IBPS PO Preparation Tips 2020 Topic Wise Study Plan With Strategy

IBPS PO Preparation Tips – How to Prepare for IBPS PO 2020

IBPS PO examination held every year throughout India to recruit probationary officers and Management Trainees. The department of IBPS recruits qualified candidates who crack both prelims and mains and actively face the interview round.

As per the data, Every year twenty lakh students compete for the seats which are approximately 3562. The bank PO is considered the best career option for job aspirants because it has additional benefits and perks along with ibps po job stability. There are 3 stages for IBPS PO 2020.

  • Prelims
  • Mains
  • Interview

IBPS PO Exam is scheduled on 13th, 14th, 20th and 21st October 2020 whereas the IBPS mains exams will be held on 18th November 2020. Yes, students will get shortlisted on the basis of their merit scores and performance through which they will get placements in the banks.

IBPS PO aspirants as you can see the exams are approaching near. How to prepare for IBPS PO must be the topmost concern in the minds of seeking jobs aspirants.

In an attempt to sort out your concern, through this post I will elaborate IBPS PO preparation tips for you.

IBPS PO preparation tips are designed to help you burn the exam stress. Don’t stay exhausted; thoroughly go through the IBPS PO preparation tips to make it the most in the exam.

What are you waiting for guys! Let’s take a read

IBPS PO Preparation Plan 2020

How to Prepare for IBPS PO Exam? Below I have stated IBPS PO tips to crack bank PO exam

Candidates get ready? Ibps has declared the official dates for IBPS PO exam.

Prepare short notes

Preparation for IBPS PO can be made easy by preparing short notes. Short notes are often easy to memorize and enable one to retain a better understanding of the lengthy topic.

It is a sure-shot way to score top grades in the exam. It is advised to prepare short notes as they are the most useful weapon because it will make the topic easy to remember without much hassle.

Time management

Time management is the topmost IBPS PO preparation tips I would like to share with you. Candidates who are preparing for the competitive exam must have time management ability.

Time management skill enables one to attempt the question in a given duration without hassle. It helps in focusing on the important section. It helps in organizing the study schedule accordingly.

Set a timetable and start studying accordingly as it will also help you find a balance in the subjects you want to give more focus.

Practice old exams

Yes, practice is the key. It is one of the best ways to prepare is to practice previous year papers. It will give you the idea of a question pattern. If you give considerable attention to every section you will definitely score top grades.

Organize a group study

You can organize a study session with friends in which you can have group discussions and you can pin down the important points. It is one of the best & effective ways to challenge you.

Take regular breaks

If you take rest after a lengthy study session it will help your brain to retain knowledge the right way. It is also advised to snack on brain food such as nutritious food that helps in improving memory.

IBPS PO Reasoning Preparation

The reasoning is definitely one of the scoring subjects now the exam dates are published you must begin your preparation. This section has a set of questions you can clear in one go once you apply logic and understand the problem.

Following are the tips

In Mathematical Inequalities, remember the symbol meaning

Focus in-depth because you may lose marks otherwise.

Practice quizzes for checking your preparation from time to time:

  1. Pay attention to the numbers and alphabets in the given code.

Check whether the sequences in the questions are incorrect in ascending or descending order.

  1. Look for rules or patterns that the questions might follow. This will give you definite answers due to conceptual understanding.
  2. Read more to understand Coding-Decoding Practice t quizzes for more efficiency:
  3. Linear Seating Arrangement:  In ordering and ranking arrangement questions, position/rank of a person from left-right/top-bottom of a row/class is to be determined or rank/position is given & the total number of persons is to be calculated.
  4. Questions related to Blood Relations are very easy and simple if you pay attention to the details. Hence, all you need is properly analyzing the given information.
Topic Weightage
Syllogisms 5
Coding &
Circular Seating
Linear Seating
Blood Relations 2 – 4
& Distances
2 – 3
& Ranking
2 – 5
& Pattern
0 – 5
Double Lineup 0 – 5
Scheduling 0 – 5
Analogy 0 – 2
Classification 0 – 3
Data Sufficiency 0 – 3
Series 0 – 2

IBPS PO Quantitative Aptitude Preparation

Quantitative aptitude is one of the tough sections and the level of exam is difficult. It contains a tricky and brainy question. It needs smart practice. Yes, it involves a lot of calculations this can be frustrating at times. It is best advised to study with puzzles and quizzes. Following is the strategy you can apply for prioritizing important topics.

