Executive MBA: Courses, Advantages, Types, Top Colleges, Eligibility & Fees

Executive MBA in India: Courses Advantages, Types, Requirements, Top Executive MBA Colleges, Eligibility Criteria, Fees Complete Guide

An Executive MBA perhaps does not receive much coverage as the full-time MBA program, but the benefits of EMBA are much more than traditional MBA.

It is to be noted that the content of EMBA is similar to the regular MBA but is formatted in a different way.

EMBA is pursued by individuals who are working and are full time employed.

Applicants already have substantial work experience and aiming to reach a senior managerial position within a company.

Aspirants if you are planning to pursue EMBA then you must be well acquainted with complete detail and information related to EMBA.

Applicants who are already full time employed are inquisitive to know regarding the details of the EMBA program.

Executive MBA (EMBA)

Executive MBA

In this post, I have come up with detailed knowledge regarding EMBA.

What is an Executive MBA Meaning?

Executive MBA is a management program for a working professional who is working and has work experience of two years and above.

As compared to full-time MBA program, the working employees are offered one-year executive MBA program or 15 months MBA program. Executive MBA is more detailed than regular MBA program. You can also check Distance MBA feature here.

Let’s move forward to

Key Features of One Year Executive MBA Full Time Programs in India

Please go through the given below points

  • Executive MBA program is designed for already working professionals.
  • AICTE (All India Council for technology education) approved the 15-month PGPM program offered by XLRI, MDI, SPJIMR, and other PGDM institutes. ISB, SOIL and a few others offer self-regulated programs.
  • Duration of EMBA varies from 11 to 15 months against 24 months MBA.
  • Tuitions Fees of EMBA is comparatively higher than regular MBA program.
  • Placement of the EMBA program is higher than regular MBA.
Name of Institute & Programme offered Fee (INR in Lakhs) Date of Programme Commencement
IIM Ahmedabad 24.5 Apr-19
Post Graduate Programme in Management for Executives (PGPX)
IIM Bangalore 27.88 Apr-19
Executive Post Graduate Programme in Management (EPGP)
IIM Calcutta 22 Apr-19
Post Graduate Programme for Executives (PGPEX )
IIM Lucknow 24.5 Apr-19
International Programme in Management for Executives (IPMX)
ISB Hyderabad 29.5 Aug-18
Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP)
IIM Indore 18 Apr-19
Executive Post Graduate Programme in Management (EPGP)
IIM Udaipur  7.83 Jan-19
Post Graduate Program in Management for Executives (PGPX)
XLRI Jamshedpur 18.5 Apr-19
PGDM (General Management)
SPJIMR Mumbai 16.25 Jan-19
Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM)
MDI Gurgaon 15.17 Apr-19
1.National Management Programme (NMP)
2.Energy Management Programme (EMP)
IMI New Delhi 11 May-19
Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Executive) / EXPGDM
IMT Ghaziabad 12.5 Oct-18
Postgraduate Programme In Business Management Executive (PGDM Ex)
Great Lakes Chennai, Gurgaon 18.94 Jun-19
Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM)
SOIL Gurgaon 14.64 Apr-19
Post Graduate Program in Business Leadership (PGPBL)
LBSIM New Delhi  5.20 Jun-19
Postgraduate Diploma in Management Executive (PGDM Executive)

Participants who are willing to pursue EMBA program are interested to know which are to EMBA program in India.  What are their fees, eligibility, placement, and Admission dates?

Please check the above tables for your reference.

Below is the list of top colleges and their fees in India.

Top Executive MBA Colleges Fees in India

Name of Institute Executive MBA Duration Fee (INR in lakhs)
ISB Hyderabad 12 Months 29.5
IIM Bangalore 12 months 27.88
IIM Ahmedabad 12 months 24.5
IIM Lucknow 12 months 24.5
IIM Calcutta 12 months 22
XLRI Jamshedpur 15 Months 18.5
IIM Indore 12 months 18
SPJIMR Mumbai 12 months 16.25
MDI Gurgaon 15 months 15.17
IMT Ghaziabad 15 months 12.5
IMI New Delhi 15 months 11
IIM Udaipur 15 months  7.83
LBSIM New Delhi 15 months  5.20


Aspirants the most common and often heard question is what is the difference between MBA and EMBA.

