Distance MBA in India: Courses, Advantages, Types, Top Colleges, Eligibility & Fees

Distance MBA in India: Correspondence MBA Courses Advantages, Types, Requirements, Top MBA Colleges, Top MBA university Complete Guide

Hello MBA aspirants, your search for Distance MBA program course has brought you here. If you are seeking in-depth knowledge pertaining to the distance MBA certificate, then I must say you are landed at the appropriate place.

Distance MBA India is gaining massive fame and is trending Career in MBA program among the MBA aspirants these days.

Distance MBA degree value is on the rise as large numbers of the youth who are currently employed as working professionals are eager to continue their education program.
Now, the question comes are distance MBA good option to consider? Right. Well, to answer this read below

  • Distance MBA is known as an affordable and flexible MBA programme. It is to be noted that distance MBA is now approved by UGC (university grant commission).
  • Distance MBA is less expensive compared to that of regular MBA.
  • Nowadays, there are hundreds of MBA colleges offering distance MBA course.
    The top MBA institute offer distance MBA in India offer correspondence MBA or online MBA.

Institutes which are offering distance MBA is now approved by the statutory authority.
Aspirants who want to pursue an MBA program but not have the time or shortage of funds can go for distance MBA.

It is affordable, convenient and flexible MBA program for the candidates who cannot afford full-time MBA program due to time, money or other constraints.
We have received huge queries from aspirants regarding how to do Distance MBA?

In this post, I have come up with a detailed study on distance learning for your reference.

Let’s get started!

Distance MBA Details

Distance MBA

What does distance MBA mean?

Distance education or long distance MBA is the education for the students who are not physically present for the lectures.

Under this program course content is imparted through distance learning.
It is also known as “Correspondence MBA”.

Distance MBA is designed for those students who are unable to afford full-time MBA program due to the shortage of time, money or working as full-time employer constraints.

Aspirants distance learning is a flexible program for those who want to add a further qualification to their C.V but due to the shortage of time, they can’t afford full-time MBA.

Distance learning has gained popularity over the years many aspirants who are already employed or working somewhere wish to pursue their studies further it is the best option for you.

Several management institutes provide distance learning to students.

Talking about distance learning MBA you must be inquisitive to know what are the best colleges to be considered for MBA distance learning.

The fees of distance learning MBA program is considerably less expensive and easily affordable.

Below I have mentioned the list of top ten colleges along with the fees structure for your reference. Please have a look

Top 10 Distance Learning MBA Colleges in India

Distance MBA University/College Key Strength Distance MBA College Fee (2 Year Program)
NMIMS Global Access School for Continuing Education


  • NMIMS University Brand
  • 200+highly qualified Faculty members
  • Wide range of 2 years and 1-year specializations
Rs. 83,000
Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL)
  • Symbiosis University Brand
  • A large number of programs for every need
  • High acceptance in the industry
Rs. 37,000
IMT-Centre for Distance Learning (IMT-CDL) Ghaziabad


  • Sister institute of IMT Ghaziabad, a Top 20 B-school
  • Good acceptance in the industry
Rs. 88,000
Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)


  • A huge network of 378 IGNOU study/counseling centers
  • Affordable fee
Rs. 31,500
Sikkim Manipal University- Distance Education, Sikkim


  • Affiliated to Manu University, a well-known Brand
  • 5 Lakh Alumni network
Rs. 80,000
Welingkar Institute of Management (WeSchool)


  • Part of WE School, one of the leading B-schools in Mumbai/Western India
  • Industry relevance curriculum with workshops, Industry visits, simulation games etc
Rs. 61,000
Amity University


  • 11 areas of specialization to choose from.
  • Dynamic course material shared electronically with 24X7 online learning facilities
Rs. 1,51,800
Annamalai University, Tamilnadu
  • Well known Public University
  • Low Fee
Rs. 25,850

Types of Distance MBA Colleges

Ministry of HRD, Government of India, has recognized six types of institutions to offer Distance Education and Distance MBA in India:

  1. Distance MBA offered by National Open University or IGNOU
  2. Distance MBA offered by State Open Universities
  3. Distance Education Institutions (DEIs) at Institutions of National Importance
    – Central Universities
    – State Universities
    – Deemed to be Universities
    – State Private Universities
  4. Distance MBA offered by DEIs at stand-alone Institutions
    – Professional Associations
    – Government Institutions
    – Private institutions

Aspirants who are willing to pursue distance MBA programme wants to know what are the key benefits of pursuing MBA from distance learning.