  • Remember that there be negative marking for the wrong answer. 0.25 marks will be deducted from your paper.
  • Give each of the section equal time and preparation
  • It is advised to go through the exam pattern before you begin.
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IBPS PO English preparation tips

The topics that come in this section are taken from class 10th which includes Basic English. Candidates are required to focus on grammar, error correction, vocabulary, par jumbles, and cloze tests and fill in the blanks. Reading magazines and newspapers daily would help the candidate to have a better understanding of English.

IBPS PO General Awareness tips

It is one of the interesting and easiest sections because it does not involve solving problems or calculations. It just requires a sharp memory and good retention power.

  • Candidates must read the newspaper daily
  • Must be aware of new banking policies
  • Good knowledge of current affairs

IBPS PO Preparation for Computer knowledge

The computer section is one of the scoring sections in the banking exam. The questions asked in this section are not much complicated

*Must be aware of the basics of computer ms office and history of computer

*Consider previous year papers

*Knowledge of database and operating system

*Familiarity with shortcut keys

IBPS PO preparation for data interpretation and analysis

This section contains total of 35 question

It requires a lot of concentration

Look at the data and graph carefully

*Master calculations

*Analysis of data

*Accuracy is most important

*Do not waste time in unnecessary calculations

*Don’t use calculators because it is not allowed in the exam

*The key to success is practice more and more

*Go through previous year test series.

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IBPS PO Exam Prelims Pattern and important question

IBPS PO is one of the most awaited exams. Prelims consist of multiple-choice questions (MCQ) from reasoning, English and quantitative aptitude. Its syllabus will be updated on the website

Here is the ibps po prelims exam pattern

1  Reasoning ability paper 35 35
2 Quantitative aptitude paper 35 35
3 English language paper 30 100
Total 100 100

From this year there is a change in the examination pattern and ibps syllabus. You can download the ibps syllabus and pattern from the official website. There will be a set time for each section from this year.

Important questions asked in ibps prelims are as follow

Puzzles Set-1:
P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W are eight friends Likes different subject Phy, chem, his, bio, English, social science, math, geo, sitting on a St line facing north.

P seat at the third left end.

One person seat between P and English.

Three persons seat between English and R.

Same no. of people to the right of R as no. of people left of social science.

Three persons between science and W.

W IS immediate neighbors of history.

Math seat immediate right of physics.

V IS immediate neighbors of math.

One person between T and V.

One between Q and math.

  • More than 4 seats between Q and chem.
  • U seat immediate left of S.
  • As many people left of history as right if T.
  • U doesn’t like geography.

Number Series:

1). 9, 5, 6, 10.5, 23, ?

Logic: ×0.5+0.5, ×1+1. ×1.5+1.5, ×2+2

Answer: 60

2). 18, 20, 26, 38, 58, 88

Logic: Difference of Difference- 4, 6, 8, 10

Answer: 58

3). 1, 20, 58, 134, 286, ?

Logic: ×2+18, ×2+18, ×2+18

Answer: 590

4). 8, 7, 13, 38, 151, ?

Logic: ×1-1, ×2-1, ×3-1, ×4-1

Answer: 754

5). 32, ?, 1024, 2048, 2048

Logic: ×8, ×4, ×2, ×1

Answer: 256

6). 3072, 192, 24, 6, ?, 3

Logic: ÷16, ÷8, ÷4, ÷2

Answer: 3

7). 3, 4, 9, 28, 113, ?

