How To Crack SSC Exam Without Coaching In First Attempt?

How to Crack SSC Exams without Coaching? Tips – Shortcut Tricks and Proper Study Plan Complete Guide

The topic may be sounding you weird, right? But, why?

Certainly, because you may think that how it could be possible or it is just next to impossible to beat the tough exams like the SSC Exam Preparation without Coaching means without taking guidance from coaching centers.

Just tell me one thing why people join coaching centers?

Your answer would be obvious that because these coaching centers not only provide them a full to session on a number of subjects but also they provide them guidance for how to attend the paper and how to sharp their subject knowledge etc.

Do you really think that these coaching centers are the hallmark for providing a full guarantee of the student’s selection in SSC exams? Are you sure that people who have never attended any coaching centers had/can never prove themselves ever?

Well! Whatever be your answer to the above questions, my answer is simply ‘NO’.

Today, in this article, I am going to tell you some magical and useful points for how to prepare for SSC exams without coaching? OR SSC ki taiyari kaise kare? Simply by not visiting the coaching centers, rather by just themselves. In this article, I will cover home-made preparation tips for the following SSC exams-

Staff Selection Commission (SSC)

Importance of Preparing for SSC at home –

The objective of this article is to help those needy candidates-

  • Who cannot afford SSC coaching center’s fee?
  • Who have a shortage of time
  • Who live at long distances in some rural area or which are not easy to access
  • Who believes in self-study and want to crack SSC exams through self-study.

How to Crack SSC Exam in the first Attempt without Coaching?

Crack SSC Without Coaching

You must have heard that self-study is the best study and this is literally a true phrase. One can easily crack the SSC exam if he ties a knot and maintains the regularity in his/her studies without doing any compromises with the preparation in exchange for the entertainment.

Self-study demands for passion, dedication, proper planning, and regularity in the study. Without these qualities, one cannot beat any competition exam, even after joining the coaching centers.

If the benefits of preparing at home need to be counted, then there are a lot of benefits associated, these are-

Benefits of Preparing at Home – Preparation of SSC without coaching

  1. You have your own table to follow. You can divide your time according to your convenience keeping in mind the factors which affect you, like your personal time availability, your subjects in priority to prepare first, your other SSC exams preparation (if you giving more than a single exam) etc.
  2. When you study by yourself, you know which subjects are your weaknesses and which are your strength. You can focus more on your weak subjects and can deliver your maximum time to improve your weak subject.
  3. You can replace the coaching time (which usually range from 2 to 4/6 hours daily) by writing the notes or study some subject.
  4. Obviously, in the absence of coaching centers, you will be bounded by preparing your own notes and seriously this is the boon of your studies. Self-prepared notes are far better than artificial notes because they enhance your knowledge when you read things in deep and write them in your copy simultaneously. This quality is absent in coaching going students.
  5. Self-study keeps aside various kinds of restrictions from the student, being that limit to learning particular subjects, handling other emergency issues in their own way.
  6. It raises the student’s level of accepting and winning challenges and enhances their level of thinking capability.
  7. Self-study covers your every single topic from every angle so, compared to coaching students, the basics and deep knowledge of the former are at a good level.
  8. The quality of eagerness to know more or you say the studiousness is generally found in those students more who have the lack of guidance. These students take help from SSC Exam books or from their friends.
  9. Register for Free SSC CHSL Mock Test
  10. Register for Free SSC CGL Mock Test

This struggle automatically makes them aware about the topic very thoroughly and deeply because they observe the things very deeply and in SSC exams, there are some shortly answered questions which are quick to answer but difficult to interpret, and to interpret them, a deep analysis of the knowledge is required.

After reading the benefits of self-study, and before getting the useful tips of SSC exam preparation without coaching, you should know the paper pattern of each SSC exam.

I told you that today’s topic for discussion will be based on SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC MTS, and SSC JE, so we will discuss the Exam paper pattern of each of them.