Below I have listed a few key benefits regarding Distance MBA
Let’s take a look below

Key Benefits of Distance MBA

Those seeking participants who are searching that do distance MBA have value. In an effort to sort your query I hereby mention few of the known benefits of pursuing distance MBA.

Aspirants distance MBA offer lot of advantages to students and working professionals.

  • Cost-Effectiveness -One of the foremost benefits of pursuing MBA from distance learning is cost-effectiveness.
    The cost of pursuing MBA from distance learning is relatively low and affordable.
    Students who wish to pursue their further studies but have financial crisis or money shortage Distance MBA is the best option for you.
  • Flexible program– unlike full-time MBA program you need not attend hefty lectures or prepare mundane assignments on a daily basis. You have to prepare for MBA entrance exams on your own.
  • Approved by recognized authority– candidates distance MBA has gained massive popularity over the years. It is now approved by the UGC (University grants commission). There are hundreds of colleges offering distance learning programs to students.
  • Effective time management– Distance MBA programme offers the flexibility of time over the traditional full-time MBA.
    Unlike full-time MBA you don’t have attended long tiring lectures. You have to follow your own study pattern.
  • Power of educational technology direct to your home– Aspirants distance MBA has greatly benefitted from education technology and rise in communication.
    Some of the top leading business school such as MIT and Harvard business school deliver program using education technology.
  • Industry relevant curriculum– Many of the top management institutes such as symbiosis and NMIMS university impart updated and relevant industry-relevant knowledge to students

Aspirants one of the foremost advantages it fits you’re learning as per your suitability.

Participants as you must know that there are both pros and cons to everything, likewise in distance MBA there are few Distance MBA disadvantages such as face to face interaction of teacher and students, campus, academics activities and most important there will be no workshops or industrial exposure.

Is Distance MBA worth doing?

Aspirants are often stumped regarding whether they should consider pursuing MBA from distance learning or not. Students are keen to know what is the real value attached to acquire MBA degree through distance learning.

In distance MBA you have no constraints. It is a completely feasible and affordable option also for the working professional.

If you are full time employed and decides to continue education further then you must consider MBA through distance learning.

Below I have listed benefits of distance MBA for working professionals?

Let’s have a look at the following

What are the Benefits of Distance learning for working professionals?
• Working professional will benefit significantly from distance learning
• Working professionals can maximize their area of expertise and can master new skills
• It helps working employee to acquire MBA degree while carrying on their profession simultaneously
• Many of the working professionals gain promotion at work
• A managerial degree is must get a promotion

What are the Benefits of Distance learning for students?

  • Pursuing MBA distance learning will save your cost and time. Usually, full-time MBA charge high cost for pursuing MBA and students end up taking hefty education loans
  • Time flexibility you need to attend the long tiring and time-consuming lectures. You can carry on preparation on your own.
  • If you are good at scheduling everything well then it goes for it option for you
  • If you want to pursue an MBA program for the sake of certification then it is a suitable option for you

Difference Between Regular MBA and Distance MBA

Many students got stuck while making a decision regarding when it comes to an MBA program which option they must consider.

