SSC CHSL Cut Off Marks List 2020 Section wise (Expected+Last Year) Pdf

SSC CHSL Cut Off Marks List 2020 – SSC 10+2 Cut Off Marks for LDC, DEO, Postal/Assistants, Junior Secretariat Assistant (JSA) and Court Clerk.

Are you excited to know the previous year cutoff marks of SSC CHSL Exam and also the expectations for the upcoming exam?
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I am writing this article providing you a total overview of the SSC CHSL cut-off for 2020 game which is nicely and trickily played in these competitive examinations. Now, what to wait for? Let’s go and grab learn something useful.

Today here in this article you’ll find answers to all of these given topics.

  • What is SSC CHSL 2020 expected Cut off marks? (Sectional Cut Off and Overall Cut Off)
  • What is SSC LDC Cut off 2020?
  • What is SSC DEO Cut Offs 2020? (Tier 1 + Tier 2)
  • Expected SSC CHSL Cut Off for final selection?
  • SSC CHSL Cut off Marks calculation method
  • SSC CHSL Last year cut offs 2017 + 2016 + 2015
  • SSC CHSL Salary and Facilities
  • Register for Free SSC CHSL Mock Test

What is SSC CHSL Cut-Off?

The Cut-off term is given to that calculation which is derived on the basis of an average result of students. It is the minimum mark which is set as a standard to qualify score that is mandatory to score by any candidate to at least pass the examination.

If you have calculated your CHSL score and if you found that you have not scored the minimum score according to the cutoffs of SSC 10+2 exam 2020, then it is automatic to understand that you are not shortlisted. But, if it does, then CONGRATULATION! YOU WIN.


What is SSC CHSL Sectional Cut-off?

The minimum marks which is set by the authorities for students as a benchmark to qualify the particular exam is cut-off. If this minimum marking is applied to each subject, then it will be termed as sectional cut-offs. It means that SSC 10+2 tier 1 exam contains 4 subjects. If in each subject, the minimum score is 18, set to qualify each subject, then it is known as Sectional Cut-offs in SSC CHSL.

Although SSC Exams do not demand to qualify for every subject of any tier. Rather, a minimum qualifying score for a particular tier is needed to pass the entire tier.

What is SSC CHSL Overall Cut-off?

When minimum marks to score for any tier on the entire basis is taken into concern, that minimum marks which is needed in order to pass the exam is called the overall cut-off.

For example, when you give the Tier-1 exam, then the commission declare cut-offs for the tier 1. That means if minimum cut-off decided is 100 marks, then your score on your SSC CHSL scorecard should be minimum 100 to pass the tier 1. Otherwise, you are failing.

Factors deciding the SSC CHSL Cut Off

There are a number of factors that affect the cut-off decision. This is-

  1. Total Number of vacancies in the cadre.
  2. Vacancies in each state.
  3. The number of applicants from each state and in the country.
  4. What is the average result of students in the entire exam?
  5. Toughness level of exam.

Considering these factors the government authorities decide the cut-off for every tier. Not only this, it declares the cutoffs as per regions also because different regions hold a different number of vacancies inside it.

What is Cut Off Marks for SSC CHSL 2020?

Expected SSC CHSL Cut Offs 2020 (Prelims + Mains) Subject and category wise Final Cut Off

The cutoffs and results for CHSL tier 1 exam for 2020 are recently been declared. But, you are surely excited to know the expected cutoffs for the final result. Check it out below.

Category Official SSC CHSL Cut off Marks
General 127-130
OBC 120-125
SC 119-125
ST 105-112
VH 97-106
OH 97-105
HH 65-68
EXS 65-67

Official  SSC CHSL Cutoff Marks 2017

Category Official SSC CHSL Cut off Marks
General 127.0
OBC 120.0
SC 108.0
ST 99.0
VH 96.0
OH 97.50
HH 65.0
EXS 64.50

Official SSC CHSL Cutoff Marks 2015

Category SSC CHSL Category wise Cut off Marks
General 119
OBC 110
SC 89.5
ST 99
VH 83
OH 88
HH 55
EXS 45.5
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Important Points related to SSC CHSL Cut Offs Analysis

  1. The cut-offs are calculated by understanding the level of the exam. If the SSC CHSL paper pattern of the exam goes high than cut-offs are generally low but if the paper is easy then cut-offs reach high accordingly.
  2. Whatever cut-offs are decided by the authorities, you have to follow them. You cannot claim them.
  3. There are different SSC CHSL 10+2 cutoff marks for different caste category people, so make sure that you have to achieve minimum marks as per displayed just adjacent to your category.
  4. There are no criteria to pass sectional subjects and therefore there are no sectional cutoffs in SSC CHSL. An overall cut-off is declared always for every tier.
  5. To reach the next tier, it is mandatory to score at least cut-off marks. To reach tier 3, your score should qualify tier1+tier 2 cutoffs.
  6. To get selected for the CHSL post, you have to crack tier1+tier 2+ tier3 cut off jointly as well as separately.
  7. There go different SSC CHSL cutoffs state wise. It depends on the number of vacancies available in that state.
  8. How to Study for SSC Exam?
  9. Register for Free SSC CHSL Mock Test

How to Calculate Cut off marks for SSC CHSL 2020?