SSC CGL Preparation without Coaching

SSC CGL Preparation Tips


SSC CGL Exam Pattern-

It consists of total 4 tiers-

Tier-1 – Objective Test
Tier 2  – Objective Test
Tier-3 – Descriptive test
Tier-4 – Typing test

SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam Pattern 2019

Subject Questions Marks Time
General Intelligence
& Reasoning
25 50 60 minutes (Total)
For VH & Candidates
suffering from
Cerebral Palsy:
80 minutes
General Awareness 25 50
Quantitative Aptitude 25 50
English Language 25 50
TOTAL 100 200

SSC CGL Tier 2 Exam Pattern 2019

Subjects Number of Questions Marks
Paper-I: Quantitative Ability 100 200
Paper-II: English Language and Comprehension 200 200

Optional Papers

Subjects Number of Questions Marks
Paper III: Statistics 100 200
Paper IV: General Studies (Finance and Economics) 100 200

40 more minutes is given to handicapped candidates.

SSC CGL Tier 3 Exam Pattern 2019

Sections Questions Marks Number of words
Letter/application writing 1 50 150
Essay writing 1 50 250

At least 33% should be scored by the candidate to qualify this particular tier. Once you passed this examination, you will be eligible to attend tier-4, which is called the typing test.

20 more minutes is given to handicapped candidates.

SSC CGL Tier 4 Exam Pattern 2019

This paper is conducted to test the computer proficiency of the candidate. For this, either a CPT or Data Entry test is conducted by the student.

Computer Proficiency Test (CPT)

Data Entry Skill Test (DEST)-

Check Complete Guide – SSC CGL Syllabus 2019

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SSC CHSL Preparation Without Coaching

SSC CHSL Exam Pattern 2019 – Tier 1- time 75 min:

SSC CHSL Tier 1 Exam Pattern

Subject Questions Marks
General Intelligence 25 50
English language 25 50
Quantitative Aptitude 25 50
General Awareness 25 50

25 more minutes will be provided to the handicapped candidates.

SSC CHSL Descriptive Paper Exam Pattern

TIER 2- time 1 hour:

Sections No. of Questions Maximum Marks
Letter/Application 1 50
Essay Writing 1 50

The minimum qualifying marks for the descriptive paper will be 33%.

SSC CHSL Tier 3 Exam Pattern

Tier 3 Skill test/ Typing test-15 min

The CHSL exam pattern for tier 3 is conducted for either Typing Test or skill test. The candidates who have been called for the typing test will not be called for the skill test.

20 minutes more will be allotted to handicap people.

Check Complete Guide-

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SSC MTS Preparation Without Coaching

SSC MTS Exam Pattern-TIER 1 time-90 min

Subject Questions Marks
General Intelligence 25 25
English language 25 25
Quantitative Aptitude 25 25
General Awareness 25 25

30 more minutes is given to handicapped candidates.

SSC MTS Tier 2 Paper Pattern

Subject Questions Max
Short Essay/Letter in English
or any Language included in
8th Schedule of Constitution
1-2 50 30

15 more minutes is given to handicapped candidates.

SSC JE Preparation without Coaching

SSC JE Paper 1 Exam Pattern -(Computer Based Examination)

Subject Questions Marks Exam Duration
General Reasoning 50 50 2 hours
General Awareness 50 50
  • Part A General Engineering(Civil & Structural) OR
  • Part B Electrical Engineering OR
  • Part-C General Engineering (Mechanical)
100 100 2 hours

There will be negative marking of 0.25 marks for each wrong answer in Paper-1 only.

The first 2 subjects are compulsory to attend for all kind of participants.

The candidates appearing in the post of Junior Engineer (Civil), Junior Engineer (Quantity Surveying & Contract) should attempt Part A (Civil & Structural) and the candidates appearing for the post of Junior Engineer (Electrical) should attempt Part-B (Electrical) and the candidates appearing for the post of Junior Engineer (Mechanical) should attempt Part C (Mechanical).

SSC JE Paper 2 Exam Pattern -(written)

Subject Marks Exam Duration
Part.A General Engineering(Civil & Structural)


Part-B General Engineering (Electrical)


Part-C General Engineering (Mechanical)

300 2 hours

The duration of this exam is 2 hours for attending 300 marks questions.