In order to clarify your doubts, I have come up with the table to know the main difference between MBA and distance MBA.
Please check;

o. Characteristic Distance MBA Full-Time MBA
1 Delivery of Program Online. Some institutes send across study material through the post. Classroom study with a tight and fixed schedule is the mode of program delivery in a full-time MBA program.
2 Curriculum There is a crisp and concise curriculum in Distance MBA. Theory and Practicals are both comprehensive in a 2-year full-time MBA program.
3 Principles of Teaching There is a lot of flexibility in terms of exam schedule, selection of venue and online submission of assignments. There is a very tight and strict schedule for assignment submission, exam dates and class participation.
4 Duration A distance MBA program could range from anywhere between 1-3 years with a good 1-2 years to complete the course. The duration of a full-time MBA program is 2 years.
5 Fees The fee is anywhere between Rs. 20000 to Rs. 1 lakh, which is much lesser than a full-time MBA program. Comparatively, a full-time MBA program is quite expensive and can range anywhere between Rs. 14 to 30 lakh depending on the institute.
6 Intake Process No fixed time period to seek admission into a Distance MBA program. Since the number of seats is fixed, there is a lot of competition to get a seat in a full-time MBA program.
7 Admission Process The admission process for Distance MBA is much simpler and user-friendly since a lot of applicants come in for admission owing to them being working professionals. A complex and elaborate admission process is established to secure admission in full-time MBA. Entrance Exam, Group Discussion and Personal Interview are some of the rounds one has to go through to get selected in a full-time MBA program.
8 Exposure There is no industrial or field visit involved in Distance MBA so the learning is restricted in terms of exposure. Industrial visits, factory visits, field visits are an important part of a full-time MBA program and are part of the curriculum.
9 Placement There is no placement process involved in distance MBA and job search and job change need to be done on your own. A placement process is conducted at the end of each final academic year and students have the opportunity to get hired in the best of companies tied-up with the program.
10 Networking Since it is online, there is no interaction between the students and faculty or even between the students themselves. There is a continuous interaction between the students and faculty hence networking takes place

Today distance MBA is gaining much popularity. Every individual prefers to have flexibility and convenience. In such case pursuing MBA through distance learning is indeed a great choice.

Although it had constraints or shortcoming unlike full-time MBA there is no industrial exposure or placement opportunity.

As we can see there are pros and cons of everything it depends on your preference what option is most likely suitable for you then you have to arrive at conclusion.

Career Prospects after Distance MBA

The most obvious query among the seeking aspirants is do companies consider distance MBA?

Yes, aspirants distance MBA has great career prospects

  • It gives you a degree which can help in promotion
  • Distance MBA prepare the students for various such as insurance, finance, accounting, risk, and management
  • Candidates if you opt for distance MBA in international business it will fetch you overseas jobs in export and import, shipping, logistics, and consultancy
  • There are the various job opportunity in media and communication
  • Distance MBA graduates can find lucrative jobs in the government sector.
  • Distance MBA program is more suitable for working professionals and entrepreneurs who want to sharpen their skills and managerial practicing with continuing quitting the existing job for the degree.

Let us now discuss the eligibility criteria for distance MBA

How to Get Admission in Distance MBA?

Candidates if you are planning to pursue distance MBA program top institutes. You must be well acquainted with the admission procedure.

There are hundreds of colleges providing distance MBA program to students. But remember there are only few distance MBA management institutes that impart valuable learning

It is to note that college must be recognized by UGC, has good brand value, updated curriculum and affordable fee structure.

Please check the following steps must in admission

  1. Step1-analyze the list of college or choice of preference and select the preferred choice list
  2. Step2- check your distance MBA eligibility
  3. Step3- obtain the prospectus of college
  4. Step 4-fill the application form for distance MBA entrance exam
  5. Step5- prepares and attends the distance MBA entrance exam

Distance MBA Fees Structure

Candidates while making the decision regarding pursuing distance MBA fees structure plays a significant role in the deciding factor.

Distance MBA fees is an important parameter. Candidates distance MBA fees may vary from institute to institute.

Candidates I have explained earlier in the article above the fees structure of top 10 colleges.
Note: Candidate’s additional charges such as admission, processing fees, application fees, and GST charges are not inclusive of fess structure.

Although there are several institutes proposing distance MBA program but their affordability and fees structure should be kept in mind.

There are several management institutes that offer low-cost management program as compared with the others.

