SSC English Preparation Tips – (CGL, CHSL, Steno) Complete Study Plan

How to Prepare English for SSC Exam? English Preparation tips for SSC Exam. (एसएससी परीक्षा के लिए अंग्रेज़ी की तैयारी कैसे करे?)

Hi, student
Your search for SSC English preparation study plan stops here because this time we are going to give you detail about English subject on the verge of its preparation tips and its significance in the SSC Exam.

We will talk about SSC exam which is conducted many times every year in the name of SSC CGL exam, SSC CHSL exam, SSC MTS exam, SSC JE Exam or SSC Stenography. If you didn’t have noticed then we want to tell you that all these examinations input the English subject as one among in its test composition. So, this is a compulsory subject in every exam, you cannot chase yourself from this subject.

We are providing you a complete guide on How to Crack English Section in SSC exam? SSC stands for Staff Selection Commission which is a government organization.

What is English subject?

English is a language which was first recognized by Indians from English people who ruled us. But the question is that why it is included in almost every examination?

The answer is that nowadays, English has become a universal language, known and speak by every state citizen. And that is why it is must to have knowledge about it and therefore, it is included in the examinations.

The English subject is like a capsule wherein the main components of grammar, vocabulary, comprehensions reside.

The significance of English in SSC exams. Check Complete SSC English Syllabus Topics List here.

As we are taking into consideration all the exams which are conducted by the SSC, so a table displaying marks distribution of English subject in every exam is framed below. Just take look below and then we will proceed further.

Just take look below and then we will proceed further.

SSC English Paper Pattern No. of Qns Marks
SSC CGL Syllabus 2018 25 50
SSC CHSL Syllabus 2018 25 25
SSC Syllabus 2018-
SSC MTS Syllabus 2018 25 25
SSC Stenography Syllabus 100 100
SSC Constable GD Bharti 2018 100 100

As you can see from the above table that almost all the main examination by SSC holds English as a compulsory subject and also, it holds a nice weight, so, in any condition, it should not be ignored.

SSC Preparation of English – A proper knowledge in English can surely provide you opportunities in every kind of field because English is on high demand for dealing with foreign clients, to execute any business model, for communication purpose or anything which comes into your mind.

It can be understood from the above table that at-least 25 marks can be collected in the basket of scores and every single mark holds a very important place in deciding the future of the candidate, and English subject can give you 25 marks just like that if you are well prepared in this.

  • It adds aroma to your personality and your personality can provide you many opportunities for different purposes.
  • A well general knowledge is required to be possessed when you are in the good scale cadre like Income Tax, Intelligent Bureau, excise department and like that. You need to communicate in the English language where the native language of the place is unknown to you.
  • If you hold a good knowledge of things, then you can fight the competitive exams. Not just the SSC exam, but any other likes UPSC, RPSC, or IBPS Bank Exam etc.

SSC English Preparation Tips

What to Prepare? SSC English Topics

English is comprised of many things and you have to read everything thoroughly for commanding yourself in the total English Language.

These things are actually the topics which make the English formations possible and somewhat meaningful. So, what are these topics, we are going to bullet them out below.

    • Reading comprehension
    • Vocabulary
    • Tenses
    • Idiom and phrases
    • Antonym and synonyms
    • One word substitution
    • Phrase replacement and sentence correction
    • Grammar-based: Tenses, Subject-Verb Agreement, Article-Noun Agreement, Correct Part of Speech, Correct use of Prepositions, Parallelism, Phrasal Verbs, Sentence Construction, Degree of Comparison, Correct use of different parts of speech.

SSC English Preparation Tips 2018

  1. Start with vocabulary. Norman Lewis’s Word Power Made Easy is best for learning vocabulary in the best way.
  2. Learning vocabulary will automatically provide knowledge of Antonyms and Synonyms.
  3. Solve reading comprehension then, so that you vocabulary skills can be tested.
  4. In the grammar section, always start with tenses. Then proceed to noun, pronouns, subject-verb agreement. Leave easy topics like articles and determiners for preparing them at the last so that you can relax your mind.
  5. Daily read English newspaper. This is really the best mechanism to learn English. The Hindu, Times of India are some best papers.
  6. While reading you should be very attentive for observing the tenses used, words use there. observe new words and help yourself to find out the meaning.
  7. You can read English magazines also, but read something useful so that they can help you in increasing your General Knowledge side by side.
  8. Watch English movies/ serials, news channels and while watching them, just maintain some patience. Because initially, you’ll feel like you are not able to understand the accent, or you find difficulty in catching the speed, but slowly with the time being, things become normal and easily understood.
  9. Register for Free SSC CGL Mock Test
  10. Join discussion forums and some online tools for English. They will literally help you to command your skills in the English language.
  11. Solve as many SSC English mock tests and SSC English question papers as you can.
  12. Do not give more than 15 minutes to your English paper.
  13. Tick mark on only on those answers in which you are confident enough, otherwise a little guesswork can harm you to lose marks.
  14. Filter the repeated questions from the previous year’s question papers and command your knowledge on them.
  15. Carefully examine all the options first before finalizing your answer. English needs to be scrutinized deeply because it has very sensitive answers. these are some of the valuable tips to crack english for SSC.
  16. SSC Reasoning Preparation Tips
  17. Crack SSC Exam Without Coaching in First Attempt
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Now the main thing is that How to study for SSC English paper? Continue to follow us if you want to know more-

  • First, understand the weightage of each topic in the exam and accordingly set your English preparation for SSC exam. Give much emphasize on topics which hold maximum weightage of marks and give less concern for the topics which arrive for fewer marks.
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Refer  the table given below.

