SSC CHSL Typing/Skill Test 2020 – Speed, Pattern, Marks, Study Material, Instructions

SSC CHSL Typing Test Speed, Pattern, Syllabus, Instructions, Marks, Mistakes, Study Material etc.

SSC 10+2 Typing Test Pattern – SSC CHSL Tier 3 Typing Test Exam Pattern

Importance of the SSC CHSL Typing Test for LDCs, Postal/ Sorting Assistants, and Court Clerk

Hello friends,
As you know that after beating Staff Selection Commission (SSC) Combined Higher Secondary Level (CHSL) tier 1 and tier 2 exam, you will step towards tier 3 which is the final step towards your final seat in the government cadre.
This final tier is known as the Skill test / Typing test and this is the hot topic of this article.

In this article, I’ll talk about the nature of the “Typing test for SSC 10+2”, the different recruitment processes of different cadres for selection and some sensitive things which you should always keep in your mind.

This is silly to write but still, I should tell you that until and unless you pass tier 1 and tier 2 with merit, you cannot attend the SSC CHSL tier 3 exam.

SSC CHSL Typing Test – Complete Details

The typing test will be the final round test of the SSC CHSL Exam 2020. In this last stage, the candidate has to qualify a typing test. This test is required to be given only for LDC, Court clerk, and Postal Assistant/ Sorting Assistant aspirants. This test for 2020 will be conducted from 16 to 27 March 2020.

SSC CHSL typing test speed

The speed for winning the typing test should be according to the prescribed skill. It is different for Hindi and English typing.

You need to correspond to 10500 key depressions in one hour for the English Language. It is 9000 per hour for the Hindi Language.

For Hindi typing, your speed should be 30 words per minute, which means you have to type 30 words at least in a single minute.

For English typing, your typing speed should be 35 words per minute. You have to type 35 words every minute.

The test will be conducted for 10 minutes. In the real exam, you are expected to type 350 words in 10 minutes.
For Visual handicap candidates, 30 minutes will be given.

SSC CHSL typing speed required

You have to type 35 words in a minute for the English language.
You have to type 30 words in a minute for the Hindi language.

  1. SSC CHSL DEO Typing Test Speed = For English 35 Words, For Hindi 30 Words
  2. SSC CHSL LDC Typing Test Speed = For English 35 Words, For Hindi 30 Words

SSC CHSL typing test font

The SSC typing test exam will be based on the Hindi Mangal font.

Tier 3 is not easy to crack. Yet, there is a major misconception in the minds of youths that after beating both the tiers, tier 3 is just a game of the kid. This is a myth.

Dear student. Do you really think that competition becomes so easy at the last stage? In my eyes, it becomes even harder because there are competing candidates fighting against you now and all are well known at this stage. Nobody wants to let go of their almost acquired government seat so easily.
So dear, don’t take the third tier for granted.

The things which I am going to share now should be thoroughly studied by you. According to this research, you should quickly plan how to clear SSC CHSL typing test? and never give a hope until you gain the standards.

Let’s start with the topic.
There are 2 kinds of tests that are taken by the commission as a part of tier3. these are the “SKILL TEST” and the “TYPING TEST”. But the student needs not to give both the tests. Either he/she has to give a skill test or just the typing test.

Which test has to be given by which category student, this you’ll know by reading the following Para.

  • SSC CHSL Skill Test will be conducted just for those applicants who have applied for DEO i.e. Data Entry Operators position.
  • SSC CHSL Typing Test will be conducted for other 3 position wishers.
Latest SSC CHSL Salary for LDC, DEO Post SSC CHSL Preparation Plan 2020

SSC CHSL typing test format

This typing test will be conducted in Hindi/ English. The language mode of examination will depend upon the selected language by the student at the time of filling the application form.

The duration of the test will be 10 minutes for physically fit students.
For visual handicap candidates, 30 minutes is the total duration of attending the test.

Hindi Typing-
The candidate has to type 30 words per minute.
There should be the speed of pressing 9000 keys per hour.

English Typing-
The candidate has to type 35 words per minute in English typing.
There should be the speed of pressing 10500 keys per hour.

Now see the criteria of selection for both.

SSC CHSL Skill Test Procedure

  1. This test will be conducted only in the English language.
  2. A printed paper is given to you in whom 2000-2200 strokes are already printed.
  3. This printed paper is to be written as it is on the computer screen maintaining the speed and accuracy set by the commission.
  4. You have to maintain a speed of 8000 key depressions in an hour on the computer which means that you have to press 8000 keys in an hour.
  5. The total time duration of the exam will be 15 minutes.
  6. This exam will be qualifying in nature.
  7. Even Physically Handicapped people have to give this exam as a precondition.
  8. Relaxation will be given to Visually Handicapped (VH) candidates. 20 minutes more will be allotted to you. Thus, total of 35 minutes will be provided to them on the same number of strokes and qualifying standards.
  9. Register for Free SSC CHSL Mock Test
Complete SSC CHSL Exam Pattern 2020 Latest SSC Exam 2020 Time Table

Typing test-

  1. This test is conducted for those candidates who chose LDC, Postal Assistants, and court clerks.
  2. This is qualifying in nature.
  3. This test can be conducted in English/ Hindi. It will depend upon the choice filled by the candidate while filling up the application form.
  4. The typing test will happen for 10 minutes.
  5. Typing Speed in SSC 10+2 – The speed of key depressions is already set by the commission which the candidate has to maintain to qualify while typing. This is as below.
  6. English typers- 35 words per minute
  7. Hindi typers- 30 words per minute
  8. The time duration may also vary. For physically fit candidates, time allots will be 10 minutes, but for Visually Handicapped candidates, it is 30 minutes.
  9. Visually impaired candidates should be at least 40% impaired to get relaxation. He/she has to submit the medical certificate from the authorized government doctor for this.
  10. A printed paper will be given to you who you have to type as it is on the computer screen. There will be 1750 key depressions in English paper while there will be 900 key depressions in Hindi paper.