Name of the Institute Programme Duration Academic Fee
Annamalai University, Tamilnadu 2 years Rs. 25,850
IGNOU Distance MBA 2 years Rs.31,500
Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning 2 years Rs.37,000

The minimum distance MBA duration is 2 years. Candidates you can consider the above following institute if you want to pursue cost savvy program from top leading institutes.

It is to be noted that above-mentioned include program fees only. It does not include additional charges such as GST, application fees etc.

Eligibility Criteria for Distance learning

Aspirants it is to note that different management institutes have their own eligibility criteria.
Distance MBA Eligibility criteria are as follows;

  • Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognized university
  • Candidates must have scored valid percentile in the management entrance exam in order to be eligible for admission into distance learning program.
  • Some of the college institutes conduct their own entrance exam
  • Work experience is also given preference but remembers it is not compulsory or mandatory.

Distance MBA Selection

Candidates it is to note that different management institutes have their own selection criteria.

You have to meet the selection criteria in order to be considered eligible for admission.
Candidates you have to undergo MBA entrance exam if you want to pursue your distance MBA program from a well-known and prestigious institute.

Candidates pursuing distance MBA from well-known institutes will have a great impression and added value to your resume

In most of the colleges, you have to qualify the minimum cut off score set by the college authority. Certain colleges conduct essay writing test which students have to qualify to be considered for admission.

Candidates frequently ask this question regarding what will be the salary packages after a Distance MBA program.

To clarify your queries and ease your doubts I have discussed in detail the salary packages for distance MBA graduates. Let’s take a look

Salary Packages after Distance MBA

Candidates talking about salary packages distance MBA will provide you value advantage in salary increment and promotions.

Recently, the excellent salary record was published by the campus placement cell of the IGNOU University. Students have got handsome placements as trainee research analyst, customer relation manager and Java developers with excellent salaries packages.

The 3 key things that will matter are;
• Your Bachelor’s Degree
• Your Work Ex. (Including sector in which you specialized in MBA)
• Your knowledge & appearance

Candidates although there is no statistics or data available which will tell us regarding job opportunities and salaries.

As I have discussed above distance MBA is best suitable for entrepreneurs and working professional.
With distance MBA degree they get an opportunity to move up in their career ladder and are subjected to increment in salary.

Candidates through distance MBA you can acquire required managerial set skills and added certification qualification which can reflect well on your resume.

For salary please read the below-given information

  • Customer Relationship Management with FashionandYou.com (Rs. 1.8 lakhs per annum)
  • Trainee Research Analyst (TRA) with WNS Global Services, Gurgaon (Rs. 2.2 – 2.4 lakh per annum)
  • Java Developers with Manhattan Associates, Bangalore (Rs. 3 – 3.75 lakh per annum)

There are various top management institutes that provide good job opportunity for students.

If you are full time employed you can move up on the career ladder and enjoy great salary packages.

Correspondence MBA Scholarships

Aspirant’s globalization has revolutionized the education system. With the evolution of distance learning, it has brought education at your doorstep.

Various Indian and global institutes have come up with the amazing scheme of scholarships for deserving candidates.

Various institutes and top corporates companies provide financial assistance to students to complete further studies which are known as scholarship.

It is to note that if you wish to avail this opportunity you are required claiming the scholarship on time.

Certain scholarships are designed for students who high caliber or have great academic achievements.

Candidates before claiming the scholarship facility you must ensure your eligibility.

Below I have cherry-picked few lists of best scholarship for the reference.
Scholarship opportunities abroad

  1. Indiana University in the United States offers the Kelly Direct scholarship which is a merit-based scholarship dependent on your GMAT score
  2. W.P. Carey offers a scholarship on a competitive basis.
  3. In the UK, you can get scholarships from Aberdeen based on an essay
  4. You can apply to Warwick Distance Learning MBA Scholarship for 50% off from your tuition fees

Opportunities in India

  • Gyandeep Scholarship– This is for ex-students at Manipal.
  • Vidyadeep Scholarship– This is for all students. Total 10,000 scholarships are awarded under this category.
  • Special Scholarship– This is only for students of Sikkim and NE region.

