How to Prepare GK for SSC Exam? (CGL, CHSL, MTS) Tips & Strategy

SSC General Awareness Preparation Guide, What to Prepare, How to Prepare GK for SSC?, Best Books and Tips & Tricks

“Little knowledge is a dangerous thing”

You must have heard this proverb many times and if you really mean it then you surely can understand the hazards of less-awareness of knowledge, being it is political, social, legal, economy or anything important.

The General knowledge syllabus for SSC spreads the same message for its aspirants regarding the subject of General Knowledge. It is because you know very well that GK subject is such a wide subject that you cannot determine from where to start and where to stop and more importantly, what topics to skip and which are must to read.

SSC requires from its deserving candidates to possess well-knowledge about almost everything because he/she is going to represent themselves on behalf of the Central Government and the posts under SSC are the really respectable job and are considered as literally very intelligent cadres.

That is why GK is included as a subject in the test capsule of SSC Exams, whether it is for SSC CHSL or SSC CGL or MTS or any other.

What is GK?

SSC GK Preparation Tips

General knowledge is the knowledge about general information which is covered with politics, society, and economy of the country, legal information and historical records. This knowledge information can be of 2 types- Static and Dynamic.

Static data are those data that is stable in nature and was happened only once in the past. It may be a historical record of something, any event, any miss-happening etc.

Dynamic information covers those data which are current in nature. It may be current government schemes, Indian current economy, current issues from any corner subject etc.

A general knowledge, in exams, covers many questions of different kinds. Geography, history, politics, physics, chemistry, social events and what not, it encapsulates everything in the test module, and that is only why that GK subject is termed as a vast subject.

In this post, I am going to have a discussion on SSC GK preparation. By following GK preparation tips for SSC exam you can achieve top-notch scores.

So what are you waiting for? Let us now began with SSC GK preparation.

The Significance of General Awareness in your Career

  • It adds aroma into your personality and your knowledge tends to visible in confidence and deep mode.
  • A well general knowledge is required to be possessed when you are in the good scale cadre like Income Tax, Intelligent Bureau, excise department and like that. Without proper knowledge, you cannot understand the circumstances or duties and you cannot make decisions which should be smart enough.
  • If you hold a good knowledge of things, then you can fight the competitive exams. Not just the SSC exam, but any other like UPSC, RPSC, IBPS or Banking examinations.

GK Importance in SSC Exam

CHSL GK Paper (No. of Questions) CGL GK Paper MTS GK Paper
25 questions of 2 marks each 25 questions of 2 mark each 25 questions of 1 mark each
  • As you can look at the above table that in all the SSC exams, 25 questions on GK are framed, so if 25 questions are prepared well by you, then just think, you will cover the best of paper.
  • Do a smart study on GK and this will lead you to give any kind of exam, not only SSC exam but any competitive examinations.
  • Although, GK subject is not that easy to crack, in fact, it is really hard, but if you manage to read it smartly then you can give a tough fight to the competition.
    The knowledge about things will surely help you to attend your interview and group discussion sections in a good manner and you can deliver a nice debate on the topics concerned.
  • General knowledge gives you confidence in handling any debate and in decision-making on sensitive matters on the basis of historical smart ways decisions.
  • The more you know, the easier it will be for you to learn new things. Learning new things is actually a seamless process, but in order to study it and understand it better, you have to go to its past.

What to Prepare? SSC General Knowledge Topics

One of the key steps toward your SSC GK preparation is to be well aware of the main topics.

To learn GK, it is really very necessary to read it very smartly, otherwise, if you attempt to read the whole syllabus, covering each and everything, then you’ll go totally mad and this will be not going to output anything better to you.

You should start with those topics which are important and which holds maximum probability to arrive in your exam. So, first frame your strategy on how to prepare GK. Even, we are helping to make a strategy for you. Just take a glance over it.

