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What is the form of SIT

SIT: Special Investigation Team

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SIT stands for Special Investigation Team. It is a special investigating agency which is appointed to investigate a specific case.

“The special investigation teams or SIT are specialized teams of officers in Indian law enforcement consisting of personnel trained to investigate the serious criminal case.

The SIT came into existence when it is found that existing agencies are not perceived to be able to conduct a proper investigation in the matter.

Do you know, why special investigation team is called upon of appointed, it is when it is found that the existing agency is not able to conduct a proper investigation in the case or in case if the case is lodged against the high profile people who may influence the investigation of the existing agency.

As there is no law in the constitution which specify the type of the case that could be assigned to a special investigation team.

If any case is presented before the court and the authority realize that the existing agencies are not going in the direction due to various reasons like, biased, corrupted, lack of resources, ted-tape, etc… the court appoints a team to investigate the issue and report back.

sit-full-formGujarat riot case and 1984 anti-Sikh riot case are some of such cases investigated by the SIT.

The special investigation team is hired by the supreme court of India or the state government.

The team investigates the case and makes a report to be present in the court.

The report goes for scrutiny at all the stages of appeal.

The court has the authority to accept or reject the report.

If the report is declined or unaccepted then the appellate court is left to decide the fate of the case.

CBI is an executive agency established under Delhi Police special Establishment Act Whereas the SITs(Special Investigation Team) are temporary bodies constituted time to time for investigation of any issue or grievances. SITs may be constituted by Judiciary and the Parliament or state legislatures. Their mandate is to decide on a case to case basic.

Eg. SIT on Black money under RTI Act by Supreme Court.

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