The process for calculating a cut-off score for SSC is like what other exams follow.

A number of factors are considered to calculate the cut-offs like majorly it depends upon the number of applicants who have attended the examination against the vacancies applied for. If there is a huge applicant figure, then to eradicate it, cut offs are fixed higher.

But, the level of examination on the vertex of an easy exam or tough exam is also analyzed before declaring cut-offs.
If the exam paper is an easy one, then generally cut-off goes high and vice-versa.

Generally, the average score is analyzed in the whole examination and that is declared as the final cut-off of the concerning tier. You can also check more details on Staff selection commission official website


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How many marks to Score to clear SSC CHSL cut off?

As I am repeating, again and again, that to clear SSC CHSL Exam 2020, you have to score at-least the cut-off figure which is decided by the commission authorities. You have to clear every tier and then only you will become eligible to take the government seat.

To understand the cut-off pattern of SSC CHSL exam, you can go through the CHSL exam’s previous year cut-offs which I have included above in this article. You can analyze them and get an idea about the upcoming exam expectations for cut-off.

CATEGORY Official Cut Off
UR/GEN 127.50
OBC 120
SC 108
ST 99
VH 96
OH 97.50
HH  65
EXS 64.5
SSC LDC & DEO Cut off 2016 95- 105 90- 100 108- 118 54- 64 85- 95 54- 64 85- 95 125- 135

 SSC CHSL Cut off score 2015 (Category wise)

SSC LDC & DEO Cut off 2016 95- 105 90- 100 108- 118 54- 64 85- 95 54- 64 85- 95 125- 135

SSC CHSL Cut Off Percentage for Mistakes in DEST for DEO:

CATEGORY 2014 2013
UR 5%  5%
Rest of the
 7%  5%

SSC CHSL Cut Off Percentage for Mistakes in Typing Test for LDC/ PA/SA:

CATEGORY 2014 2013
UR 7%  5%
Rest of the
 10%  7%

SSC CHSL Cut Offs 2015 (Prelims + Mains) Subject and category wise Final Cut Off

Candidates qualified for Data Entry Skill Test for DEO 2015

Category Cut off Marks Candidates Available
SC 61 887
ST 60 598
OBC 64 2713
Ex.S 56 591
OH 58 275
HH 58 71
VH 58 71
UR 65 1240
TOTAL 6446

Candidates qualified for Typing Test for Postal Assistant/ Sorting/Assistant/LDC 2015

Category Minimum qualifying marks Candidates Available
SC 33 5871
ST 33 2834
OBC 33 20332
Ex.S 33 2023
OH 33 884
HH 33 325
VH 33 297
UR 33 11290
TOTAL 43856
Category Cut off Marks (LDC / DEO) Candidates Available
General 119 15150
OBC 110 26775
SC 99 8592
ST 89.5 3954
OH 88 1364
VH 83.5 460
HH 55 712
EXS 45.5 3968
Total 60975

Previous Years SSC CHSL Cut Off  (2015 – 2011)

Category-wise SSC CHSL Cutoff for Written Exam (for DEO, LDC, PA/SA)

CATEGORY 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011

UR/GEN 119 120 122 127 117 129 107.5 111.75
OBC 110 108 111 117 110 120 103 106.5
SC 99 95 100 104 97 109 86 96.25
ST 89.5 86 88 95 90 101 69.25 90
VH 83.5 82 88 93 99 93 60 70
OH 88 84 88 95 90 101 77.75 90
HH 55 53 73 71 58 70 60 70
EXS 45.5 53 82 75 77 93 88.75 75.5

How to Check SSC CHSL Result Online?

  1. Visit official website of SSC.
  2. Click on to ‘Result’ tab at the top right corner of the screen.
  3. A list of results for various examinations will be displayed to you, but you have to click on ‘Common Higher Secondary Level tier 1/ tier 2 or tier 3’ link.
  4. A pdf file will get open where you can see your name (if shortlisted).

1. What is the advantage of analyzing previous year cut-offs?

At least you are able to get the approximate idea about the cutoffs which are taking place for years. There are 80% chances to follow the previous year pattern for calculating the cut-offs.

2. When will the dates for SSC CHSL cut-off be declared?

Tier 2 result will be declared at the end week of September 2017. Rest, the cut-off for tier1 is already been declared.

3. I passed tier 1 but I failed in tier 2 by just 1 mark. Can I give tier 2 exam directly next time?

Certainly not. You have to begin from the very beginning as you have to first crack tier 1, then tier 2 and only then you’ll be able to attend tier 3.
Hooh! That’s all about the cut-off scenario.

Dear, if you felt somewhere while reading this information that you didn’t get that information which you were looking for then please let me know. Your problems, doubts, and suggestions are warmly welcomed at this portal at any time and any day. I’ll be looking forward to handling all your queries on SSC CHSL Cut off marks.

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