Please go through the below-mentioned table to know the difference between MBA and EMBA.

At a glance
Applications Applicants have less work experience (up to five years’ experience usually required) and so test results are more important Applicants are normally professionals with 10-15 years’ work experience
A minimum GMAT score of 600 required by most schools, 700 by top schools No entrance exams
Applicants without a bachelor’s degree in business will need a GMAT score
Duration Traditionally two years in North America; one in Europe Traditionally two years in North America; one in Europe
The study is typically part-time, on weekends and evenings
Continue to work full-time while learning
Fees Entirely self-funded Majority of costs covered by employers
A wide range of scholarships available Some students self-fund and EMBA scholarships are available
Lifestyle More immersive, living permanently on or near campus Weekly interactions with students, less intense relationships

Application requirement-

EMBA students are not required to appear in entrance exam. The admission is granted on the basis of extensive work experience although student without a bachelor’s degree is required to give GMAT exam.

For full-time MBA emphasis is laid on GMAT scores. Candidates must have scored well in the entrance exam to be qualified for admission into the full-time MBA program.

The minimum GMAT score is 600 in many business schools and 700 in top institutes.

  • Cost difference– with an MBA It will cost you less expensive. Candidates have to bear the cost of the program.

For an EMBA, the majority cost of pursuing an EMBA program is usually high and expense is bear by the company/employers.

  • Weighing workload-

Full-time MBA is a regular program with hefty schedules, assignments

Whereas EMBA students are indulged in full-time jobs, typically attend the classes on weekends.

Executive MBA after MBA

Pursuing executive MBA after MBA is not a good option. It is to be noted that EMBA is designed for working professionals with extensive experience.

MBA is a proper degree and EMBA is a certificate course.

MBA full-time program covers all the complete knowledge from basics to end related to business. Whereas EMBA is just for knowledge.

Are Executive MBA worth it

Yes, the EMBA graduates can benefit themselves with a hike in salary, entrepreneur skills, and career advancement.

Majority of EMBA graduates claims that EMBA is worth doing, a lot depends on the business school from where you have pursued the degree. The reason EMBA program has made a significant impact on career, progression and substantial salary increase

Candidates have developed various essential skills during EMBA courses such as management behavior, quantifiable skills, and leadership skills.

EMBA graduates enjoy higher compensation-combined salary and bonuses.

EMBA graduates get better insights into economic factors that have a great impact on business today.

Why Executive MBA is beneficial to working professionals?

The aspirants MBA program is dynamic in nature and imbibes the teachers about business concepts.

Candidates often asked this question that what are the advantages of pursuing an EMBA program for working professionals.

Let’s have a look at the following points.

Advantages of an Executive MBA

A comrade you must be pondering is executive MBA useful?

Let us throw light on the key utility of an executive MBA

  • Recruiters prefer EMBA graduates over MBA because they have an advantage of work experience and immense knowledge about the field.
  • Candidates, there is no entrance exam for EMBA graduates.
  • An EMBA has no age limit
  • While pursuing your program you can carry on job
  • You will be greeted with top posts, hike in salary and career advancement.
  • Latest Courses After Graduation

What is the Scope of an Executive MBA in India? 

The first question that crosses your mind is who can do executive MBA right?

The executive MBA is ideal for those applicants who have skipped their studies but have substantial working experience and great working skills.

EMBA has gain popularity over the years. Such type of program help students to enhance their employee and managerial skills which is very much significant in today’s corporate world.

The scope of EMBA graduates is high in India. But it is to keep in mind that the scope of EMBA is influenced by the choice of college you decide to pursue an EMBA PROGRAM.

Aspirants, there is ample opportunity once you have done with the EMBA program. After the successful completion of these programs, salaries tend to rise.

EMBA degree will assist you to get higher promotions, especially a career in finance.

During this program, students will gain various skills and everyday professional experience.

There are numerous job opportunities, especially when obtained a degree from a prestigious college.

Obtaining an EMBA degree will give you a competitive edge.

Aspirants a well-regarded and meticulous MBA program will sharpen your skills and add value to your resume.

