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MBA in HR- Why MBA HR? Advantages, Scope, Eligibility, Highlights & Salary-Complete Guide

What is Human Resource Management?

Hello MBA aspirants! Firstly we need to understand what does HRM means?

Human Resource Management is the process of recruitment, selection, training & development and placement of a workforce in an organization. Moreover, it deals with several other key aspects such as performance appraisal of an employee, providing compensations and benefits welfare and safety assessment.

HR is indeed a challenging profession. After pursuing your Career in MBA HR you can be considered to work abroad in topmost companies. You can even be appointed as HR manager which play a major role in any companies.

The duty of an HR manager is to maintain law and order in the company and attracting, engaging and retaining skillful expertise personnel.

As an HR manager, you have to manage, create, and implement policies/regulations. It is an essential and key function of every leading organization.

Hiring and developing the workforce is a necessity for the smooth functioning of an organization.

In other words, you can say

Human Resource Management is a function that involves the hiring of individuals, providing development and training, maintaining workforce regulations, assessment of their performance, providing compensation, motivating relation with labor, health welfare, and safety assessment.


Aspirants, MBA in HR after finance is one of the most preferred streams opted by the candidates.

It is a challenging programme of management course offered by the top institutes these days. The duration of MBA in HR program is usually 2 years.

Students often think why to pursue MBA in Human resource management or what is the scope of pursuing this degree. Before considering MBA in HRM you must be thorough with the MBA in HR job description.

So, Candidates in this post I have come up with the MBA in HR full details for your reference.

Please read further!

Why you should consider MBA in HR

If you have decided to pursue MBA in HR then you must be well versed regarding what your stream is about

As we all know the human resource is an asset of an organization without which organization cannot work properly. Managing and developing human resource is an exigent task. A lot of aspirants have this query in their minds does MBA in HR have value.

The role of HR manager is not limited to selection and placement he has to constantly look after manpower requirement, appraising the performance of existing candidates and so on.

MBA in HRM allows the candidates to learn and develop management skills in the first year and learn about human resource management practices in detail in the second year.

Human resource is the backbone of the industry. Therefore, there are many enticing opportunities in the various field of HR.

HR jobs are considered very respected and prestigious. Opting HR career wise is an indeed great choice. Candidates now you must be inquisitive to know about what does MBA in HR cover

Specialized fields of human resource management are

Please check below for the reference

  • Retention
  • Motivation
  • Labor relations
  • Labor legislation
  • Industrial relations
  • Training and development
  • Compensations and benefits
  • Labor welfare and social security

Why HR is considered the Backbone of an Industry?

As we all know human resource are considered valuable assets of an organization. Therefore it is significant to hire, train and retain this qualified personnel at work.

We cannot imagine any organization without people the reason it is treated as the backbone of the industry.

Moreover, it also deals with several other significant aspects like providing compensations and benefits, assessment of employee performance, welfare and security of an employee in an organization.

Working toward MBA in HR offers would you with varied career opportunities and expertise in various other fields such as training, retention, employee relations etc.

Why is HR Job Considered Challenging?

Aspirants, as we are aware regarding HR, are the key part of every leading corporate company. Job opportunities for this profession in increasing around the globe.

The role of HR manager is challenging as he is responsible to look after rules and regulation are strictly followed by the employee, compensations are allotted and deal with the welfare and safety of the employee.

The role of the HR profession is fervent and cannot be undermined. That’s why it is considered one of the most challenging jobs.

Now the question arises how well does it manage people at work

HRM: How well does it Manage People?

HRM is responsible to retain and maintain a quality workforce in the organization.

The job of the human resource manager is to make sure that all the rules and regulation have adhered, provide compensation to employees, ensure performance is assessed of an employee on time for better productivity and output.

HR manager also provides training and development to the existing employee time to time to stay updated with the recent trends.

Being appointed as HR manager you have to look after the welfare and security of employees.

One of the key role HR managers has to do is to keep a check on employee retention, if there is found attrition rate is high in the organization he is also entitled to alter or revise the policies and guidelines for the betterment of the company and also for the employee.

Being an HR manager you have to from both sides what is good for a company and as well as the organization.

On the other hand, the HR manager makes sure there must be minimum conflicts and stress at a workplace and encourage a positive and healthy environment.

