MD Full Form | What is the Full Form of MD? MD Meaning

MD Full Form

MD: Doctor of medicine

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MD stands for doctor of medicine. The word MD is initially carved from the Latin word “Medicinae doctor “which means Teacher of the medicines”.

MD is the highest academic degree in the stream of medicine.

The MBBA degree holders obtained this degree to get distinction in the field of medicine and surgery.

It is one of the two doctoral degree for the physicians which is proffered by the most of the medical colleges in various countries including US and Canada.MD-FULL-FORM

Career after MD

After accomplishing MBBS and MD successfully, one is ready to start the range of practice setting such as government and private hospital, public health organization, army, etc.

In India, the profession of a doctor is treated with much respect and honor and they paid well for this high esteemed profession.

  1. MD- The another full form of MD signifies managing director.

The post is most significant and senior corporate officer in an organization.

An MD functions as director of the organization. An MD in an organization work as a decision maker, director, leader, manager, executer etc.

MD also gives advice to the board of directors, empower employees and initiate desired changes in the organization.

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