SSC JE Cut Off Marks List 2018 {Section – Post wise} Official Checklist Pdf

SSC JE Cut Off 2018 – SSC Junior Engineer Cut off Marks list for Civil / Mechanical / Electrical Engineering Detailed Guide

Every competition is followed by a number of tough exams and every exam is followed by respective SSC JE cutoffs to filter the deserving candidates in and secondary candidates out. The same process is followed by the SSC for its JE 2019 examination.

After conduction of paper 1 exam, the SSC JE cutoffs list is released for every subject (Civil/ Electrical/Mechanical). On the basis of this cutoff, the student came to know that whether he has cracked the exam or not by analyzing his scores.

Only After passing the SSC JE cutoff of paper 1, the candidate is allowed to attend SSC JE paper 2, which also follows the same to same cutoff process.

The cutoff for paper 2 is also released by the Staff Selection Commission SSC, passing which the candidate acquires the seat inside the government unit on Jr. Engineer position.

The candidate has to pass the cutoffs of both paper 1 and paper 2 to finalize his seat for Jr. Engineer position. Failing of paper 1 or paper 2 will not let him get shortlisted for the position.

What is SSC JE Cut Off 2018? Sectional / Overall Cut off

SSC JE Cut Off

SSC JE sectional cutoff means cutoffs of overall paper 1. Similarly, it is on paper 2.

SSC JE overall cut off means the combined cutoffs of both SSC JE paper 1 cutoff and SSC JE paper 2 cutoff. But, in SSC JE exam, there is no overall cut off, unlike other SSC CGL and SSC CHSL exam.

Today here in this article you’ll find answers to all of these given topics.

  • What is Cut off marks for SSC JE 2018? (Sectional Cut Off and Overall Cut Off)
  • What is SSC JE Civil Engineer Cut off 2018?
  • What is SSC JE Expected Cut Offs 2018? (Tier 1 + Tier 2)
  • Expected SSC JE Cut Off for final selection?
  • SSC JE Cut off Marks calculation method
  • SSC JE Last year cut offs 2017 + 2016 + 2015
  • What is SSC JE Electrical / Mechanical Engineer Cut off 2018?

Factors deciding the SSC JE cut off 2018

There are many factors which play a vital role in deciding the figure for the cut-offs. This is-

  • Total Number of candidates who have attended the examination.
  • The number of vacant seats available for the position of Jr. Engineer in different regions of the country.
  • Scores obtained by the students in every region.
  • Caste category into which the candidate falls.
  • Exam difficulty level
  • Marking scheme
  • SSC Exam Calendar 2018

Expected SSC JE Civil Engineering Cut Offs 2018 (Paper 1 + Paper 2 + Interview)

Paper 1 80-90 80-90 100-110 78-88 30-40 135-145

Expected SSC JE Electrical / Mechanical Engg. Cut Offs 2018

(Paper 1 + Paper 2 + Interview)

Paper 1 150-160 130-140 180-190 125-135 65-75 216-226
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Important points related to SSC JE Cut Offs

  • The cut-offs will be released by the SSC for both the paper 1 and paper 2.
  • Students need to either score equal to the cut offs or more than that to crack the exam.
  • The cut-offs will be declared on the internet only.

In Case of Tie-In case more than one candidate secures the equal aggregates marks, the tiebreaker will be applied using methods:

  1. Marks in Paper-2
  2. Marks in Paper-1
  3. Who is senior according to the date of birth?
  4. Alphabetical orders in the first name of the candidates appear.

How to calculate cut off marks for SSC JE 2018?

Process for calculating the cut-off score:

The calculation of cutoff for the exam take into consideration various factors like the number of students appeared in the exam, their average performance, available seats in different regions etc.

Depending on these factors, an ideal cutoff is carried out which the student has to score and this is compulsory to score at this minimum level to pass the paper.

How many marks to score to clear SSC JE cut off?