What are the Advantages of Pursuing MBA in HR

From the above information so far you must be well acquainted regarding what MBA in HR is all about. MBA in HR work is challenging yet rewarding

Talking about the benefits as there are several benefits

Below, I have listed reasons to do MBA in HR

  • Aspirants after pursuing MBA in HR you will get ample opportunities career-wise and growth wise
  • You can gain expert knowledge regarding key aspects of human resource management in-depth such as training, compensation, employee relation, and welfare.
  • You will receive handsome salary packages if you are appointed as senior HR manager
  • You can even make a Career in MBA HR in the hospitality industry
  • Studying MBA in HR stream will enhance your personality
  • You will gain incredible knowledge and insight
  • You can enjoy job stability
  • It has great potential for increased salary
  • You will be well equipped regarding how to deals with conflict and high-stress circumstance
  • Better pay and promotion opportunity

Please check the below table for your reference

Important Facts about These Programs

Possible Careers Compensation specialist, benefits manager, human resource consultant, recruiting coordinator
Common Courses Negotiation skills, strategic staffing, training and development, labor relations, employment law
Programs Fellowships are available through programs such as the National Academy of Human Resources
Prerequisites Minimum GRE/GMAT scores, personal statement, an interview, transcripts

MBA in Human Resource Management Curriculum

The MBA in HR involves basic concepts and human resource-specific stream topics.

Candidates you will be taught business strategies and how to apply in business operations. The topics which are cover in this program are as follow. Please take a look below

The MBA in HR is a four-semester program. Candidates the first two-semester focus on the foundations MBA skill set whereas the other two consists human resource subjects exclusively

  • Accounting
  • Business analysis
  • Economics
  • Finance management
  • Organizational development
  • Marketing

Please have a look at the following table

Third Semester
Code Subject Credits
HRM301 Manpower Planning and Resourcing 4
HRM302 Management & Organizational Development 4
HRM303 Employee Relations Management 4
HRM304 HR Audit 4
Fourth Semester
Code Subject Credits
HRM401 Compensation Benefits 4
HRM402 Performance Management & Appraisal 4
HRM403 Talent Management and Employee Relation 4
HRM404 Change Management 4
HRM405 Project 4

MBA HR Salary Packages

Candidates who have pursued MBA in HR are entitled to great salary packages and better post in a company.

As per the Bureau of labor statistics, indicates that working as an HR post with MBA degree can earn $94,342

By obtaining the degree of MBA in HR you are likely to have varied career options. Each post of HR has its own benefits and uniqueness.

With experience and expertise, there are higher chances of promotion in this field.

Candidates it is to be noted beside great salary packages it is even considered a reputed and prestigious job.

Pursuing MBA in HR will give preferential Weightage to your resume.

Certain leading organizations only recruit HR personnel to carry the task.

Pursuing MBA in HR program is worth doing.

Scope of MBA in HR

MBA in HR is undoubtedly a demanding profession. The role of HR manager is indispensable in every top company.

Managing people at work is quite a task. It has to be done carefully to maximize the profit.

In this program, students will be trained regarding the following key aspects

  • Laws of industrial relation
  • Labor law
  • Employee empowerment
  • Grievance redressal
  • Management and appraisal of employees
  • Labor legislation

Knowing that the HR role is significant in every top companies student with MBA degree in HR can be considered for the following desired fields of HR

Please have a look at the following

  • Compensation manager
  • Manager of an employee relation
  • Training manager
  • Placement manager
  • Organizational consultant
  • Director of staff
  • Technical Recruiter

Talking about the salary packages HR is being considered top paid jobs.  As a beginner, you can earn 3c to 6 lakh if you possess the required skills to do the job.

Top 10 MBA HR Recruiters

Top 10 Companies who hire MBA in HR after completion of MBA program.

I have below listed the names of 10 companies or your consideration

  • ICICI Bank
  • Deloitte
  • Cognizant
  • Infosys
  • Hudson Global, Inc.
  • Wipro
  • Accenture
  • ABC Consultants
  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • Randstad India

Candidates, if you have decided to pursue MBA in HR, let nothing stand in your way as the prospects are plenty and it is worth doing.

The job opportunities are increasing globally. You can make a successful career in this field if you will work hard.

Essential Skills required that an MBA in HR  should learn

Let’s learn about the skills required by MBA in HR

  • Effective communication skills– If your communication skills are excellent then you give a strong impression to the people you meet for work purpose.

If you are good at communication skills you will be able to promote unity in an organization

  • Supervision quality –

You must have good quality regarding supervising task and people at work so that there are minimum flaws and ensure maximum output

  • Planning skills-

This skill is indeed useful in organizing of work and getting it done on time.

As an HR manager, you have to analyze the need for training to an employee.

