SBI PO Preliminary Exam: One Stop Guide for Your Preparation

SBI PO Preliminary Exam: One-stop Guide for Your Preparation

Are you passionate about getting jobs in the Banking Sector? If your answer is YES, then spend 5 minutes to read this article.

State Bank of India, which the largest Public sector Bank in India will release Recruitment Notification for SBI Probationary Officer Post every year. SBI PO is one of the aspiring jobs among Jobseeker. Not only freshers but even working professionals started applying for SBI PO. To select a PO from a vast set of applicants, SBI conducts a 3-tier exams process – Preliminary, Main Examination, and Interview. To kick start your preparation with SBI PO examination, you need to go ahead with SBI PO Prelims Preparation.

Aspirants need to clear Quantitative Aptitude, English, and Reasoning for SBI PO Preliminary Examination. Only the shortlisted candidates in the Prelims examination will be called for the SBI PO Mains examination.

How to prepare for SBI PO Quantitative Aptitude?

To clear the SBI PO Quants part, one must need to practice all the scenarios. Try to implements the short cuts. By practicing more and more sums, you will automatically get familiarized with the steps and at the time of the exam, you will not get stuck at any point. Don’t miss to take more practical question papers.

Memorize the necessary formulas. Above all, Square, Cube of number up to 50 should be at your fingertip. Spend at least 4 to 5 hours daily for practicing all the scenarios in Quants.

How to prepare for SBI PO Reasoning?

The reasoning will cover topics related to the seating arrangement, syllogisms, logical reasoning, and puzzles. The reasoning is one of a major section, where candidates can easily score above the maximum marks. The best way to score high in Reasoning is by solving more reasoning based questions and finding the logic behind each topic. If you find the logic, then it will take less than a minute to solve a reasoning question.

How to prepare SBI English?

Many aspirants find English as the toughest one to clear, but it is not like you can’t able to clear. In case this is your first time attending the SBI PO Exam then you should make your basics strong. Read many English books to improve your vocabulary. Focus on the grammar part, because some candidates get to lose their marks in Grammar. So read more Newspapers and also read weekly, monthly magazines.

Try to improve your Reading Comprehension by reading interesting Novels. Finally, one golden tip to improve your English ability is to communicate with others in English and some time with yourself.

SBI PO Prelims Preparation

  1. The first and foremost step in SBI PO Prelims preparation is to familiarize with the Exam Pattern, because, while you master the SBI PO Exam Pattern, you come to know which topic should be prioritized.
  2. Make a Study Plan / Time Table for the SBI PO Prelims exam and stick to it. Time Management is an essential one in the SBI PO Prelims examination. Time Management not only helps in preparing, practicing for the exam, it also helps at the time of writing the examination.
  3. Practicing Previous Question Papers, Sample Questions and Model questions will make you stronger in subjects Knowledge.
  4. Try taking up more SBI PO Mock Test because Mock Test has the same exam pattern, duration, level of questions and the format as SBI PO Prelims exam. This will helps you to gauge your performance level at the end of the test.
  5. Don’t get distracted by any Social Media Apps and don’t procrastinate.

Key Points to attend SBI PO Prelims Examination

  • Don’t try to solve each and every question in the SBI PO exams. Remember there is a timer at your exam screen. So allot a minimum to solve for each and every question and stick to it
  • You may get confused by looking at a few questions at the SBI PO Examination. Without a doubt skip to the next question
  • Remember there are negative marks for wrong answers and no mark is reduced for unanswered questions.
  • Instead of selecting the wrong answers / doubtful answer, try not to attend that particular question.

Healthy TIPS before taking up examination

  1. Don’t get overstressed on attending the SBI PO exam, try to stay cool.
  2. Eat healthy foods, which is greeny and protein-rich foods
  3. For time being deactivate Facebook App, What’s App and other social media Apps from your mobile.
  4. Try to avoid greasy and cheesy foods which takes a long time to digest
  5. Have enough sleep at night. Very particularly on the day before the exam.
  6. Try to calm your mind by any means. i.e. listening to music, etc…

To conclude, SBI PO is a prestigious white-collar job, and getting a job in SBI PO is not that much difficult one. Just think there are aspirants who get selected in SBI PO every year. Without practice, nothing will be possible.

So set your to mind toward SBI PO and don’t give up until the very end of the goal. Success doesn’t happen overnight, it happens day by day with forwarding progress.


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