What are the Career Opportunities for Executive MBA Grads?

An executive MBA program that is designed for individuals that are already employed in a high-level management position.

Aspirants this is the most frequently asked questions among the students.

After completion of the EMBA program, you can either choose to continue working in the existing organization or can explore various career opportunities.

You can even be considered for promotion in the same company with higher responsibilities.

EMBA graduates enjoy high salary packages and bonuses.

Basically, an EMBA is designed in such a way to help business executives to reach up in the management ladder and as well work upon the current skill.

The benefit lies in that you get various career prospects.

Choosing an Executive MBA Program

Aspirants finding the right career program are the important decision.

Candidates you have to consider an institute with good authentication and one which provides great career opportunities.

You must look after the placement record of the preferred institute for your knowledge.

MBA degree program is expensive. You can even seek financial funding from the company in which you are working or can ask for EMBA scholarship.

There are so many top institutes which are offering online MBA courses, executive PGDM, as well as an international MBA degree.

Candidates before opting EMBA program you are required to go through many factors which are essential to analyze the worth of EMBA program.

Pay packages are highly professional. You will encounter a thorough understanding of the corporate world.

Some of the best management institutes you may consider for the reference are as follow

Some of the best MBA colleges offering these programs are:

Please check Executive MBA business school in India
1) ISB, Hyderabad
2) ISB, Mohali
3) IIM Ahmedabad
4) IIM Bangalore
5) XLRI Jamshedpur
6) IIM Kolkata
7) Great Lakes, Chennai
8) SP Jain, Mumbai
9) SOIL, Gurgaon

Given below are following factors you may consider while opting EMBA program from top colleges

  • First and foremost is faculty
  • Course content and delivery structure
  • Placement is the key factor in your consideration
  • Brand value of the college
  • Batch size and management
  • Method of learning-case study and assignments.

Cost of top EMBA Programs

Business School Duration EMBA Cost
The Wharton School 24 months $205,200
Booth School of Business 21 months $189,000
Columbia University 24 months $202,080
Haas School of Business 19 months $185,000

Banks and financial institution extend financial assistance to students to bear the expense of education.

Various companies also sponsor the employee to pursue an EMBA program and bear the cost.

As per the MBA executive council, the number of executive MBA programs is providing financial funding in the form of the scholarship to candidates.

Students are even taking a loan for this degree.

Please check the above table for the fee reference of various colleges.

Executive MBA Eligibility and Admission Requirement

Candidates it is to inform you that executive MBA admission criteria requirement is almost similar in all kinds of MBA programs.

But in case of an executive MBA program, a candidate must have extensive work experience for 2 to 7 years after the graduation degree. The criteria are same for MBA eligibility requirement by the MBA colleges in USA, UK, Canada, Singapore and other countries where the regular MBA can be pursued only after a minimum 2 years of work experience.

Executive MBA Admission with GMAT/GRE

One of the frequently asked question among the participants is doing Executive MBA program requires GMAT scores

Candidates’ admission to various top colleges such as IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta, IIM Lucknow, and IIM Udaipur is purely based on the GMAT scores.

GMAT is the prime consideration of such colleges. All EMBA institute consider the GMAT scores. Minimum work experience of 4 to 7 years is considered.

Executive MBA Admission with CAT
IIM Indore, IIM Shillong, SPJIMR, MDI, IMI, IMT, XIMB, LBSIM, Great Lakes offer Executive MBA admission on the basis of CAT exam score.

Executive MBA admission with XAT
XLRI Jamshedpur, SPJIMR Mumbai, XIM Bhubaneswar, IMT Ghaziabad, and Great Lakes Chennai accept XAT scores for Executive MBA admission.

Candidates, please go through the given below table carefully to know the requirement of top colleges for the EMBA program.

Lets’ have a look

Name of the Executive MBA College Exam score accepted Minimum Work Ex required
ISB Hyderabad GMAT/GRE 2 Years
IIM Ahmedabad GMAT/GRE 4 years
IIM Bangalore GMAT/GRE 5 Years
IIM Calcutta GMAT 5 Years
IIM Lucknow GMAT 5 Years
XLRI Jamshedpur GMAT/XAT 5 years
SPJIMR Mumbai GMAT/CAT/XAT 5 years
MDI Gurgaon CAT/GMAT/MDI Test 3 years

Candidates let’s talk about executive MBA placement

EMBA Placement

The first and foremost factor an applicant considers while going for an executive MBA program is the placement record.