Check Complete Guide-

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How to start preparation for SSC Exam at home?

SSC Preparation tips for self-study:

These given are some General tips & Best ways to crack SSC Exams

  • Grab full SSC syllabus of the exam and good study material. Study material can be acquired from good authorized books, or via the internet.
  • Observe the length of syllabus of each subject and then decide that which subject is lengthy and would require a long time for SSC preparation.
  • Then after this, see that whether that lengthy subject is within your capability, means whether that subject your strength or weakness.
  • If it is your weakness then give it the first priority for doing preparation and allot it your maximum portion of time so that you can improve your skills in a better way for that particular subject.
  • Read one topic and then solve its related exercises which are provided in the books. You can solve SSC mock papers which are framed topic-wise.
  • Grab SSC previous year exam papers from the internet, take out their printout and solve them. You should solve at least 2 papers a day.
  • While solving the SSC papers, whenever you encounter the doubts, you should try to solve them after attending the whole paper. In this way, you will be able to cover the difficulty level of the paper and thus be clearing your concepts from every angle side-by-side.
  • With every SSC exam, try to increase your solving speed and attempting a maximum number of correct questions.
  • First, solve those questions which are easy and can be answered shortly. The time-consuming questions should be left for last attend.
  • Avoid the questions which are confusing you or taking your too much time. Don’t give the opportunity to the negative markings.
  • Join SSC test-series in some coaching institute or you can give an online test by sitting at your home only. This is the major requirement to crack the exams.
  • Track your performance in the SSC exam and observe the differences which pulled you away from your goal and work even harder on those differences.
  • Maintain regularity in your schedule study. A single day break in studies can disturb drastically your smooth flow of study.
  • Regularly update yourself with the current news by watching English news channels only. In this way, your English will also get improved.
  • Download SSC GD Constable Syllabus 2019

Hope these given SSC exam cracking tips useful for you in How to prepare SSC Exam at home?

How to Crack English for SSC Exams without Coaching? (CGL/ CHSL/ MTS)

  1. Follow these given tricks to crack SSC exams – Always start with learning tenses. Check Complete SSC English Syllabus Topics here.
  2. Form your own sentences and arrange your English words according to your tense knowledge.
  3. Read English materials like English newspapers/ magazines to observe the arrangement of sentences there. Mark new words also and gets their meaning.
  4. Learn 10 words of vocabulary daily. Learn their antonyms too side-by-side. Refer to
  5. Refer to ‘Word Power Made Easy’ of Norwan Lewis to learn vocabulary. This is the best book.
  6. For learning grammar, refer to 10th class NCERT books for English to clear your basics.
  7. For upgrading your further knowledge in grammar, grab ‘A mirror of Common Errors book’ from the market and you can do practice from this book also as it has a number of questions inside it on every topic.
  8. Learn to write sentences or paragraphs keeping in mind the grammatical and punctuation rules. You can use the ‘Grammarly’ Software for this. It will tell you your errors and also help you to rectify them.
  9. For your Descriptive test, you have to manage the word limits also, for that you can practice on an online tool called as ‘word counter’ which will tell you your written number of words.
  10. After this, don’t forget to attend the tests to track your performance.
  11. Check English Preparation Tips for SSC Exams.

Things not to do-

  • Don’t attend the unseen paragraphs at the initial stage. Just leave it for the last as it will consume your lot of time.
  • Try to avoid questions in which you feel a single doubt in your answer.

Follow these given Shortcut Tricks to score good marks.

