IB Full Form | What is the Full Form of IB? IB Meaning

What is the full form of IB

IB: Intelligence Bureau

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IB stands for intelligence bureau. IB is an intelligence agency of India that deals with the internal intelligence control threats inside the country.

IB confirms info regarding suspicious activities to the other intelligence agencies so that they can undertake necessary steps to secure the country and its citizen from both the internal and external threats.

Intelligence bureau allocates the task relating to the counter-terrorism and counter-intelligenceIB was forged in the year 1887to keep a watch on Russian troops deployed in Afghanistan. It is one of the traditional agencies in India.

IB-FULL-FORMThe intelligence bureau was re-fabricated at the time of independence in the year 1947 by the government of India. The director has always been the Indian police service officer; the current intelligence bureau director January 17, Rajiv Jain, a 1980 batch IPS officer from the Jharkhand cadre. The life of an IPS officer is not a cakewalk. it is full of uncertainty and danger

IB also issues licenses for the radio frequencies and tap a phone line.

IB also has an e-mail spying system to manage the e-mails of the terrorist organization and the other malicious group

  1. There is a subsidiary unit of the intelligence bureau which is called as the subsidiary intelligence bureau.

It performs at the state level and is lead by the officer of the rank of joint director or above.

Popular Ranks in Intelligence Bureau

  • Director Intelligence Bureau
  • Special Director/Secretary
  • Additional Director
  • Joint Director
  • Deputy Director
  • Assistant Director
  • Deputy Central Intelligence Officer

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