  1. One of the effective tips to crack GK section is commanded yourself in current knowledge on every subject like politics, economics, sports and especially you should emphasize the latest governmental schemes.
  2. In history subject, learn thoroughly the 5 years plan and about the constitution of India.
  3. In Geography, read about the solar system and the atmosphere, Indian agriculture, forests.
  4. In physics, read about electronics and magnetism and you should be well-versed with the units of measurement of everything.
  5. In chemistry, read common names and compositions of chemicals, oxidation-reduction, chemistry in everyday life, chemical change and physical change and SI units.
  6. In biology, read parts of the human body and their functions, diseases-its prevention and cure, nutrients.
  7. In politics, read the total constitution of India, total ministry, prime ministers and cabinet ministers, Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha.

You may consult the above tips to prepare the GK section. It is to note that all your efforts which you are pouring into SSC GK preparation are counted and do make a difference at final result calculation

With adequate SSC GK test preparation, you can score high.


  1. Population Census
  2. Union Budget, Demonetization, and Economic Survey
  3. Important Books & Writers
  4. Oscar Winners
  5. First in Sports for India and World like First Olympics, First Asian Games etc.
  6. Famous Sea Ports, Airports and their locations
  7. State Animals and Symbols
  8. Important Institutions of India and World & their locations (like BRICS, World Bank, IMF, and RBI etc.)
  9. Indian Art & Culture, Awards & their Significance
  10. Nobel Laureates & their Fields
  11. How To Crack SSC Exam Without Coaching?

This is also necessary to provide emphasis on the subjects and topics according to their weightage. The low weight should not be studied in detail while the topics which carry high marks in the exam should be studied deeply. For this, we are providing you an approximate idea about the probability of weightage of topics in the SSC exam. Look below-

Subject Topic No. of Qns Total
Static GK Culture 1-2 8-14
Indian History 2-3
(Indian + World)
Environment 1-2
Economy 1-2
Polity 1-2
Science Biology 1-2 4-8
Chemistry 1-2
Physics +
Space Science
Computer &
Nutrition 0-1
Others Current Affairs 1-2 3-6
Important Dates,
Miscellaneous GK:
People in News,
Books etc.

How to Prepare General Awareness for SSC Exam?

It is important to cover SSC GK syllabus topics. Below are some SSC GK preparation tips which can help you to learn GK in a much smarter way.

Just check it out-

  1. Read the newspaper daily to improve your current general is not essential to read English newspaper. To gain knowledge, we advise you to grab your mother language newspaper so that you can understand maximum information in a more clear way.
  2. You can take help from current magazines, which are published weekly or monthly.
  3. Watch news channels like Zee News, Aaj Tak, NDTV, DD News. It is advised to you to carry a copy and a pen with you while watching the news so that important news can be noted down quickly.
  4. Execute watching news channel in your daily routine. The advantage of this would be that when you will read the newspaper the next day, you will see 80%of channel news in the paper news. So, a revision will take place and you can track your grabbing power. The news channels provide you with real-time information, covering every second information in front of you, while newspapers can deliver you the previous day news on the next day.
  5. Join special forums and bulletin boards on the internet and track the knowledge over there. Even you should share your views too.
  6. Maintain proper notes- short notes as well as detailed notes. Short notes will benefit you in last time revision.
  7. Join online quizzes and be a part of it. Increase your knowledge and track your performance through this online tool.
  8. Join test series of GK paper. If you are not able to answer some questions then don’t let them go. In fact, you should try to find the answer to that and the related history and present issue, so that whenever you encounter with that question again, you can quickly answer it.
  9. Filter the repeated questions from the previous year’s question papers and command your knowledge on them

By following the above SSC general awareness tips you can easily crack the exam on-the-go.

One of the effective SSC GK preparation tips is to know about questions that are asked.

Let’s get started

What Type of Questions will ask in General Awareness?

GK Questions for SSC CGL preparation 2016 Exam – 11th September 2016 – First Shift

  1. What is BRICS 2016 Motto? Building Responsive, Inclusive and Collective Solutions.
  2. Why the western coast receive more rainfall than the Eastern Ghats? Western coastal plains receive more rainfall because it lies on the windward side of Western Ghats.
  3. What is the tenure of Vice President in India? Five years
  4. Ornithology is the study of? Birds
  5. What is laughing gas? Nitrous oxide (N2O)
  6. Which does Vitamin help in absorption of Calcium? Vitamin D


GK Questions for SSC CHSL Preparation.