The tier 3 paper is not that easy to crack. There are many common mistakes a candidate makes while typing. I am listing those mistakes. You just read them carefully and try to command them.

  • The omission of words/figures.
  • Substitution of words/figures.
  • Addition of not-required word/figure due to fast typing. unawareness.
  • Spelling mistakes.
  • Spacing errors- double space or no space at all.
  • Wrong capitalization.

You will be appointed to the government seat on the basis of your merit list once to beat this examination.

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SSC CHSL typing material

This is the most sought keyword on the internet by targeting students. They want to know what kind of material is asked to type in the typing examination. So, here we are providing you some typing sets, following which you can practice on them daily on your computer screen. Don’t forget to maintain the typing speed and typing accuracy.

This test is qualifying in nature.
The typing test for the CHSL LDC, Postal Assistants, and the Court clerk will be held on * July 2018 whose admit card will be availed to you 2 weeks before (probably). The exact date has not been disclosed yet, but it will be updated soon in this article once it is declared officially.

SSC CHSL typing book

There is no particular book for typing available in the market. It is advised to you to buy some online e-booklets to practice. Or you can do is that you can practice on the PDFs availed to you in the above links.
Still, we have found one book for you which you can buy online also.

SSC CHSL typing cut off

It is essential to observe the cut-offs of the previous year typing papers so that you can have an idea about the level of practice you would need to do to beat the competition finals at the last stage.
Here you will see the cut-offs of the year 2016 typing test.

List I: Candidates qualified for Document Verification for the posts of Postal Assistant/ Sorting Assistant/Lower Division Clerks

Cut-off Percentage
of Mistakes in Typing Test
Candidates qualified/
exempted from Typing Test
SC 10% 2007
ST 10% 854
OBC 10% 8436
EXS 10% 358
OH 10% 343*
HH 10% 59
VH 10% 219
UR 7% 4333

What is SSC CHSL typing test exam date?
The typing test exam will be held on July 08, 2018.

When will be SSC CHSL typing test result declared?
The SSC CHSL Typing test result will be out at the end of July month or the beginning of August month 2020.

How to Clear SSC CHSL typing test?

Follow this given SSC CHSL Typing Test Preparation Plan

  1. You should maintain 90% accuracy in your spellings, punctuations, spaces.
  2. You need to take care of formatting also.
  3. Take care of time also as you have to type 35 words per minute in English and 30 words per minute in Hindi.
  4. You should give your practice at least 1 month and you should practice on your computer daily. You should type paragraphs daily which are having various fonts and formats and complex formatting so that you can hold command on your typing skills.
  5. Try to complete the matter in 10 minutes. At least you should type 350 words in total 10 minutes.

SSC CHSL typing mistake

There are some common mistakes which the candidate usually makes while typing the data on the screen. It can be due to lack of time, or due to nervousness or due to silly mistakes. The candidates are expected to avoid such mistakes and practice a lot at their home to build command on typing precisely. Below are those common mistakes-

  • The omission of words/figures.
  • Substitution of words/figures.
  • Addition of not-required word/figure due to fast typing.
  • Spelling mistakes.
  • Spacing errors- double space or no space at all.
  • Wrong capitalization.

How many mistakes are allowed in a typing test?

Calculation of Error Percentage in SSC DEST/Skill Test

%Error = Total Error/Total no of KeyStrokes X 100.


1. Full Mistakes: The following errors are treated as full mistakes:–

(i) For every omission of word/ figure. (If you miss a word)
(ii) For every substitution of a wrong word /figure.
(iii) For every addition of a word/figure not found in the passage.(If you add an extra word)

2. Half Mistakes: The following errors are treated as half mistakes:–

(i) Spacing Errors :
– Where no space is provided between two words,
Ex. If you type ‘Ihope’ instead of ‘I hope’ then error=5/2 strokes
– Undesired space is provided between the words or letters of a word
Ex. If you type ‘ha ve’ instead of ‘have’ then error=2 strokes

(ii) For every spelling error committed by way of repetition, or addition or transposition or omission or substitution of a letter/letters.
Ex. If you type ‘seeplings’ instead of ‘spelling’ then error=4 strokes

(iii) Wrong Capitalisation: Wrong use of capital letter for small letter and vice-versa. (This does not apply to Hindi typewriting scripts).
Ex. If you type ‘Them’ instead of ‘them’.

Example of Error Calculation in SSC Typing Test:-

Line given to type – My name is Ram. I live in Jaipur.
Line typed by student – My naame is ram. live in Jai pur.

Total no of strokes in this line = 33
Full mistakes – omission of ‘I’ = 1 stroke
Half mistakes – ‘naame’ = 2 strokes, ‘ram’ = 3/2 strokes, ‘Jai pur’ = 3 strokes
Total error = 1+2+1.5+3 = 7.5

%Error = (7.5/33) * 100 = 22.72%

SSC CHSL typing rules

There are some rules you have to follow while giving the typing exam-

  • You have to type 35 words per minute if you are typing in the English language.
  • If you have opted for Hindi language, then you have to type 30 words per minute.
  • If you hadn’t selected any language at the time of filling the application form, then by default you have to give the exam in the English language.

This is all about SSC CHSL Typing Test I want to share with you. I would like to welcome your suggestions or doubts or queries here. Just share your thoughts in the comment box displayed below.
Just wait for my new article.
Bye Bye!


  1. I had completed only 1420 strokes in my test and only made 2 mistakes, which are both (half & full) nature, can I expect for the next level or fail here only.


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