To clear the cutoff marks, it is really necessary that you score at least equal to the marks of cutoff marks. To pass the paper, you have to reach the cut off figure (minimum).

If you don’t have an idea that to reach the cutoff marks, how to identify that what will be the cutoff for your upcoming exam then you should research on previous year cutoffs for both paper 1 and paper 2.

This will give you an idea about the difficulty level of the paper and also it will tell you that how much you need to work hard and score for beating any exam.

We have brought tables of previous year cutoffs for the year 2016, 2015, and 2014. Just take a look at them.

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SSC JE Cut Offs 2016 (Paper 1 + Paper 2) (Civil + Electrical)

Paper 1 84.50 85.50 92.50 72.50 40.50 100
Paper 1 99 94.50 109.50 87.0 54.0 115.0

The paper 2 cutoffs are yet remaining to be declared.

SSC JE Cut Offs 2015 (Paper 1 + Paper 2) (Civil + Electrical)

Paper 1

Civil 88 87.75 91.25 78.00 30.00 103.75
Electrical + Mechanical 114.75 105.50 125.25 100.00 80.50 131.00

Paper 2

Civil 50 50 60 40 40 131
Electrical + Mechanical 50 50 62 40 40 160

SSC JE Cut Offs 2014 (Paper 1 + Paper 2) (Civil + Electrical)

Paper 1

mechanical 102.50 93.75 109.50 93 69 117.50
Civil engineering 75.75 70 82 69 40 93.75

 Paper 2

mechanical 149 126 180 124 64 215
Civil engineering 80 79 100 77 30 136

SSC JE Department wise cut offs marks (Civil + Electrical)

Department & Post Category Vacancy Cut-Off Marks
Farrakka – JE(Civil) UR 14 275.5
Farrakka – JE(Civil) OH 1 210.25
CWC – JE(Civil) UR 62 281.75
CWC – JE(Civil) OBC 23 272.75
CWC – JE(Civil) SC 7 289.75
CWC – JE(Mechanical) ST 4 267.75
CWC – JE(Civil) OH 2 229
CWC – JE(Mechanical) HH 2 144.25
MES -JE(Civil) UR 139 277
MES -JE(Civil) OBC 89 264.5
MES -JE(Civil) SC 50 250
MES -JE(Civil) ST 22 259.75
MES -JE(Civil) OH 5 204.5
MES -JE(Civil) HH 1 97.75
CPWD- JE(Civil) OBC 204 276.25
CPWD- JE(Civil) OH 3 206.25
CPWD- JE(Civil) HH 2 90
DOP- JE(Civil) UR 8 283
DOP- JE(Civil) OBC 3 271.5
DOP- JE(Civil) ST 2 261
CWPRS -JE(Civil) UR 3 284.75
CWPRS -JE(Civil) OBC 1 272
CWPRS -JE(Civil) SC 1 279
DGBR(MOD) -JE(Civil) UR 331 235.5
DGBR(MOD) -JE(Civil) OBC 175 236.25
DGBR(MOD) -JE(Civil) SC 96 213.5
DGBR(MOD) -JE(Civil) ST 48 236.25
Farrakka – JE(Electrical) UR 2 394.5
Farrakka – JE(Mechanical) UR 2 279.5
CWC – JE(Mechanical) UR 7 288.5
CWC – JE(Mechanical) OBC 3 302.75
CWC – JE(Mechanical) SC 1 263.5
MES -JE(Elect/Mech) UR 77 280.75
MES -JE(Elect/Mech) OBC 50 272
MES -JE(Elect/Mech) SC 25 247
MES -JE(Elect/Mech) ST 24 238.75
MES -JE(Elect/Mech) OH 4 207.25
MES -JE(Elect/Mech) HH 1 169.25
DOP- JE(Electrical) UR 4 345
DOP- JE(Electrical) OBC 1 367
DOP- JE(Electrical) SC 1 322.5
DOP- JE(Electrical) ST 2 297.75
CWPRS -JE(Electrical) OBC 1 321
DGBR(MOD) -JE(Electrical) UR 15 254.75
DGBR(MOD) -JE(Electrical) OBC 7 237.25
DGBR(MOD) -JE(Electrical) SC 4 212
DGBR(MOD) -JE(Electrical) ST 1 240
DGBR(MOD) -JE(Mechanical) UR 56 256.25
DGBR(MOD) -JE(Mechanical) OBC 28 251.75
DGBR(MOD) -JE(Mechanical) SC 16 225.75
DGBR(MOD) -JE(Electrical) ST 7 220.75

How to Check SSC JE Result online?