How to Earn the Scholarship for Distance MBA in India

Candidates, there are ways you can earn the distance MBA scholarship. Let’s have a look at the following

  • You can ask in the current company in which you are employed to bear the cost and sponsor your distance MBA program.
  • If you have caliber and required talent make it a point that stress in your application.
  • If you have fairly excelled in the sports or any other academics expertise. It is to be noted that there are several sports quota for the candidates.

Aspirants, in conclusion, today there numerous avenues for your career growth and development from your comfort zone through the distance MBA program.

Candidates acquiring scholarship will give you huge cost benefit under the MBA program and also lower your burden.

With this facility in your favor, you can continue your further studies hassle-free.

In addition, there are certain banks or financial institutes that provide an educational loan to the candidates to carry on their further studies at lower interest rates.

Distance MBA syllabus

Candidate’s syllabus plays a significant role in the preparation of an exam. It is to note that syllabus for all MBA program is almost similar. There might be a slight variation from college to college.

Candidates, you must be well familiar with your syllabus.

Below I have listed the syllabus for core subjects for your reference.

Please check

To obtain an MBA degree

You have to take the following subjects

  • 1 Subjects from MS-1 to 11
  • 5 Specialization Category Subjects.
  • Compulsory Subjects MS 91 and MS 95.
  • 1 Elective Subject  (MS 92/93/94/96/97)
  • 1 Project Subject (MS-100) (This Subject is equivalent to 2 Subjects)

Please go through the table to know core syllabus and general subjects covered in MBA for reference.

Subject Title
MS-1 Management Functions and Behavior
MS-2 Management of Human Resources
MS-3 Economic and Social Environment
MS-4 Accounting and Finance for Managers
MS-5 Management of Machines and Materials
MS-6 Marketing for Managers
MS-7 Information Systems for Managers
MS-8 Quantitative Analysis for Managerial Applications
MS-9 Managerial Economics
MS-10 Organizational Design, Development and Change
MS-11 Strategic Management

Specialization Subjects

The specialization Subjects are the list of Subjects that specialize in certain areas of Management.

Specialization Stream Subject Title (and Code)
Human Resource Management
  • Social Processes and Behavioural Issues (MS-21)
  • Human Resource Development(MS-22)
  • Human Resource Planning (MS-23)
  • Employment Relations (MS-24)
  • Managing Change in Organizations (MS-25)
  • organizational Dynamics (MS-26)
  • Wage and Salary Administration (MS-27)
  • Labor Laws (MS-28)
  • International Human Resource Management (MS-22)
Financial Management
  • Working Capital Management (MS-41)
  • Capital Investment and Financing Decisions (MS-42)
  • Management Control Systems (MS-43)
  • Security Analysis and Portfolio Management (MS-44)
  • International Financial Management (MS-45)
  • Management of Financial Services (MS-46)
Operations Management
  • Operations Research (MS-52)
  • Project Management (MS-53)
  • Production/Operations Management (MS-54)
  • Management Information Systems (MS-55)
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management (MS-56)
  • Materials Management (MS-57)
  • Maintenance Management (MS-58)
  • Management of R&D and Innovation (MS-59)
Marketing Management
  • Consumer Behavior (MS-64)
  • Sales Management (MS-64)
  • Product Management (MS-64)
  • International Marketing (MS-64)
  • Marketing of Services (MS-64)
  • Marketing Research(MS-64)
  • Management of Marketing Communication and Advertising (MS-64)
  • Rural Marketing (MS-64)
  • Retail Management (MS-64)
Financial Markets Practice
  • Equity Markets (MFP-1)
  • Equity Derivatives (MFP-2)
  • Commodity Markets (MFP-3)
  • Currency and Debt Markets (MFP-4)
  • Professionals in Financial Markets Practice (MFP-5)

Elective Subjects

One elective Subject (Subject) should be selected from the list below:

Subject Code Name of Subject
MS-92 Management of Public Enterprises
MS-93 Management of New and Small Enterprises
MS-94 Technology Management
MS-96 Total Quality Management
MS-97 International Business

Given below are the compulsory subjects. Please go through the table given below for the reference

Compulsory Subjects

These Subjects are compulsory for all the students of MBA program.

