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What is the full form of IIT?

IIT: Indian Institute Of Technology

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IIT stands for Indian institute of technology. It is indeed, one of the most renowned, prestigious engineering institutes in India

It is an autonomous public engineering college known for providing higher education in the discipline of engineering

There are around 116 IITs in India which are governed by the institutes of technology Act, 1961

Indian Institute of technology runs various graduate and post-graduate program in the field of computer science, electrical and electronics, engineering, mechanical engineering civil engineering, architecture and planning, etc.

The IIT are associated to one another via a common IIT council to oversee the administration.

Aspirants who desire to get admission in the IIT college have to undergo JEE (JOINT ENTRANCE EXAMINATION) conducted by IIT for the admission into the B.Tech program.IIT-FULL-FORM

To get admission into M.tech and Ph.D. programs in IIT, GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is conducted jointly by IITs and IISc.

Courses offered by Indian Institute of Technology: (4 year Course)

Following is the list of some popular courses offered by IITs:

Course Duration
Aerospace Engineering 4 years
Chemical Engineering 4 years
Civil Engineering 4 years
Computer Science and Engineering 4 years
Electrical Engineering 4 years
Mechanical Engineering 4 years
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering 4 years
Electronics and Communication Engineering 4 years
Instrumentation Engineering 4 years

Integrated Courses (Dual Degree)

Following is the list of popular integrated (dual degree) courses. After completing these courses, students are awarded M.Tech degree. Duration of all these courses is 5 year.

Course Duration
Mechanical Engineering with M. Tech. in Computer-Aided Design & Automation 5 year
Mechanical Engineering with M. Tech. in Intelligent Manufacturing 5 year
Chemical Engineering with M. Tech. in Process System Design & Engineering 5 year
Civil Engineering with M. Tech. in Infrastructural Civil Engineering 5 year
Computer Science & Engineering with M. tech. in Information Technology 5 yaer
Manufacturing Science & Engineering with M. Tech. in Industrial Engineering & Management 5 year
Mining Engineering 5 year
Chemical Engineering with M. Tech. in Hydrocarbon Engineering 5 year
Ocean Engineering & Naval Architecture 5 year

List of IITs

S. No. Name Established Year City
1. IIT Kharagpur 1951 Kharagpur
2. IIT Bombay 1958 Mumbai
3. IIT Kanpur 1959 Kanpur
4. IIT Madras 1959 Chennai
5. IIT Delhi 1963 (founded in 1961) New Delhi
6. IIT Guwahati 1994 Guwahati
7. IIT Roorkee 2001(founded in 1847) Roorkee
8. IIT Bhubneshwar 2008 Bhubneshwar
9. IIT Gandhinagar 2008 Gandhi Nagar
10. IIT Hyderabad 2008 Hyderabad
11. IIT Jodhpur 2008 Jodhpur
12. IIT Patna 2008 Patna
13. IIT Ropar 2008 Rupnagar
14. IIT Indore 2009 Indore
15. IIT Mandi 2009 Mandi
16. IIT BHU 2012 (founded in 1919) Varanasi
17. IIT Dhanbad 2015 (founded in 1926) Dhanbad
18. IIT Palakkad 2015 Palakkad
19. IIT Tirupati 2015 Tirupati

Proposed IITs

Following is the list of proposed IITs which are expected to commence admissions in 2016.

  • IIT Chhattisgarh, Bhilai
  • IIT Goa
  • IIT Jammu, Jammu, and Kashmir
  • IIT Dharwad, Karnataka
  • IIT Dhanbad

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