English Language

SSC English Topics No.
of Qs
Reading Comprehension 5 (1 passage) The passage could
be on any topic.
Questions are
mostly fact-based
& can be directly
picked out
of the passage.
questions are asked
on commonly
used words.
10 A mix of grammar
and vocabulary
based questions.
Important topics:
Phrasal verbs,
tenses, usage in
context, homonyms
Spellings 6 Choose the
correctly spelt
word or the
misspelt word
from different
words. The same
word can be
spelt in
different ways
and you are
asked to
select the
correct spelling.
Phrase or
3 Easy to moderate
difficulty level.
The meaning of the
phrase or idiom
can be asked
in a sentence.
The meaning can
also be asked
Synonyms & Antonyms 6 One word given
with four options
to choose from,
(mostly 3 synonyms
and 3 antonyms).
Rarely the words
can be given
in sentences.
Prepare a list
of commonly
asked words to
answer this part
and score full
One Word Substitution 5 Substitute one word
for the phrase given.
Go through a list of the
one word substitutions
from past papers and
solve questions on
one word substitution.
Replacement/ Sentence
5 A mix of grammar
and vocabulary
Based questions
(Mostly in the combination of
4:1 or 3:2
Important Topics:
Subject-Verb Agreement,
Article-Noun Agreement,
Correct Part of Speech,
Correct use of Prepositions,
Parallelism, Phrasal Verbs,
Sentence Construction,
Degree of Comparison,
Correct use of different
parts of speech,
Easily confusing words,
Usage in Context,
10 Grammar-based

Important Topics:
Subject-Verb Agreement,
Article-Noun Agreement,
Correct Part of Speech,
Correct use of Prepositions,
Phrasal Verbs,
Sentence Construction,
Degree of Comparison,
Correct use of
different parts of speech.

What type of questions will ask in SSC English paper?

1. This old age home was built? donations
a) By
b) On
c) With
d) Whom
Sol. A

2. The little boy fell from the roof
a) Fell below the roof
b) Fell down the roof
c) Fell off the roof
d) No improvement

3. out of the four alternatives choose the one which is closest in meaning to the given words
c) urge

4. Some parts of the sentences have errors and some are correct. Find out which part of the sentence has an error.
On a holiday(a)/I prefer reading books (b)/Than visiting my friends(c)/No error(d)

Sol. C

5. I told the teacher(a)/that the homework set for the day(b)/was much too heavy for us to complete(c)/No error (d)

Sol. D

6. One who plays for pleasure rather than as a profession
a) player
b) Amateur
c) Performer
d) Actor

Sol. B

7. Out of the four alternatives choose the one which is spelt correctly

a) measureable
b) mangeable
c) marriagable
d) manoevrable
Sol. A

Best English Books for SSC Exam

Now, it’s time to give you an idea about the best books which should be within your reach. These are the best books for SSC English preparation exams. It covers every topic. These are authorized books also, which will deliver you very right information without any ambiguousness.

Name of book Publisher
Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis Normen Lewis
30 Days to More Powerful Vocabulary Book Goyal
Idioms & Phrases for SSC Exam Arihant

How to give your best in SSC English paper? Shortcut Tricks

Quick Tips for SSC English Paper

  1. Don’t start with reading the passage as it will consume your lot of time.
  2. Start with the next section after unseen passages.
  3. Do not give more than 10-15 seconds to a question.
  4. Skip the questions whose answers are doubtful or which are taking your lot of time.
  5. Don’t answer so quickly without visiting the other 3 options. Carefully give time to all the 4 options and then tick the answer.
  6. Avoid guesswork completely.
  7. It is said that you should first read the whole paper and then start to solve. Please don’t do this. If you did this, then you will lose so much valuable time. Rather, start to solve quickly as soon as the question paper visible to you at your computer screen.
  8. Before the examination, revise things from your ssc english short notes and not from the detailed books or notes. It is to be done for quick revision. A detail revision will surely make you even more nervous in the examination.
  9. To improve your grammar, spellings skills or comprehension skills, just take the help of an online tool which is known by Grammarly tool. Actually, it is an extension tool which is downloaded from the internet and installed on your PC. After that whatever you write on your screen will be checked automatically by the tool in terms of grammatical error or punctuation error or anything other.
  10. It will not only tell you your mistakes but also provide the corrections.
  11. Complete Guide – How to Easily Crack SSC CHSL Exam?
  12. Complete Guide – How to Prepare for SSC JE Exam?

Dear student, don’t make English a headache for you. It is a fact that if you learn all the rules of English properly, then you can easily beat any SSC exam. For every student, 2 subjects are found to be their weakness. One among them is this English. But, believe us, this is just a myth and a result of some unaware people.

Your proper SSC English preparation strategy for the study will surely benefit you, so, just give up all your fears and execute your plans so that you can gain maximum marks in the examination.
At last, good luck to you.


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