How to prepare General Knowledge for SSC Exam? CGL/ CHSL/ MTS/ JE

if you are looking for How to prepare GK for SSC Exams, please check the tips listed below

  1. Firstly check SSC General Awareness Syllabus
  2. Read newspapers and watch news channel and note down the important news side by side in your notebook. Do it regularly. You should have current news for the past 6 months.
  3. Download some GK apps on your mobile and keep an often watch on them. You can download SSC capsules.
  4. Subscribe some current GK apps which will notify you of important GK points which may come in your exam.
  5. But focus much on static GK because the SSC don’t ask much questions on current topics.
  6. You can give tests on GK via online also by subscribing GK tools.
  7. Grab previous year papers of SSC. Or you can grab GK papers of other board exams like RPSC, UPSC. You will come to know about the important GK questions and while solving those papers, 50% of the knowledge you’ll already cram.
  8. Solve as many mock papers as you can. Take help from the internet for this.
  9. Give regular tests.

How to Prepare General Intelligence and Reasoning subject for SSC CGL/ CHSL/ MTS?

This subject demands the brain exercise and so it needs the candidate’s thinking power. This capacity can be generated by regular practice and effective practices. For this, you have to follow certain important steps-

  1. Check SSC Reasoning Syllabus Important Topics
  2. Focus more on topics like sitting arrangement, syllogism, Venn diagrams, Statement, and conclusions. These topics hold major marks in the paper pattern.
  3. Attend the number 1 point topics in the last because they need calmness of your mind and certainly more time.
  4. You should first attend questions on series, blood relations, directions, verbal ability etc.
  5. Try to avoid non-verbal questions.
  6. Practice your skills with mock papers which you can derive from your friends or the internet.
  7. Give a regular test. This is must, to beat any exam.
  8. Don’t forget to solve past 5 previous year papers.
  9. Check Reasoning Preparation Tips for SSC Exams.

How to Prepare Quantitative Aptitude subject for SSC CGL/ CHSL/ MTS?

The QA subject can be cracked with speedy calculations with full accuracy. For this, you have to follow below steps-

  1. Clear your basics from 10th and 12th class NCERT books.
  2. Garb some good authorize books for the particular exam and solve maximum questions on them.
  3. Build short tricks. This is necessary to save time.
  4. Check Complete Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus topics list for SSC exams.
  5. Learn tables till 20 at least.
  6. Learn squares of numbers till 30 and cubes till 20.
  7. Learn short tricks to solve multiplication and addition, subtraction.
  8. Use options to get the answer to the questions. This is one of the best ways to solve quickly.
  9. Learn formulas thoroughly and frame all of them at one place to regularly refer them.
  10. Solve mock papers topic wise and clear your concepts from every angle.
  11. Give the SSC test series.
  12. Maintain your speed to solve the single question within a minute.
  13. Don’t stick to any question more than a minute. Just leave them quickly if they are taking too much time.
  14. Avoid guesswork.
  15. Register for Free SSC CHSL Mock Test
  16. Register for Free SSC CGL Mock Test

These are some of the best tips on how to study for the SSC exam at home?

How to Prepare Statistics for SSC CGL at home?

  1. Command your skills on topics-Conditional probability, Bayes’ theorem, Different types of moments and their relationship, Determinations series.
  2. Keep in mind that you’ll not of trend component by different methods etc.
  3. Practice daily from a good reference book.
  4. Solve mock papers topic wise and whole syllabus wise too.
  5. Don’t forget to attend test be allowed to take the calculators in the main exam, so practice calculation manually.
  6. First, clear your basic concepts from your NCERT school books and then proceed to tough questions.
  7. Practice 2-3 hours daily.
  8. Frame all the stats formulas in a single sheet and learn them daily.
  9. Take care of time also, while giving any mock test or test series. Even during practices also at your home, you should manage your time limits.
  10. Avoid guesswork.
  11. Take care of the figures which are given in the question. Wrong observation of figures can simply cross your given answer. Hope now you find the answer for how to clear SSC exam without coaching?
  12. एसएससी परीक्षा की तैयारी कैसे करे? (टिप्स – ट्रिक्स हिंदी में)

How to Prepare General studies subject for SSC CGL?

