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NDA General Ability Test Syllabus, NDA GA Question paper 2020 Topics

National Defence Academy exam 2020 (NDA 2020) scheduled for April & September month. Participants required checking the complete syllabus of UPSC NDA Exam for their NDA exam paper preparations. It doesn’t matter that for what post you are applying for, NDA entrance exam syllabus is the same for all.

It includes two subjects Mathematics and General ability. Here in this article, NDA Exam Guide 2020 provides you the complete knowledge about “NDA Syllabus for general ability”.

UPSC Syllabus for NDA Exam is common for all courses such as Army, Airforce, and Navy students. You will face a general ability test of NDA to qualify.

NDA General Ability Paper contains 150 questions of 600 marks with a time duration of 2.30 hours. check more details of the NDA syllabus for the general ability test and study material below. Also, Check – Mathematics for NDA.

NDA General Ability Syllabus Details – Complete Guide

NDA 2020 general ability question paper contains two subjects Part A – English and Part B – General Knowledge. Basically, this section is a common subject for all competition exams so you should be well prepared for it. through general ability, paper examiner tests your English skills (how good you are in grammar and vocabulary section) and your overall knowledge on general topics. Check depth details on the general ability syllabus for NDA and naval academy exam below.

Here you find NDA syllabus 2020 general ability complete details such as exam pattern, syllabus topics, NDA General ability preparation tips, examples of general ability questions for NDA, books etc.

NDA General Ability test exam pattern

Firstly you should focus on the proper exam pattern of NDA India exam. You should have aware of marks and questions from every subject which includes in NDA NA Syllabus. UPSC Online NDA Exam contains two sections on general ability question paper English and Gk.

Here NDA English paper contains 50 questions of 200 marks and GK paper contains 100 questions of 400 marks. Check the below table to better understand the marking process and weight age of subjects in NDA paper.

NDA General Ability Paper Pattern

Paper Subject Questions Marks
I English 50 200
II General Knowledge 100 400
Total 150  600
General Knowledge Subjects Marks
Physics 100
History 80
Geography 80
Chemistry 60
General Science 40
Current Events 40

What is the general ability syllabus for NDA Exam?

Now focus on NDA general ability syllabus topics – English paper contains vocabulary, grammar & comprehension. GK Paper divide into various sections such as physics, history, geography, chemistry, general science, and current events. check NDA detailed syllabus for all subjects with major topics below. You can also visit the official website of Union public service commission (UPSC) at www.upsc.gov.in for more details about NDA UPSC Syllabus.

NDA English Syllabus: –

NDA English question paper standard is the same as the secondary level. It covers basic questions from grammar and vocabulary such as synonyms – antonyms, comprehension questions, fill in the blanks, spotting the error, passage, sentence arrangement etc.

Through various types of questions, the examiner tests your basic English skills and proficiency. For NDA English preparation you can try some NDA English sample papers and NDA English notes.

You should have to buy NDA English book from different writers and authors for all syllabus topics in a place and a better idea of expected important questions and topics from English. Also, Check study sector guide for English Preparation tips.

NDA General Knowledge Syllabus: –

GK is a vast topic it contains endless topics from around the world. NDA General Knowledge question paper also covers questions from various topics. this paper basically designed to test your general knowledge of the world.

how many updates you are with overall activities and from specifying topics like physics, chemistry, general science etc.

You should check NDA General knowledge sample papers and NDA GK Notes for better understand the type and pattern of paper. Check depth details about NDA General knowledge preparation and topics.

NDA Physics Syllabus topics: –

NDA Physics question paper contains various questions from general physics topics given below. you should practice with NDA physics sample papers and also create NDA physics notes from these topics like the definition, questions based on these, formulas etc. read definition and formulas for NDA physics preparation.

  • Definition of Force: – strength or energy or physical activity
  • Momentum: – the amount of movement of a moving body, measured as a result of its mass and speed
  • What is gravity or gravitation?
  • What is Motion of objects?
  • What are Sound waves and their properties?
  • Change of State and Latent Heat
  • Define Conductors and Non-conductors
  • What is Density?
  • What are the Effects of Heat?
  • What are the Properties of a Magnet?
  • Define Volume
  • Principle of Archimedes
  • What is Newton’s Laws of Motion?
  • What are the Primary and Secondary Cells?
  • Stability and Equilibrium of bodies
  • Difference between Reflection and refraction
  • Use of X-Rays
  • Ohm’s Law Simple Electrical Circuits definition.