  1. Newton’s third law – For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
  2. Who given an oath to the governor – Chief justice of the high court
  3. Which is the longest day in the northern hemisphere? 21 June
  4. From where do plants get energy? CO2
  5. The process of making curd from milk – Coagulation
  6. 9- which is a scalar quantity –E(modulus of Elasticity)


  1. Lira was the currency of which country? Italy
  2. The Almatti Dam is constructed on the river? Sileru
  3. Who is the Supreme commander-in-chief of armed forces? President
  4. In the Constitution of India, the budget is known as? Annual Financial Statement
  5. Which of the following countries has a parliamentary form of government?

a)New Zealand b)Cuba c)United States of America d) France

United States of America

SSC Stenographer Exam

  1. Who was the last king of Morya dynasty?
  2. Who set up Banaras Hindu University?
  3. Amartya Sen won Nobel in which category?
  4. Silkworm on which leaves?
  5. of satellites of Uranus?
  6. One Qs related to 2017 Summit.

Best General Knowledge Books for SSC Exam

Best way to kickstart SSC GK preparation is to refer the trusted study material to give your SSC GK preparation an edge.

Now, it’s time to give you an idea about the best SSC books which should be within your reach. These are the best books for preparing the SSC GK exams. It covers every topic and the current affairs as per the edition. These are authorized books also, which will deliver you very right information without any ambiguousness.

Given below I have listed best book for SSC GK Preparation.

Manorama Yearbook 2019 ( English) Buy Now
General Knowledge with General Science Lucent 2018 – 2019 Latest Edition Buy Now
Kiran’s SSC General Awareness Chapterwise & Typewise Solved Papers 10600+ objective questions 1999 – April 2017 – English Get Free CD & Scratch Card Buy Now

How to Give your best in SSC Exam? Shortcut Tricks

We have tried to understand your complexities in forming ideas to learn the GK in an entertaining way and so we have brought some SSC GK test preparation tips for you. At least, you can then be able to form your own creativity by following our approach.

Following are the easy-peasy SSC GK preparation tips which you may consider. There you go

  1. Students to level up your SSC GK preparation get started with preparing short notes; update it time to time, so that you can do your last time revision quickly before the day of an exam.
  2. If the date of events is to be learned, then link that date with some important event of your life. You can link it with your birthday, any celebration event or it can be anything.

For example on 8th March, the CM of Rajasthan Vasundhara Raje was born. So, in this way you can easily catch the date.

  1. You can use the picturization method also to learn the data.

Example: to learn the first 4 presidents of India, you can play like this-

1 Rajendra Prasad Serial number first represent the first present of India and the crown represents the King(Raja). And the king comes always at first, so, accordingly, Rajendraprasad was the first president.
2 Dr. Radhakrishnan 2 number visible like a duck and you can imagine that Radha and Krishna are visiting on that duck. So, we name it Radhakrishnan.
3 Zakir Hussain Zakir Hussain used to wear specs and you can image 3(upside down 3 images) as his specs.
4 VV Giri 4 number visible like a boat and Giri name is rhyming like somebody fall off from the boat. So, we name it V V Giri.

With the help of an above complete guide on SSC GK preparation tips, you will able to make the most in GK exam.

The syllabus of GK is vast but by following appropriate SSC GK preparation tips and tricks you can score top-notch scores.

Comrades SSC preparation of GK section is not a daunting task. It is easy to score and a good way to level up the knowledge.


Dear student, there are many and general GK preparation tips for SSC exam to learn Gk. But it is up to you that which formula you want to use to learn things. You should build creativities of your own and then try to grab things. In this way, things become easier to learn.

So, All the best student. If you want to ask us anything related to “How to prepare GK for SSC Exams” article then you are free to ask anytime. We will surely answer you back. Use the comment section given below.

Thank you.


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