To check your name on the shortlisted candidates-

  1. Visit the official website of SSC i.e.
  2. Click on the ‘Results’ tab.
  3. Click on the exam name i.e. JE Result, for which you want to see the result. Make sure of the year also.
  4. This will direct you to a pdf file containing the names of only those candidates who have cracked the paper.
  5. As the list can be too long, thus making the searching of your name very tedious job, so what you can do is simply press CTRL+F button.
  6. CTRL+F is a shortcut to find something. This will open a small search window on a side. You have to mention your roll number or your name in it and press enter.
  7. Your name will be highlighted in case you are passing otherwise there will be zero search results.
  8. How to Crack SSC JE Exam Without Coaching?


  1. Visit
  2. Click on the ‘Results of the JE examination’ going on the ribbon on the main screen. Or you can go to the Result tab and find the name of the result exam from there and click on it.
  3. A window of the search result will get open where your Roll number, Date of birth, Registration number and password will be will be asked of you. You have to enter the details.
  4. You can fetch your Registration ID and password from your e-mail message by the SSC which you had received at the time of filling the application form. Remember?
  5. You can fetch your Roll number from your admit card.
  6. Now, press the Log In button and the SSC result will appear on your screen.
  7. The screen will show your name and the marks obtained by you. It will also tell you that whether you are shortlisted or not.
  8. save this report card and take out a print copy of it for later use.
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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

  1. I have passed the SSC JE paper 1 cutoffs, but I have been left with just 1 mark in paper 2 cutoffs. Am I eligible to get shortlisted?
    Ans. – No. you cannot be shortlisted until and unless you pass the cutoffs for both the paper 1 and paper 2. There is no matter for leaving with just fractional points of few discrete points. You have to score at least cutoffs to crack the exam.
  2. Is there any interview section in the JE exam?
    Ans. – No, there is no interview round for this year.
  3. Is it possible to change the location where the seat is allocated to the shortlisted students?
    Ans. – No, it is not at all possible because you have been placed at that location according to the number of seats available there and cutoffs of that particular region. Changing your location will completely change the basic logic of the cutoff calculations and your selection.
  4. In case of a tie, how is seat allocated to the candidates?
    Ans. – In case more than one candidate secures the equal aggregates marks, the tiebreaker will be applied using methods:
    Marks in Paper-2
    Marks in Paper-1
    Who is senior according to the date of birth?
    Alphabetical orders in the first name of the candidates appear.
  5. I have inputted my registration ID and password but I am not able to get my result. What may be the issue?
    Ans. – Certainly, you would have entered the wrong credentials. Just take note of the caps lock keys. You may get your results by entering your roll number or you can just type your name in the respective text boxes.
  6. Does the SSC exam have sectional cut offs like in IBPS and RBI exams?
    Ans. – No, not any of the SSC exams follow the criteria of passing each subject separately, which are commonly known as sectional cut offs.
  7. What to do when my caste is showing another category on my result report card?
    Ans. – You should notify this issue to the SSC for re-determining their results in the actual category.

For any query related to SSC JE Cut off marks and merit list you can use our comment section given below.

Your doubts and suggestions are warmly welcomed at this article post. We provide an assurance to answer you back within 24 hours.

Just stay with us to get new updates on new topics.

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  1. After clearing both paper is it ensured that candidate will definetly get the post or is there any provision of making merit list after they clear exam then selecting them?


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