SSC GK Syllabus 2020 Pdf Download (Important Topics Wise List)

SSC General Awareness Syllabus 2020 Topics Pdf Download for CGL, CHSL, MTS, Stenographer

This page is containing a detailed SSC GK syllabus which is a subject ingredient of SSC examinations. The most sought SSC Exams on the internet like SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC MTS; they all consist of this common subject, which we commonly have known by the term GK.

To execute any planning for SSC General Awareness Preparation 2020, it is always necessary to know its background details and then forming a rough layout of the analysis. Only then, one is able to transact his/her planning successfully and achieve success. So, understanding this concept, we have brought the SSC GK syllabus which is commonly followed by SSC’s every examination.

SSC GK Syllabus 2020


General Awareness is a subject about knowledge which should be generally possessed by any individual for his general awareness about the happenings around the world. This awareness about knowledge not only helps him to keep updated with the daily news but it also helps him in being alert from frauds and also takes meaningful decisions.

As you already know that SSC GK Syllabus seems like a never-ending kind of syllabus, but it is actually a concern of vast knowledge. General knowledge means knowledge about almost every kind, being it is political, legal, social, and environmental or sports.

But, our concern is not just the SSC general awareness syllabus; in fact, it is how to prepare this subject smartly and quickly. We have brought syllabus of General awareness, so take look at it first.

GK Importance in SSC exam

SSC GK Paper Pattern No. of Qns Marks
SSC CGL Syllabus 2020 25 50
SSC CHSL Syllabus 2020 25 50
SSC Syllabus 2020
SSC GD Constable Syllabus 25 25
SSC MTS Syllabus 2020 25 25
SSC Stenography Syllabus 100 100

You can see the above table where the most demanded exams’ marks distribution for particular GA subject is tabulated. You can observe from the table that 25 questions are formed in the exam and so, on average, one has to score at least 25 marks to achieve the safe zone and the good result.

Your SSC Exam preparations should be such that after one-time preparation for a particular exam, you could fight for any other exam along with the SSC exams because GK is asked in almost any kind of exams, but first, it is really very necessary to form a smart strategy to crack this subject.

SSC General Awareness Syllabus Topics list

Now, let us have a look at the SSC GK syllabus topic wise.

General knowledge means awareness about general things. It may be of general science, social studies, politics, sports, environmental, economics, and computer knowledge.

The general Science is a subject which is composed of mainly 3 kind of subjects and these are Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Social studies are also composed of 3 subjects namely, History, Politics, and Geography.

For general Science and Social Studies, Lucent’s General Knowledge is the best book to refer. It has a very point-to-point knowledge and all are important points to learn.

For General Science and Social Studies, you can also refer to NCERT school books.

Economics contains two types of economics- one is Micro Economics and the other is the Macro Economics.

Besides these all, there is also a miscellaneous category subject which includes questions on current issues. Take note that these current issues are not subject to frame from a particular subject, rather, it can be asked from any corner which is discussed above. It also includes questions on awards and honors, sports, governmental schemes etc.

To grab current news, you have to read newspapers daily and you can watch television news or audio news from radio channels too.

Note that if you tick mark a wrong answer for any question, you will pay 0.5 marks from your obtained positive scores. The more you give the wrong answers, the figure will be multiplied by the number of wrong questions attempted and thus, your overall score tends to become lower. So be alert for this particular thing.

General Awareness Paper marks/questions table

Subject Topics No. of Questions
Indian History 1-2
Geography 1-2
Politics 2-3
General Science 10-15
Indian Economics 5-6
Miscellaneous Not fixed

It is to be noted that each topic can contain 5-6 questions in the general awareness paper. Geography can be Indian geography and Physical geography.

You have to observe this table nicely and do execute your study preparations accordingly. It means that that the heavyweight containing topics should be focused more so that you can have a good command on them and you are able to attempt maximum questions on those topics in relatively less time.

SSC General Awareness Syllabus Questions

What type of questions asked?

Which of the following cities is known as the Electronic City of India?
Where is the National Remote Sensing Agency situated?
The first underground railway in India was opened in 1984 in
Ashok Pandit is known for his outstanding performance in which of the following?

In which year Delhi became the capital of India?

  1. 1911
  2. 1910
  3. 1912
  4. 1905

Which disease is caused by the bite of a mad dog?

  1. Lukoderma
  2. Hydrophobia
  3. Hypertension
  4. Arthritis

By whom is the speaker of Lok Sabha Elected?

  1. All the members of Rajya Sabha
  2. All the members of Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha
  3. People of India
  4. All the members of Lok Sabha

Which article is related to the special status of Jammu & Kashmir?

  1. 270
  2. 300
  3. 110
  4. 248

How to Prepare General Awareness for SSC Exam?

  1. Do not focus more than enough on the current affairs part because these hold a very low weight in SSC exams.
  2. Maintain proper notes for last time revision.
  3. Solve previous year papers- past 5 years at least to understand the pattern and question answers.
  4. Solve mock tests daily, it will help you to learn GK quickly.
  5. Attend the test series.
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  8. Tips to Crack Reasoning in SSC Exams

Now, you have SSC GK syllabus details with you. What are you waiting for? Start your preparation right away!

This is how you can smartly prepare your GA subject. Before planning any strategy to study, you should study SSC GK syllabus. We hope that this article could help you in some way and if it is helping you then please let us know.

Guys, if you have doubts pertaining to SSC General Awareness syllabus 2020 you can ping us through the comment section below.

We also welcome your doubts on this platform. So, to submit your queries regarding SSC general awareness syllabus just use the comment box below. We will answer you quickly.

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