Logic: ×1+1, ×2+1, ×3+1, ×4+1

Answer: 566

8). 104, 102, 96, 84, ? 34

Logic: Difference of Difference- 4, 6, 8, 10

Answer: 64

9). 6, 280, 410, 468, 490, ?

Logic: Difference of Difference- 144, 72, 36, 18

Answer: 494

10). 11, 5, 4, 4.5, 7, ?

Logic: ×0.5-0.5, ×1-1, ×1.5-1.5, ×2-2

Answer: 15

Puzzles Set-1:

There are eight people T S U V W X Y Z who lives on the different floor of a building. Living in different states.

Z live on an odd no floor above floor no 3.the one from Gujarat lives immediately below Z.

Three persons live between Z and the one who is from Rajasthan.

As many people live above z as below X. V live immediately below Y.

Y live on an odd no floor above X.

One person lives between who is from Maharashtra and Y.

U lives on an odd no floor. One from Kerala lives immediately above U.

As many persons live between U & Z as between s and Goa.

More than two persons live Y and one from Bihar.

T is neither from Bihar nor from Odisha.

Puzzle Set-2

There are seven teachers A, B, C, D, E, F, G teaching seven different subject’s physics, Eco, Geography, Bio, Chemistry, Maths, and history. The salary is divided into three salary Slabs. 3-5 Lpa, 6-8 Lpa & 10 – 13 Lpa.

F receives 12 lakh. There are three persons in the salary slab of 10-13 lakhs. B and G earn a lower salary slab than F’s salary slab but not the lowest slab. D earns more than the one who teaches economics but is on the same slab. C and E don’t teach economics.

The person who teaches physics and Economics is on the same slab. The person who teaches geography and maths earn lower than E. b doesn’t teach geography. F does not teach chemistry or Biology. E does not teach chemistry.

Puzzle Set-3

There were eight people S, T, U, V, W, X, Y & Z staying on eight floors and belong to eight different states.

Z lives in an odd number floor but doesn’t live on the third floor. Z does not belong to Gujarat. There are three floors between Z and the one who belongs to Rajasthan. The number of floors in which Z lives is equal to the number of floors below x. There are three floors between X & S. V lives immediately below Y. Y lives on odd number floor. Y lives above on a floor above X. one person lives between Y and Maharashtra.

The person who belongs to Kerala lives on one of the floors above U. U lives on an odd number floor. The number of persons living between U & Z is equal to the persons living between S and Goa. More than two people live between Y and Bihar. T does not belong to Bihar & Delhi.

Puzzle Set-4

Eight person F, G, H, I, J, K, L, and M attend a seminar on four different months January, April, November, and December of the same year. The seminar was conducted on either 15 th or 25 th of the month. G attends the seminar 15 th of the month which has only 30 days. M and J attend the seminar on the same month before G, but not in April.

M attends the seminar after J. No one attends the seminar after F. Only one person attends the seminar between M and K. Both H and L attend the seminar on the 15 th of a different month. L does not attend the seminar in December. L and I attend the seminar in the same month.

Reasoning Miscellaneous Questions:

1). Consider the word “YOURSELF”, arrange the vowels in alphabetical order from left to right and then consonant letters in alphabetical order from left to right. Now, take the next alphabet for each letter in the changed arrangement. Which letter comes forth from the right from the last letter.

2). B is the son of A. C is the father of A. C is married to S. T is the only daughter of C and mother of F then how is A related to F?

3). Akshaya starts from Point A towards west after walked 16m, she takes a right turn walked 14m then takes a right turn walked 18m and finally takes a left turn walked 16m to reach point B. Kavin starts from Point C and walked 30m towards north to reach Point C and takes a left turn walked 16m to reach Point B then what is the direction of Point C with respect to Point A?