Candidates with a top brand name of the management institute, placement record play a significant role in deciding the college for EMBA program.

As per the data, there is a high placement of an executive MBA graduate in the corporate industry.

EMBA program offers highly placement packages to the students.

Top colleges proving astounding placements to students are as follow

  • IIMs
  • XLRIs
  • MDI

The above-mentioned colleges top the list of higher placement record.

This top college provides 14 lakh to 30 lakh per annum

Why the Executive MBA Placement in India is higher? 

One of the key benefits of pursuing an executive MBA  program is the recruiting companies prefer candidates who have massive working experience in a responsible position.

EMBA gives you amazing opportunity to stay connected with corporate industry and enrich you with better management skills.

Reportedly EMBA has gained warm acceptance in the industry.

Candidates with EMBA degree have required skills set and professional approach.

If you wish to have a breakthrough career then executive MBA program should be given due consideration.

The demand for executive MBA graduates has increased over the years.

More and more top leading companies are in hunt of searching prospective executive MBA graduates.

The average salary offered to executive MBA graduate is considerable high from traditional MBA program.

Candidates the corporates industry prefer the graduates with EMBA degree who have vast skills, and professional approach.

Also, hiring an EMBA graduate will save the induction training cost of the company.

Candidates you must decide wisely while choosing the top college which assures you of great placement opportunity.

Please look through the below table to know which are the top colleges offering great placements to the students.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have received numerous queries related to EMBA program from students.

To easy your queries below I have enlisted them with the solution for your recommendation.

Given below are the list of question and their respective answer. Please go through the questions carefully and read the following answer carefully for the best of your knowledge.

  1. Which is the best Executive MBA?

Ans candidates there are many top institutes and B-schools which provide

Candidates given below are the best colleges list you may consider while pursuing an EMBA program

  • IndianSchool of Business (ISB)
  • IndianInstitute of Management- Ahmadabad (IIMA)
  • IndianInstitute of Management- Calcutta (IIMC)
  • Xavier School of Management (XLRI)- Jamshedpur.
  • Faculty of Management Studies (FMS)- Delhi.

What are the criteria to pursue executive MBA from IIM college

Ans if you are full time employed and want to add the qualification to your resume and also if you are longing for promotion or salary hike then it is worth doing.

For getting admission into IIM you must ensure that you fit the bills.

It is advised to check eligibility for admission.

You have to undergo entrance exam for getting admission into IIM institutes.

  1. What is the importance of pursuing executive MBA?

Ans. There is numerous advantage of pursuing an EMBA degree.

Not only it adds weight to your resume but equips you with professional skills and advance business approach.

It is a short-term program designed to deliver the right approach

There is vast learning under this program. Such as case studies with simulation, debates, discussions with senior executives, projects.

  1. Q. Do executive program requires G-mat scores?

The executive MBA does not need or consider GMAT scores for most candidates.

If students do not own a bachelor’s degree he has to undergo GMAT exam to be qualified for the EMBA program.

  1. which institute is considered the best for proving the best EMBA program?

         Ans. Some of the best MBA colleges offering these  program are :
1) ISB, Hyderabad
2) ISB, Mohali
3) IIM Ahmedabad
4) IIM Bangalore
5) XLRI Jamshedpur
6) IIM Kolkata
7) Great Lakes, Chennai
8) SP Jain, Mumbai
9) SOIL, Gurgaon

  1. Can executive MBA do Ph.D.?

Ans. Candidates if your goal is to be a part of a prestigious institute or you wish to pursue teaching as your career then doing Ph.D. is a good move.

Yes, doing Ph.D. after executive MBA is a great idea.


Hello comrades! I hope you had a fantastic time reading the above article.

Through the above-detailed guide, you must be well known how Executive MBA program works.

The above content is well researched and best of your knowledge. If I have skipped anything important above in the article please ping us through the comment section given below.

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