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Full form of JPEG, What does JPEG stands for?

JPEG: joint photographic expert group

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JPEG stands for joint photographic expert group. It is the standard method of compressing graphic images.

It is often used as with the file name extension .jpg or .jpeg. it is generally used for the purpose of compressing digital images and it is a lossy compression technique because some impression is lost while compression.

JPEG format is supported at the World Wide Web with the file suffix “.jpg”JPEG-FULL-FORM

With the loss of some information, it can reduce 5% of the actual size.

JPEG is mostly used for storing and sending photographs over the internet

What are some facts about the Jpeg?

  • It was originated by the joint photographic expert group
  • It supports a maximum image size f 65535×65535
  • File extensions of Joint Photographic Experts Group are : .jpeg, .jpg, .jfif, .jpe, .jif
  • JPEG file can be converted to many formats
  • It compresses an image into the stream of bytes and decompressed back into image
  • It is a standard method of compressing graphic images
  • They are good for large photographic images.

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