  • Start by clearing your concept using the NCERT books of 11 and 12th class.
  • To understand the basic concepts of accounting, the 11 and 12th class NCERT and DK Goyal should be referred by you.
  • For understanding the Economics basics, refer 11 and 12th class NCERT books or you can refer to ICAI books. You can refer to Ramesh Singh books or Radha Bhuguna books also.
  • In finance, learn all the theory concepts well.
  • In accounting, sharpen your skills on some important topics like Rectification of errors, Journal, Bank Reconciliation statement and Manufacturing, Trading, Profit & loss Appropriation Accounts. The questions on these topics hold a very good chance to come in the examination. So, don’t skip these topics.
  • Do not skip graphical theories and practical in economics.
  • Understand well the logic of economics which is followed in the economy of the country.
  • Solve SSC mock test papers daily, at least 2 on a daily basis.
  • Grab SSC previous year question papers and solve them.
  • Manage the limited given time also and try to solve maximum questions.
  • Attend test series regularly.

Hope now you find the answer of how to pass SSC exams through self-study?

How to Prepare for Typing-test for SSC CHSL and SSC CGL?

  1. You have to join some cyber café for this. Or if you have a computer or laptop at your home, then that will also work. But, it is necessary that you have to practice on the computer.
  2. Learn Microsoft applications like MS PowerPoint, MS Word. You can go through some online tutorials which will tell you step-by-step knowledge.
  3. Learn shortcut keys to quickly customize the written material.
  4. Daily write a paragraph on the computer screen. Bound yourself with a time limit like 35 words per minute.
  5. Give your practice at least a month.

Check Complete Guide on SSC CHSL typing test preparation

How to Prepare General Engineering for SSC JE exam?

  1. Grab the whole SSC JE syllabus of engineering and keep this handy with you for your quick reference.
  2. Grab a good SSC Exam study material covering every topic of your syllabus.
  3. Divide your time for study in such a manner that you can complete your syllabus on time fixing all your doubts and concepts.
  4. The Mechanical Engineering paper mainly consists of theoretical questions. Around 80% of paper is based on theory, so just clear your theoretical concepts, then only you will be able to answer them.
  5. The Civil Engineering paper mainly consists of theoretical questions. Around 70-80% paper is based on theory, so just clear your theoretical concepts, then only you will be able to answer them.
  6. In electrical, 12-15% of paper is based on measurement and measuring instruments and it is a mix of theory and numerical. You can easily score more through this section.
  7. Rest 20% of mechanical and civil paper is numerically based, so learn short tricks and formulas to easily crack them in time.
  8. Learn time management tips for SSC Exams while practicing the paper.
  9. Solve mock papers as many as you can within 2 hours.
  10. Quickly try to set the answers to those questions which you find difficult to solve in mock papers.
  11. Join test series regularly and track your performance.
  12. Make short notes so that they can help you in doing last time quick revision.

Best Books for SSC Exam Preparation


Kiran’s SSC CGL Combined Graduate Level Exams Question Bank 1999 till Date (Solved Papers Of Previous Year Exams) – 2102


Master Guide SSC CGL Combined Graduate Level Tier-I 2019


Kiran’s SSC CGl Tier I & II 2017 & 2019 Solved Papers English – 2211



Kiran’s SSC CHSL (10+2) Tier – I Online CBE Practice Work Book with CD, Including Solved papers of 2017: 1961


SSC CHSL (Combined Higher Secondary) 10+2 Level Tier -I 25 Practice Sets 2019


Kiran’s SSC CHSL (10+2) Tier – I Online CBE Practice Work Book with CD (Hindi) – 1960


SSC JE Books

SSC JE: Civil Engineering – Objective Solved Papers
SSC JE: Mechanical Engineering – Solved Papers
SSC JE: Electrical Engineering – Objective Solved Papers





Civil Engineering: Conventional and Objective Type (2019 Session)



SSC: Multi Tasking Staff (Non-Technical) Exam Guide (Popular Master Guide)


I hope that after reading this article, you were able to gain some confidence to prepare your studies on your own, and you got the answer of how we crack SSC Exam without coaching according to your convenience.

But please, maintain strictness in your schedule of preparation of SSC Exam and never let you down for the profit of entertainment, Follow these given tips to prepare well through self-study.

Track us to update yourself regularly.

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