 4200 29455 to 33907 32667 to 37119
Electrical and mechanical Junior Engineer 4200 29,455 to 33,907 32667 to 37119
JE Quantity Surveying and Contract 4200 29,455 to 33,907 32667 to 37119

Here, the grade pay is the scale pay which the employee will get whenever he will get the promotion in his cadre. His salary will increment by this grade pay. Check Complete SSC Exam Dates 2020.

The SSC JE in hand salary is the final salary which the employee gets after deducting all kinds of taxes and PFs.

Department wise SSC JE Salary Package

There are many departments inside the government organizations into which these Jr. Engineers are posted at various posts. Around 1000 vacant positions are carried out by the SSC to fill these vacancies in different departments. What are those departments and what salary package do the respective employees get in those departments have been described in a tabular manner below?

Salary package means the overall salary before any deductions for various taxes and Provident Funds. In our usual language, we say it the ‘Gross Salary’.

Department name Post Name Grade Pay Gross Salary In-hand Salary
CWC (Central Water Commission) Junior Engineer (Civil) 4200 32,667 to 37,119 29,455 to 33,907
CWC (Central Water Commission) Junior Engineer (Mechanical) 4200 32,667 to 37,119 29,455 to 33,907
CPWD (Central Public Works Department) Junior Engineer (Civil) 4200 32,667 to 37,119 29,455 to 33,907
CPWD (Central Public Works Department) Jr Engineer (Electrical) 4200 32,667 to 37,119 29,455 to 33,907
DP (Department of Post) Junior Engineer (Civil) 4200 32,667 to 37,119 29,455 to 33,907
DP (Department of Post) Junior Engineer (Electrical) 4200 32,667 to 37,119 29,455 to 33,907
MES (Military Engineering Service) Mechanical Junior Engineer 4200 32,667 to 37,119 29,455 to 33,907
MES (Military Engineering Service) Electrical and mechanical Junior Engineer 4200 32,667 to 37,119 29,455 to 33,907
MES (Military Engineering Service) JE Quantity Surveying and Contract 4200 32,667 to 37,119 29,455 to 33,907

SSC JE Facilities & Allowances 2020

It is not like the Jr Engineer will get only the salary of his part and that’s it. Rather, there are many facilities and allowances which the Jr. Engineer is provided to enjoy under the hood of Indian Government. This is-

  1. Dearness Allowance (DA)
  2. Medical Allowance
  3. House Rent Allowance
  4. Travelling Allowances
  5. Other Special Allowances etc.
  • Dearness Allowance- Dearness Allowance can be basically understood as a component of salary which is some fixed percentage of the basic salary, aimed at hedging the impact of inflation.
  • Medical Allowance- the employee get some percentage of relief in his medical expenditures as the government pays the medical costs on behalf of that employee.
  • House Rent Allowance- the employee gets the accommodation facility by the government. He gets the HRA by the employer in his salary (inclusive). This facility is also available only if the employee is living in rented accommodations.
  • Traveling Allowances- the travel allowances is the money paid by the government to the employee for compensating his cost for traveling the cities for work purpose. It includes the cost of living, food also.
  • Other Special Allowances- other special allowances includes pension, Leave, Gratuity etc.
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What will be SSC JE Salary after 7th Pay Commission?

The changes in salary structure for government positions called for the requirement of 7th pay commission to take place. This year the 7th pay commission has been executed, although, it has not yet started to distribute the salaries to employees as per the new salary structure.

But as per the new commission, the employees of Jr. Engineer are expected to get the salary of Rs 44000/ month and that would be in hand salary including HRA and other allowances. It is according to the new provision where it is expected to increase the pay and allowances by 23.55%.

The 7thpay Commission salary of employees can be calculated in the following manner.
New Pay = (Basic pay as on 1st January 2016 * 2.57) + All allowances applicable to the post. check more details at

SSC Junior Engineer Career Growth & Promotions

Who now wants to get promotions after acquiring a particular position cadre? Promotions are needed for SSC JE career growth and so it requires a hike in salary. To achieve promotions in Jr. Engineer post, you have to work nicely and gain experience.

On the basis of experience, you can be promoted to two channels and these are –
• Senior Section Engineer
• Executive Engineer
Or you can give exams for these posts to acquire these positions quickly.

About SSC Junior Engineer Job

What is life after clearing SSC JE? – The job of Jr. Engineer falls under the category of the Central level job of Government of India which is conducted and recruited by a commission that is popularly known by the abbreviation SSC.

The SSC is the Staff Selection Commission which conducts its exams on all India level and provides governmental job opportunities to lakhs of students every year. Jr. Engineer is one of those posts.

The Junior Engineer can be an engineer in any subject like Civil, Mechanics, Electrical or Quantity Surveying and Contract. These engineers are posted in various departments which are required to be handled by these engineers only and these departments are allotted to them according to their subject line. Like, the Jr. Engineer of mechanics will be posted in the mechanical department.

The engineers can be posted in the following departments-
• Central Water Commission (CWC)
• Central Public Works Department (CPWD)
• Military Engineering Services (MES)
• Department of Posts (DoP)

Now let’s understand the job role of these Jr. Engineers.

Basically the Jr. Engineers are responsible to take care of management duties like the handling of stocks, planning of activities like allotment of works to subordinates and scheduling the work for the next day and these duties are meant to be done on daily basis.

He has to do the supervisor duty like the proper functioning of things in the department for which he is concerned.

He has to make proper accounts of the work done by the contractors and also acknowledgment regarding Stock management.

There are many schemes that keep on generating within the organization. The Jr. Engineer is responsible to execute that scheme in his department and take care of its smooth functioning so that the government Scheme policies extension can be confirmed.

He has to forward his helping hand to the superiors for executing their work. In the case of projects where the synchronization between the seniors and juniors is needed to execute the work, then he has to report the daily updates to the seniors.

That’s all about the SSC JE salary and facilities for Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical engineer with allowances. I hope that this article could help you in some way in deciding your career goal and provides some motivation.

If you want to know something more or you have any doubts on this topic “SSC JE 2020 Salary” then share with us in the comment section below.

We will come back with a new useful article. Thank you.


  1. 1. SSC J.E, is a non gazetted post, but by clearing the department tests of gazzeted can he/she get promoted a gazzeted post.
    2. Is there an availability of department tests.
    3. How frequently is the department test conducted.

    Please clear these doubts sir.


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