Planning helps in developing manpower resource of the organization

MBA HR Prerequisites

Please read below

  • To get admission into MBA programs with specialization it is necessary to appear in GMAT/CAT/XAT or ATMA
  • You can go for MBA after completing a degree in engineering, medical, science, art, and humanities
  • Candidates many of the affiliated institutes conduct their own test
  • You can also pursue MBA in HR through the distance learning education programme. Sikkim Manipal University and Gandhi national Open University offer Distance MBA programme.

Ignou conducts OPEN MAT entrance test

Colleges Offering MBA in HR

  1. Indian Institute of Management, Ahmadabad
  2. Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta
  3. University of Delhi, Delhi
  4. XLRI-Xavier School of Management, Jamshedpur
  5. Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai
  6. Indian Institute of Management, Luck now
  7. JBIMS-Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai

MBA HR Books & Study Material

Books play a significant role in the preparation of an exam.

Candidates it is advised to refer only standard books in MBA. Candidates pursuing MBA in HR must consult the respective subject experts regarding books materials.

It is aptly said that books are the roadmap to success.

  1. Readings and Cases in Human Resource Management by Mark E. Mendenhall, Gary R. Oddou, Gonter K. Stahl – BUY
  2. Human Resource Management by Gary Dessler (Author) – BUY
  3. Managing the Human Resource in 21st Century – BUY
  4. Human Resources: A Practical Guide by Gemma Reucroft, Tim Scott
  5. The Experts Tech: Training Skills Manage Train learn
  6. HR Skills Series: Conducting Workplace Investigations – BUY

Highlights for MBA in Human Resource Management

MBA in HR Duration 2 Years
Eligibility Bachelor’s Degree in any stream
Admission Process Entrance Exam followed by Group Discussion/Personal Interview
Major Entrance Exams CAT, XAT, MAT, SNAP etc.
Number of Management Institutes Over 3000
Salary Range Offered at Entry Level Positions INR 2 Lacs – 12 Lacs
Total Tuition Fee INR 4 Lacs – 17 Lacs

Candidates, please go through carefully above table to know important information regarding MBA in HR program.

MBA HR Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility for the Master of Business Administration [MBA] (Human Resource Management)

Who can apply for MBA in HR?

We have received huge queries from the MBA seeking aspirants regarding the eligibility criteria

Let’s take a glimpse of the following

Candidates who want to pursue MBA in HR must follow the below-mentioned eligibility criteria

  • Must have qualified the graduation in any discipline or an equivalent qualification
  • Aspirants minimum aggregate marks is 50%
  • Relaxation of 5% on candidates belonging to SC/ST categories

How to Get Admission in Master of Business Administration [MBA] (Human Resource Management)

Candidate’s admission to MBA in HR is restricted through the entrance exam like CAT, MAT etc.

For admission to MBA in HR, you have to appear in any of the entrance exams.

On the basis of your performance in the test, you will be shortlisted for group discussion and personal interview. Some preference is given to the marks scored in higher secondary and graduation level exam.

Direct Admission 

Some of the private management institutes in India offer direct admission to participants on the basis of rank/scores in any of the nationally conducted entrance exam like XAT, CAT, and MAT.

Most of the institutes accept the G-MAT scores for the purpose of direct admission.

Distance Mode of Education for MBA in HRM

Aspirants you can now pursue MBA in HR available through distance mode of education.

The duration of distance learning is 2 years and a maximum of four years. I am listing below names of top universities providing MBA in HR distance learning

Please check

  • Amity University
  • Sikkim Manipal University
  • Symbiosis center for distance learning
  • Indira Gandhi national university
  • Narsee Monjee Institute of management studies, Mumbai
  • Institute of management technology, center for distance learning, Ghaziabad

Let’s move to the selection process

Aspirants the normal selection process for MBA in HR includes a written test, group discussion, and personal interview.

Some of the institutes conduct essay writing or general aptitude test.

General aptitude test is conducted to test the aptitude of students toward economic, political and social issues.

It is to be noted work experience and academic qualification of candidates is given due consideration while preparing the final list for candidates for admission to the program.

Please check the table given for your reference

Criteria Weightage
Entrance Test 60-70%
GD/PI/Essay Writing 5-10%
Academic Performance 10-15%
Work Experience 5-10%

MBA in HR – Scholarship

Candidates having a degree in MBA HR is your ticket to a bright career. The cost of pursuing MBA in HR program is considerable.

Due to the high cost of these programs many institutes have come up with funding solution for candidates through MBA in HR scholarship.