Subject Title
MS-91 Advanced Strategic Management
MS-95 Research Methodology for Management Decisions
MS-100 Project (Equivalent to two Subjects)

Distance MBA books and study material

Candidates as we all know books play a significant role in preparation. MBA is a big management program and its degree add value to your resume.

You can leave the preparation for such a big exam for the last minute. It is suggested to start your MBA preparation with appropriate books and study material.

It is suggested that to go for only recommended books by the subject experts.

Do not go for the books whose science is dubious and it is too difficult to understand.

Before buying the book evaluates the pros and cons. There are several books in the market for MBA preparation. You need to be wise and careful which choose the right course material for MBA programme.

There are mainly two private publishers publishing books exclusively for IGNOU’s MBA program. They are:

  1. Neeraj Books
  2. Gullybaba Publishing House

Candidates it is advised to consult the advice of experts which buying books.

There is various study material which is available online for your assistance.

Frequently asked question-FAQs

I have listed a few queries and question which have been put up by the candidates.

Below I have listed queries along with the solution.

Let’s take a look at the following

  • Is distance MBA a worth doing?

Ans. Yes, candidates, there are no doubt it has its own benefits. Talking about worth it is most preferred by the working professional or entrepreneurs who wish to go up in the career ladder.

  • Can we do distance MBA from IIM

Candidates you have to qualify the eligibility for admission and for that you have to qualify the MBA entrance exam to be considered for admission.

Currently, the following IIMs offer distance programs

  • IIM Lucknow
  • IIM Ahmedabad
  • IIM Calcutta
  • IIM Rohtak
  • IIM Bangalore
  • IIM Kozhikode
  • As well as IIM Indore

Candidates your eligibility for the course depends on the work experience

  • How to apply for distance education in IIMS?

Ans. Candidates if you wish to pursue distance MBA you are required to give EMAT exam (executive management aptitude) followed by an interview. You must fair well in EMAT exam and the interview session to be considered for admission into distance MBA program

  • How rigorous is the MBA program in distance learning?

Ans Candidates IIM distance learning is highly demanding and has great value all over India.

The programme demands a high need for the academic and disciplined approach.

  • Is distance MBA consider valid for government jobs?

Ans. Yes, your distance degree will be considered valid and accepted in a government organization.

  • Can distance MBA give the NET exam?

Yes, you are eligible to attempt net exam after completing your distance MBA program.

  • How good is distance MBA from symbiosis?

Symbiosis is considered to be well known for distance learning courses. It’s not exactly MBA but a diploma course. Coming to whether it is good or not depends upon what exactly you’re searching for after your MBA. If you’re looking for a job in an MNC after your MBA then the diploma from Symbiosis will not be of very useful to you.

Distance MBA program-conclusion

Aspirants I hope you are now well aware regarding what is distance MBA is all about so far. The program has its distinct advantage. Nowadays it is said that distance education has skyrocketed in the digital era making online MBA degree program available to students at their convenience.

Some distinct advantage is as follow

  • It is purely cost saving-saving through eliminating commuting charges, parking, and college tuition fees
  • Convenient for bust students
  • Education technology at your doorstep
  • It is indeed flexible, 24 hours access to earning
  • Distance MBA has strong industry acceptance ratio
  • Accredited and recognized by the UGC (union grant commission
  • Affordable fees structure and personal contact session are held before 2 months of examination.


I hope you had a great time reading above detailed content on distance MBA programme. If you like reading it please don’t forget to share it among friends and communities.

If I have skipped anything important above please feel free to connect with us. Also if you have a suggestion or have doubts pertaining to the article you can drop your suggestion in the comment section below.

Our team of experts is available at your assistance. Our mission is to provide you with authentic knowledge.

Candidates it is to bring to your knowledge that the above provide article is thoroughly researched and based on true knowledge.

Stay connected and keeps supporting us. We wish you all the best for a bright future. Thank you!


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