How to Prepare for the SBI PO Exam? Complete Guide

How to Prepare for the SBI PO Exam?

Preparing for the SBI PO exam requires immense practice, determination, and patience from aspiring bank candidates. Being a management cadre position, exam preparation for the SBI Probationary Officer (PO) post consumes a lot of their time and effort. As a matter of fact, the SBI PO exam paper undergoes dramatic changes every year.

It is, therefore, important for an aspirant to stay updated and acquainted with the SBI PO exam pattern and have a detailed understanding of the different sections of the exam.

Besides, there are other important factors which candidates should take note of like test duration, marking scheme for each stage of the online exam including both Prelims and Mains.

Once aspirants have a fair idea about the SBI PO exam pattern, they need to understand what does the Prelims and Mains exams syllabus comprises of. This is because there are certain common sections of both Prelims and Mains exams. Hence, this implies the syllabus and question-types for both would be more or less similar to each other.

Additionally, candidates should keep this in mind while preparing for the SBI PO exam that they need to meet the cut-off marks in the SBI PO Prelims exam to be eligible to move to the next level i.e. Mains exam. They need to score enough marks to make it to the final merit list.

This can be achieved only through proper practice and maintaining regularity in the timetable. Having said that, it is important that candidates should maintain a realistic timetable which meets their needs and requirements. By creating a timetable, candidates are likely to allocate adequate time for each section.

A timetable would help them in understanding how much time they would need to devote to learn new concepts; practice prior years question papers, revise old concepts and take SBI PO mock tests occasionally for the final prep up.

During preparation, candidates should be extra cautious about practicing diligently every concept that they have studied. This will help them in managing time and be aware of how much time they should assign for each question. By doing this, they can master their problem-solving power and master their application skills for the main exam.

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