SSC CHSL Salary 2020 Allowances (LDC, DEO, 10+2) Career Growth Details

Latest SSC CHSL Salary 2020 OR SSC 10+2 Salary with Allowances, Promotion, After Revision and Probation Period + Career Growth Opportunities.

Welcome back you all futurities, to the most informative place. SSC CHSL 2020 has generated a huge craze and competition among youths from all over the country.

A tough fight is stepping rapidly from the doorstep of every student to every coaching centers of every corner in INDIA. But in this crowd of competition, when we interact with students, we realized that students are willing to fight the competition and acquire the government job. But, they really don’t know what they are preparing for.

Actually, they only know the designation name and the standard associated with that name. They don’t know about the SSC Exam 2020 post details, its related ssc chsl salary packages, job profile, and career growth opportunities.

So guys, what will be the salary after clearing ssc chsl exam?

SSC CHSL means Staff Selection Commission Combined Higher Secondary Level we really felt that you should know at least these basic knowledge so that you can have knowledge about for which you are burning yourself.

Today we have brought an informative article to guide you through your candidate posts’ profile. In which you can check various post salaries details such as

SSC CHSL Salary Structure 2020

  • SSC Lower Division Clerk Salary – 22,392 – 26,026
  • SSC Data Entry Operator Salary – 29,340 – 35,220
  • SSC Postal Assistant Salary – 22,392 – 26,026
  • SSC Court Clerk Salary – 29,340 – 35,220

SSC CHSL Post Wise Grade Pay Scale

SSC CHSL is comprised of a totally 4 posts namely LDC, DEO, court clerk and Postal Assistant/ Sorting Assistant. All posts have a different level and salary structure and so the different grade pays naturally.

The pay band or the basic pay for all posts is the same before any extras are added or taken off. But when it comes to grade pay, it lines the definitions of being a good post and a better post.

Let us understand what is grade pay actually? It is the figure which is pre-set according to the category or class of people to adjust the cost of living and house rental allowances on a monthly basis.

A lower division clerk post is a lower category cadre, that’s why; this cadre is allotted lower grade pay as compared to DEO or postal assistant/ sorting assistant.

The grade pays of different CHSL posts are associated with their adjacent row in the below table. Go through it-

Post Name Pay Band Grade Pay SSC Gross Salary
LDC (Lower Division Clerk) PB -1 ( 5200-20200) 1900 22,392 – 26,026
DEO (Data Entry Operator) PB -1 ( 5200-20200) 2400 29,340 – 35,220
Court Clerk PB -1 ( 5200-20200) 1900 22,392 – 26,026
Postal Assistant/Sorting Assistant PB -1 ( 5200-20200) 2400 29,340 – 35,220


After deducting all taxes and duties and PFs from the ssc chsl gross salary, the amount which is left in your hand is known as in-hand salary. So, SSC CHSL different posts have different associated salary part which they get monthly in their hands.

The minimal ssc chsl monthly salary starts from Rs 18,000 and it varies to the maximum level as per the post of the personality.

SSC CHSL Post Wise Salary In Hand Salary
SSC LDC salary 18,777 – 22,411
SSC DEO Salary 25,165 – 31,045
Court Clerk Salary 18,777 – 22,411
Postal Assistant /Sorting Assistant 25,165 – 31,045


Post Name Basic Pay City HRA TA Gross In Hand Salary
LDC (GP 1900)

Court Clerk

Postal assistant

Sorting Assistant

19900 X 4776 1350 26026 22411
19900 Y 3184 900 23984 20369
19900 Z 1592 900 22392 18777
DEO (GP 2400) 25500 X 6120 3600 35220 31045
25500 Y 4080 1800 31380 27205
25500 Z 2040 1800 29340 25165
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What will be SSC CHSL Salary after 7th pay commission?

In 2016, the government of India announced to implement 7 pay commission on central government jobs from 2017 till 2024. It is proposed to raise the grade pay of SSC CHSL employees in 1900 to 2400 Rs (Post wise).

That means compared to the previous year, this year all the employees will get an incremented HRA in their salary. This has carried the attention of every job aspirant from all over the country to think for this examination.