NDA Chemistry Syllabus topics: –

NDA Chemistry questions paper contains 60 marks out of 400. It includes various types of questions based on chemistry formulas and chemical reactions. Check NDA chemistry notes for better preparation of this topic. some major topics are given below focus on that. You can also buy NDA chemistry book for it or try with some NDA chemistry sample papers.

  • What is Elements Mixtures and Compounds Symbols Formula?
  • Physical and Chemical changes
  • Acids bases and salts
  • Preparation and Properties of Hydrogen Oxygen Nitrogen and Carbon dioxide Oxidation and Reduction
  • Simple Chemical Equations Law of Chemical Combination
  • What is Properties of Air and Water?
  • Different forms of carbon
  • Fertilizers – Natural and Artificial
  • Elementary ideas about the Structure of Atom Atomic Equivalent and Molecular Weights Valency
  • The material used in the preparation of substances like soap Glass Ink Paper Cement Paints Safety Matches and Gun-Powder.

NDA General Science Syllabus topics:-

NDA General Science question paper contains various questions from general science such as Development and Reproduction in Plants and Animals, Difference between the living and non-living , Elementary knowledge of human Body and its important organs, Basis of Life – Cells Protoplasm and Tissues, Common Epidemics their causes and prevention, Constituents of food Balanced Diet, Achievements of Eminent Scientists, The Solar System – Meteors and Comets Eclipses, Food – Source of Energy for man. Make NDA General science notes for the preparation of these topics.

NDA History Syllabus topics: –

NDA history question paper contains 80 marks out of 400 so it is more scoring paper. Where you find most of the questions around the given topics.

  • Five Year Plans of India
  • Freedom Movement in India
  • Broad survey of Indian History with emphasis on Culture and Civilization
  • Indian Constitution and Administration
  • Role of India in the present world
  • Impact of Science and Technology on Society
  • Forces shaping the modern world
  • Socialism and Communism
  • Panchayati Raj Co-operatives and Community Development
  • Basic Teachings of Mahatma Gandhi

NDA Geography Syllabus topics: –

NDA Geography question paper contains 80 marks. it includes various types of questions around our geographical activities such as Earth – shape, size, movement and its effects, Origin, Weather, Rocks and their classification, Latitudes and Longitudes, Mechanical and Chemical Earthquakes and volcanoes, Humidity, Types of Climate, Atmosphere and its composition, Important Sea ports and main sea land and air routes of India, Temperature and Atmospheric Pressure Planetary Winds cyclones and Anti-cyclones etc.

these are some of the topmost topics from NDA Syllabus for 2020. You should make NDA geography notes for last time preparation and try some NDA geography sample papers to sharp your knowledge of this topic.

Current Events topics
The latest NDA Syllabus for current events is basically questions asked from recent activities and events such as Indian politics, Sports, Awards, Finance, Banking, Marketing, Media etc.

Recommendation: – You should develop your reading habits of newspapers, magazines and various general knowledge books from different publications. Also watching news channels on a daily basis may help you more.

This is the complete list of syllabus topics for NDA Recruitment 2020. read this given brief summary of NDA NA Exam Syllabus carefully to score well in UPSC 2020 NDA exam. you can also visit NDA official website for more details www.nda.nic.in syllabus.

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How to Prepare for NDA General Ability? 

Most of the students are not aware of the right method of NDA 2020 general ability paper preparation. here we discuss more NDA general ability preparation tips that how to prepare? check it.

  • First of all check NDA general ability questions paper pattern for marks and importance of topics.
  • Now download NDA syllabus pdf for complete knowledge about topics that what to prepare?
  • Try some NDA online practice paper for a better idea.
  • Study topic wise – prepares one subject at a time. and keep the most important topics first on the list.
  • Buy the Best book for NDA General ability test it will help you to store all NDA general ability study material at a place. no need for search here and there. and also get the author point of view on important questions of the NDA exam for this year.
  • Check Previous years NDA general ability question papers with a solution to getting an idea of what type of questions was asked in NDA?
  • Make a list of NDA general ability notes for last time quick preparations.
  • Read the newspaper and watching news channels is also a good habit for enhancing your general knowledge.