Synonyms and Antonyms Asked in IBPS PO Prelims 8th Oct 2017:


  • Definition: (of an area of land) lacking vegetation and exposed to the elements.
  • Synonyms: bare, exposed, desolate, stark, arid, desert
  • Usage: A bleak and barren moor.


  • Definition: very great in amount.
  • Synonyms: very large, profuse, enormous, immense
    Usage: His party won overwhelming support.


  • Definition: stay in a place longer than necessary because of a reluctance to leave.
  • Synonyms: wait around, stay, remain, stay put, wait; loiter
  • Usage: The crowd lingered for a long time until it was almost dark


  • Definition: place something under (something else), especially to support or raise it.
  • Usage: The green fields are underlaid with limestone


  • Definition: restricted in size, amount, or extent; few, small, or short.
  • Synonyms: restricted, finite, bounded, little, narrow
    Usage: A limited number of places are available.


  • Definition: having two things arranged one in front of the other.
  • Usage: A tandem trailer


  • Definition: unwilling; reluctant.
  • Synonyms: reluctant, unwilling, unenthusiastic, unprepared, indisposed
    Usage: She was disinclined to abandon the old ways.

IBPS PO Mains Exam Pattern

Mode of examination – it will be conducted in an online mode.

The number of the section- there will total 4 sections in mains:- English, data analysis & interpretation and reasoning and computer aptitude and general awareness. There will be a descriptive paper.

Duration of exam:- the duration of the exam is 3 hours

Nature of question:- the objective type question will be asked in the paper. Each question will be followed by 4 options from which you have to choose 1.

Number of question:-

In IBPS main there will be total 155 questions. Questions are divided in 5 sections

45 question in reasoning and computer

35 in the English language

35 in data analysis and interpretation

40 in general awareness.

Marking Scheme:-

Negative marking is there for the wrong answer. For attempting the wrong answer 0.25 will be deducted.

Following is the ibps examination pattern for mains

Section Name Total Questions Allotted Time Total Marks
English 35 40 minutes 40
Quantitative Aptitude 35 45 minutes 60
Reasoning and Computer Aptitude 45 60 minutes 60
General Awareness 40 35 minutes 40
Total 155 Questions 3 hours 200 Marks
Book Name Author/ Publisher
A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning R.S. Aggarwal
Bank PO Quantitative Aptitude Arihant
General Studies 2020 B. Singh
Advanced Bank Management IIBF

IBPS PO Last-minute Preparation tips

You can only reach your target if you work consistently and steadily toward a goal.

Here I am providing last minutes IBPS PO preparation tricks for the students which are beneficial. Take a look

  • Read and revise instead of broadly reviewing study the main topics and read the summaries. In this way, you can increase your intended score
  • Keep your focus on the weaker section

In the last minute study, you can’t go through the whole syllabus so your main focus should be on weak points. Try to memorize the tough topics.

  • You can consider the help of the tutor who will guide you on important topics.
  • Read the summaries of all the important chapters’ once
  • Strengthen your confidence that leads to good memory
  • Discuss with friends important concepts.
  • Do not rush at the last moments through the textbooks
  • Avoid cramming or reciting formula loudly
  • It is advised to take sufficient rest and recharge yourself so that you can perform well and give you.
  • Refresh your system
  • Ditch the notebook go for notes.
  • Last but not least don’t get panic, take a shower recharge refresh and relax before the examination.

Above are the best probationary officer tips an ibps po candidate can refer to while appearing for the examination in order to avoid any hassle?

  • Only consider the following recommended IBPS PO preparation books for preparing well

It is true that the best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.

Preparation for IBPS PO is not a daunting task. All you need is to follow the IBPS PO exam tips. Set aside your worries and start your IBPS PO preparation right away.

The above-detailed guide on IBPS PO tips to prepare is designed to help you in the smooth sailing of the IBPS PO exam.

Following the IBPS PO exam tips, you can score top-notch grades in the exam.

No exam is tough until you decide to pour your hard work and dedication.

All the very best for future endeavors.


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