Not only think but also every other aspirant is making up his mind to give a tough fight at their best to this competition to acquire such a handsome salaried and safe prone job and why not? SSC job is a dream come true job which everybody on this earth imagines for a safe and secure job with less pressure but handsome returns every year.

Following is the table which will help you to understand the difference of chsl salary as per the previous year.

Post Name Basic Pay City HRA TA Gross In Hand Salary
LDC (GP 1900)

Court Clerk

Postal assistant

Sorting Assistant

19900 X 4776 1350 26026 22411
19900 Y 3184 900 23984 20369
19900 Z 1592 900 22392 18777
DEO (GP 2400) 25500 X 6120 3600 35220 31045
25500 Y 4080 1800 31380 27205
25500 Z 2040 1800 29340 25165

To understand about the cities X, Y and Z, just refer to below list.

Group Name Classification City

X City

Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai, Bangaluru, Ahmedabad

Y City

Bhopal, Kanpur, Jaipur, Nagpur, Lucknow, Patna, Pune, Surat, Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Kochi, Madurai, Coimbatore, Warangal, Trivandrum, Rajkot, Vadodra, Ludhiana, Agra, Meerut, Nashik, Faridabad, Varanasi, Jabalpur, Jamshedpur, Allahabad, Amritsar, Indore, Gorakhpur, Hubli – Dharwad, Bhavnagar, Raipur, Mysore, Mangalore, Belgaum, Guntur, Bhubaneshwar, Cuttack, Amravati, Aurangabad, Srinagar, Bhilai, Rajahmundry, Kakinada, Nellore, Solapur, Ranchi, Guwahati, Gwalior, Chandigarh, Patiala, Jodhpur, Tiruchirapalli, Pondicherry, Salem, Asansol,

Z City

All other cities

SSC CHSL Promotion and Career Growth

Every post has the nature to get promoted after a certain period of time and so has SSC CHSL jobs.

Lower Division Clerk (LDC)

After familiar with SSC salary for LDC post here we should focus on LDC promotion and career structure.

The LDC is the lowest cadre job in SSC but in the ladder of promotions, it steps forward towards UDC (upper division clerk), Division clerk and assistant section office.

But this will require 5 years of experience at each level of the cadre. That means after holding experience of 5 years at LDC post, you will be promoted to UDC and after another 5 years, you will get division clerk post and so on until you grab the assistant section officer position.

Data Entry Operator (DEO)

The promotions are simply dependent on the skills, the experience of the person or it may be on other factors like category promotions or departmental promotions. SSC salary for DEO post is quite impressive and career is also bright.

The DEO is expected to get promotions on various post scales like-
Console operator
Sr. console operator
Data processor
Sr. data processor
Data managers

Postal Assistant/Sorting Assistant

This one is the most standard position among all SSC CHSL jobs. And SSC salary for postal assistant is quite well. The promotional ladder from this position is structured as below

• Lower Selection Grade (LSG) / Supervisor
• Higher Selection Grade (HSG) II / Senior Supervisor
• Higher Selection Grade (HSG) II / Chief Supervisor
• Take note that the recruitment of assistants at above-mentioned positions happens completely because of promotions.

Court Clerk

The promotions of this category people take place in high courts or central administrative tribunal, national green tribunal, Debt recovery tribunal or Supreme Court.

The promotions associated are dependent on their experience at the same post and they may be promoted to personal assistant, sr. court clerk and sr. personal assistant posts.


After taking a deep insight into the SSC CHSL salary and promotion, we hope that this article could help you in some way, to decide what would be your next target.

We believe that until you grab this very basic knowledge about the SSC CHSL 2020 salary and job profile of your job, then there you will always feel an absence of drive behind you, failing which you’ll always experience a pull (not push) reverse to the direction where your goal stands.

After reading this article, if you feel we forget to include something essential, then you can take us in your line information. You can do comments about your queries, or anything which you feel like. Good Luck.


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  2. i have bio in my 12th class.. i don’t have maths.. Cant i apply fro DEO I job??? ..are all deo jobs only for maths stream ??

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    The whole thing about this department that is work of nature, chances of promotion, salary etc.

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