What type of questions asked from the general ability test in NDA Exam?
Here we are talking about the top most NDA exam general ability test syllabus topics where you find some question examples and topics details based on last year’s papers.

English Section: – Top most topics from NDA last year question paper – Spotting errors, sentence improvement, ordering of sentence, selecting words, passage, synonyms, and antonyms. Check some examples below.

National Defence Academy Syllabus (PART A – English)

Spotting errors questions examples – Find the errors

  • Question – A) Unless you stop to make noise at once B) I will have no option but to C) bring the matter to the attention of the police D) No errors.
  • Question – A) After opening the door B) we entered the room C) next to the kitchen D) No errors.
  • Question – A) The students were B) waiting for  C) the arrival of the chief guest. D) No errors.
  • Question – A) If I had known B) this earlier C) I will have helped him. D) No errors.

Sentence improvement questions examples

  • Question: – Although India is still by far a poor country, it can become rich if its natural and human resources fully utilized.
    Ans: – A) few and far between, B) by and large, C) by and by, D) No improvement.
  • Question: – the workers are hell bent on getting what is due to them
    Ans: – A) hell-bent on getting, B) hell-bent on getting, C) hell-bent on getting, D) No improvement.
  • Question: – Taxpayers are to be conscious of their privileges.
    Ans: – A) have to, B) need, C) ought to, D) No improvement.

Synonyms – Antonyms questions examples

  • Ques. He was fired for the negligence of duty.
    Ans – A) relieved of his job, B) scolded, C) rebuked, D) attacked.
  • Ques. The convocation address was very edifying.
    Ans – A) tedious, B) in need of editing, C) instructive, D) exciting.
  • Ques. Many people suffer because of pride.
    Ans – A) Lowliness, B) submission, C) humility, D) obedience.

PART B – General knowledge

  • Ques. Which one of the following is not a result of surface tension?
    Ans – A) Nearly spherical drop of rain B) Capillary rise C) Removal of dirt by soap or detergent D) Flow of a liquid.
  • Ques. All life forms contain “molecules of life” these are?
    Ans – A) Carbohydrates B) Proteins C) Nucleic acids D) All.
  • Ques. The newly formed state of Telangana is surrounded by?
    Ans – A) 5 States B) 4 States C) 6 States D) 3 States.
  • Ques. The chemical used as a fixer/developer in photography is?
    Ans – A) Sodium sulfate  B) Sodium sulfide C) Sodium thiosulphate D) Sodium sulfite.
  • Ques. The seeds of flowering plants are made up of?
    Ans – A) Ovary and Ovary wall  B) cotyledons C) Zygotes D) Embryo, food reserves, and coat.
  • Ques. A deep sea diver may hurt his eardrum during diving because of?
    Ans – A) Lack of oxygen  B) high atmospheric pressure C) high water pressure  D) All.
  • Ques. ‘Yakuts’ are the nomadic herders of?
    Ans – A) Gobi  B) sahara C) Tundra D) kalahari.
  • Ques. When the sun is 30 degrees above the horizon shadow of one tree is 17.3 m long. what is the height of this tree?
    Ans – A) 20 m  B) 17.30 m C) 10 m D) 1.73 m.
  • Ques. Which one of the following books won the Man Booker prize 2014?
    Ans – A) History of the Rain  B)The Lives of Others C) The Narrow road to the deep north D) How to be both.

These are some question examples from NDA General ability solved papers. You can also check some other sample papers too.

I hope this NDA Exam Syllabus complete guide helps you in general ability test for NDA. You should also buy some NDA General Ability books to get NDA general ability test question paper with answers at a place. If I missed something in this guide you can suggest to me. You can use our comment section below for any type of query and share your NDA exam experience with us.

Read all points of NDA General ability syllabus carefully. Check NDA solved papers for the exact idea of NDA Exam Pattern. check other related articles on UPSC Exam 2020.

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