The society of human resource provides a scholarship to students who are pursuing a degree in a relative field.

Factors which are considered while giving scholarship are as follow

  1. Work experience
  2. Volunteer activities
  3. Financial need

Academic Options after MBA in HRM

Candidate’s preparing for MBA in HR are inquisitive to know regarding which academic options they should consider after MBA in HRM.

Aspirants after the successful completion of MBA in HR can opt for doctoral programs.

Top 10 HR Companies in India

Aspirants having witnessed the industrial trends I have compiled the list of top companies reaching the pinnacle of success with HR staffing and recruitment solutions.

  • Adecco India
  • AON Hewitt (previously Hewitt Associates Gurgaon
  • Career net, Bangalore
  • Global innovsource source, Mumbai
  • Kelly service India, Gurgaon
  • Manpower group India
  • Randstad India (previously Ma Foi Randstad
  • Team lease, Bangalore

Disclaimer: This list has been compiled as per the research and it should be considered mere guidelines only.

Candidates, if you wish to serve big HR companies you can go for the above companies which top the list to enjoy the great salary benefits.

Candidates if you are planning to pursue MBA in HR program then you must go for it. It is worth pursuing a degree. Not only add weight to your resume but enhance your overall personality and also it grooms you for top corporate etiquettes.

The knowledge imparted in this program is valuable. Your degree of MBA in HR will give you preference over the other candidates.

Nowadays managing workforce is quite challenging task there is a need of qualified and expert human resource managers to hire, fire, train and manage manpower at work.

To this judiciously we need more qualified HR personnel in every company who is heading towards success.

The role of HR manager is indispensable without which we cannot accomplish our goals. HR managers design HR policies in such a way of taking into consideration employees.

It is quite a fascinating stream which has great career aspects. You will gain deep insights into human resource management

Frequently Asked Question FAQs

Candidates who want to do MBA degree with HR stream have numerous queries and question oppressing their mind.

Do not worry in this post I have discussed the related queries and their solution for you.

Please check below

  1. What jobs can I do after MBA in HR?

Ans. Candidates after completion of MBA in HR program. You get a variety of job opportunities pertaining to the HR field.

Below I have mentioned some of the jobs

  • Training manager
  • Grievance redressal manger
  • HR generalist
  • Compensation manager
  • Organizational consultant

Q. What can I do after MBA in HR?

Ans. Candidates, there is wide scope in MBA in HR. there is numerous opportunity career-wise along with great salary packages. You can enjoy great salaries and even get a chance to go abroad.

I am pursuing MBA in HR and after completing my MBA in HR I want to do further study in HR only which will add value and importance of my Job in My HR field, can you please suggest me any course related to HR read more at:

Ans. Candidates well that’s a great idea. You can pursue any course in HR further in addition to the existing degree.

It depends on which part of HR you are interested; you can opt for a one-year diploma in the law which is indeed a great option for your consideration.

It will provide you with knowledge regarding various labor law and this course will definitely add weight to your resume.

Q. Is there any scope for MBA in HR abroad?

Scope for MBA in HR is excellent worldwide. Career progress, package, and growth are excellent in a country like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Q. What degree is required to become a human resource manager?

Ans Candidates you need to have bachelor’s degree and as well as the master’s degree. 5 years of experience of working is also must to secure the of the HR manager.

Q. What are the Popular MBA HR Colleges in India?

Candidates who wish to pursue MBA in HR degree from top colleges are eager to know which those top 10 colleges whom they should are considered while preparing for their entrance exam. Candidates it is suggested to pursue MBA in HR program from well reputed and dignified college as it will give weight to the program and also provide you with adequate and advance learning.

Pursuing MBA from top colleges even assure you of placements in top corporate and organization offering high salary packages.

Aspirants let us look at a few popular institutes considered among the best Business schools offering HRM programmes.

  1. Xavier’s relation labor institute XLRI
  2. Management development institute MDI, Delhi
  3. Tata Institute of social sciences
  4. Indian Institute of Management, Ranchi
  5. Xavier Institute of social service, Ranchi, PGDM
  6. International schools of business and media ISBM, Pune
  7. Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management, Kolkata: MHRM

MBA aspirants who are willingly searching Is MBA in HR worth it? Or does MBA in HR have value? Now you are well-versed with why an MBA in HR is well considerate option for the youth. Not only its value to your resume but has numerous added advantages.


Aspirants I hope you had a great time reading the above article. If you like it do not hesitate to share it among your friends and comrades.

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